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Our Collection of Poems

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Our Collection of Poems

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  1. Our Collection of Poems By Mrs. Hughes and Mrs. Bayer’s Third Graders Thank you, Mrs. Lynch for your help!

  2. BlackberriesBy: Aaron Just a white bud, you could call it a stud, then for lunch, dinner, or snack, out of a big blackberry pack, boy I want a berry, well, won’t that be merry! I could have a 1st place winner, for a great, big dinner! too bad blackberries only grow, very slow, unless you live in Nebraska, but I live in Alaska. I guess no blackberries for me, I’ll go up and brush my teeth, go up and brush, brush, brush, after I pick some off Terry’s bush!

  3. LionBy: Aaron We tried to put him in a cage, Turns out he tied us up! I’m just a’lion!

  4. ZebraBy: Amelia Black and white stripes Painted on a horse Running in a zig-zag line. Eating grass for a while And gallons water I wish that zebra was Mine!

  5. YellowBy: Amelia Yellow is the sun It’s really big and bright It shines really beautifully Yellow is all right! Bananas can be yellow too Yellow is the best I love yellow a real lot So much I never rest!

  6. FishingBy Andrew Tug, tug, yank, splash, splash I caught something! I caught something! What is it? It’s a bass A striped bass Yes!!!!

  7. What I Hate About SummerBy Andrew 100 degrees too many bees not much breeze Lots of sunburn in the summer

  8. The Poem With No NameBy Bryce Walking down the hall books on your side BOOM!! BANG!! I’m biking down the street going very fast HONK!! HONK!! WOW! That scared me.

  9. ComputerBy Bryce On my computer oh it is slow why, why S O S L O W I hope it isn’t broken Is my computer broken???

  10. Paintbrush By: Claudia Gliding across the canvas falling head first into a deep pool of colors Following pencil marks- as if it knows where it’s going Back and forth Up and down Thick or thin making a masterpiece- My Paintbrush!

  11. Traveling By: Claudia Where shall we go? Africa? Asia? Antarctica? So Where in the world shall we go? North or South? West or East? Paris? Maybe not. Tokyo? I thought. WHERE IN THE WORLD WILL WE GO!!!!! Maybe I’ll just…… Stay home!

  12. Sun BlockBy: Colin Hey, what is that it looks like a bunch of milk or butter, or a bottle of yogurt? No that’s not it. I think it’s a bunch of melted whip cream. Wait that’s not it either oh, I think I know what it is it’s Sun block.

  13. TornadoBy: Colin OH look at that it looks like a bunch of Swirled up play dough or a swirling cone, and it is quite a strong one, but no I was wrong it was a tornado.

  14. SilenceBy Daniel In silence the Horse looks. While my neck is Bent silently by The wind The horse Trots gallantly He turns His head and

  15. thrusts. And I Know he is The one I can Trust.

  16. PoetryBy Daniel Use feeling Breaks of the line, Use rhyme, and memories, And make Your Hair straight With a comb, And suddenly, you Have a poem.

  17. CursiveBy Elizabeth straight lines make a loop Bring it down Sitting TALL Make It Go All A-r-o-u-n-d!

  18. Expo MarkersBy Elizabeth Expo Markers gliding back and forth across the whiteboard with a lot of force Go up and down with colored ink across the whiteboard think think think Glide up and down go all around Have fun with your EXPO MARKERS!

  19. MyPencilBy: Gabby My pencil is like a wooden staff, not a staff to stab a calf, maybe a staff to stab a calf, but I don’t think so. My pencil could have been used by thepresident, or a king, or a queen or a resident or a monster! Well, my pencil is running out of lead, so now I think I’ll go To bed.

  20. My CatBy: gabby My cat is fat, he thinks he’s human, eating food is all he’s do’in, he’s cute, and really nice, but I don’t know why he eats grass, not mice.

  21. Pencils Dancing on the PaperBy: Gibby Pencils , pencils, Dancing on the paper, They go up and down and all around, They dance around the paper floor, Never leaving the open door, For they’re too busy dancing on that paper floor going from line to line leaving marks, Still not going near that door, Because they’re dancing, dancing all around, Never stopping to hear their sound.

  22. QuartersBy: Gibby Quarters , quarters, in my pocket waiting to be spent on a locket, jingle, jingling, all around, waiting, waiting, to be found, For I have forgotten about the quarters I guess the quarters won’t be found.

  23. The Hotdogby Graham I stare at My hotdog And it stared At me it looked a Pickle so I guess you Can put a pickle on a bun?

  24. Same ColorBy Graham My slay is gray and that is the only color I have two shoes and they are the same color I have a hat that is the same color I have a map that is the same color And the color is gray and that is my favorite color.

  25. In the WorldBy: Jake In the world there is one thing I’m interested in It is blue, It is green That one thing is THE WORLD!!!!

  26. NJASKBY: Jake NJASK is so tiring that I think I am going to…ZZZZZ!

  27. Home Run!By Jack M. At the plate, 0 balls 2 strikes I hit the ball, Grand slam!! Over the fence Bounce away! We won! The score 13-11! The New York Yankees won the game!

  28. KickballBy Jack M. Up at the plate! 2 outs Bases loaded Kicked the ball hard Grand slam! 100 ft. out Everyone cheered Hip-Hip Hurray!

  29. How I Make Poems By :Jack Those rustling leaves on those shaking trees make me think find some ink I need to write

  30. Who am I?By Jack Who am I? in a world Trillions yes trillions of People Who am I? Am I a small dot In a big world Who am I? Am I making Other ones smaller Because I’m something big Just who am I?

  31. Aliens!!!By; Jamie They came to our planet two weeks ago and now they’re taking Over! Maybe I’ll move to Jupiter and start this whole thing Over!

  32. SummertimeBy; Jamie The sun shines down all day, I run around and play, It really is quite nice in the summer! I run through the cool summer air, Without a care, It really is quite nice in the summer!

  33. 50By: Jordan 50, 50, What is 50? 50 States, Capitals, and 50 in a class! 50 on a Football team and what can beat 50?!

  34. PlanetsBy: Jordan One Grey another Red 3 Blue 1 Yellow And One Brown but only one is special EARTH.

  35. NJ ASKBy: Julia Studying Studying Writing Writing Never stop keep on working Do nothing all day No you can’t play Adding Adding Subtracting Subtracting Open ended response Answering questions Working till time runs out Pencil running across the work book Studying Studying Writing Writing Writing Adding Adding

  36. Subtracting Subtracting Keep on working Do nothing all day No you can’t play I’m talking about NJ ASK A test in third grade You keep on working You do nothing all day No no no You can’t even play NJ ASK A test in third grade And yes you work all morning No you can’t play Keep working all day, No you can’t even play

  37. This PoemBy: Julia This poem’s Short It may be long Well… It might be a poem I might be wrong Maybe just maybe It might Be A song

  38. DiceBy Lia You roll it, you might sit on it. Dots of numbers on each side, You can bring them on a ride. Play in a game, another dice came. Double dice, Double mice. Roll them really far, You put them on a bar. Roll them really close, You have the most, dice.

  39. PencilBy: Lia Pencils are sharp, They get eaten by a carp. They are light, they do not leave your sight. They have erasers, they shoot lasers. They are all over the place, They get put into a case.

  40. What I Hate About WinterBy Lucas 15 degrees Too much breeze Not a lot of sun Frozen toes Runny nose AND SHOVELING THE SNOW!!

  41. Crash!By Lucas Crash 2 players collide Feels like a split second before I’m down Ow my ankle I think I fractured it AW! I can’t play any more

  42. Dog WishBy: Madison Oh please Oh please can’t I have just one? They’re so FLUFFY and PUFFY I just can’t choose one! I’ll w a l k it And feed it and pick up it’s doo doo. Oh please Oh please I really want a doggie All for my own!

  43. My BrotherBy: Madison My brother is funny My brother can be annoying [a lot]. But I still love him yes I do! He is as cute as a button. I hope he doesn’t leave and move to London. That’s why I’m proud to be his big sister! [a lot!] [ P.S his name is Jack]

  44. Batter Up!By Mason I grab my bat I walk up to the plate The pitcher throws the ball Crack!!!!!!! Homerun!

  45. Flyingby Mason I feel the breeze I loop-de-loop I turn I zigzag The next thing I know I am flying

  46. The Katy Perry Party People Attack!By:Mike It happened last month. It happened that day. When the Katy Perry Party People attacked. They sang her songs and kept people as hostages to turn them into Katy Perry Party People. I'm turning into one right now.

  47. Dive!By: Mike I dive out of the plane. Wait! I forgot my parachute!

  48. AppleBy: Mike I pick one up. The shiniest one, reaching for my mouth. Oh wait, I forgot. It’s plastic.