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Senegal situation

Senegal situation

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Senegal situation

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  1. Senegal situation Senegal is located in the western point of Africa. Surface area of 197,000km2, and a population of 10 million estimated to be growing at a rate of 2.7% annually. The country is located in the Sahelian region, hard hit by many years of drought; More than 53% of the population lives in rural areas Senegal has about 6.2 million hectares of forests and woodlands that constitute 32.2 % of the total land area in the mainland.

  2. Senegal situation Two seasons:        Long dry season ( six to 9 months depend on the region (November- June)       Short rain season ( three to six , June –October) The average annual rate of deforestation is 80 000 ha per year ( 0.7 %) or in year 2001 the objective of the national plan was to plant 70 000 ha

  3. Senegal difficulties with desertification and deforestation Climate obstacles   Wood fuel and charcoal consumption in both urban and rural areas is really important, Energie consumption is 60% ensure by wood fuel. Household’s energy need is depend at 90 % on wood fuel. And if we considered, the level of growth of population, the need increase fastly.

  4. Senegal difficulties with desertification and deforestation So for a long time Senegal will depend on forest resource to satisfy his energy needs; Residual forest resources are submitted to human pressure in particular in the south region where we have actually the residual natural forest Senegal Export peanuts it represent the second largest export earner in the country. Such kind of extensive monoculture crops degraded lands and creates also a pressure on forest lands

  5. Senegal expectations from CDM sink projects -  Encourage forest plantation in rural zone by involving local population in the process, Encourage agroforestry practices; -         Allow local communities to benefit from forestry project, as they participate on the international efforts to limit global warming (equity concerns); -         Use cdm implementation to educate population on climate change adverse effects;     

  6. Senegal expectations from CDM sink projects Encourage a sustainable forest management approach in rural and urban zone          Brake the process of rural depopulation;       Allow all UN countries, to have the opportunity to develop a CDM project;.

  7. Needs New conception of forest management/training of forester and forest principal actors         Review the system of data collection and archive of data/database/inventory          New instruments to measure and monitor carbon in the soil and the biomass (spectrophotometer)        Develop pilot forest project regarding CDM approach