poetry characteristics rhyme scheme stanza repetition n.
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Poetry Characteristics Rhyme Scheme Stanza Repetition PowerPoint Presentation
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Poetry Characteristics Rhyme Scheme Stanza Repetition

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Poetry Characteristics Rhyme Scheme Stanza Repetition - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Poetry Characteristics Rhyme Scheme Stanza Repetition. Standards. Demonstrate the ability to identify elements of poetry such as rhyme scheme , refrain , and stanza . Demonstrate the ability to draw conclusions and make inferences. Demonstrate the ability to identify the

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Demonstrate the ability to identify elements of poetry such as rhyme scheme, refrain, and stanza.

Demonstrate the ability to draw conclusions and make inferences.

Demonstrate the ability to identify the

author’s purpose in a variety of texts.

Demonstrate the ability to write and

publish in a variety of formats.

poetry vocabulary
Poetry Vocabulary
  • Stanza
    • A stanza is a set of lines in a poem, set apart from other stanzas by space
    • Stanzas are like paragraphs in a story
    • Poems without any line breaks are considered single stanza
  • Rhyme Scheme
    • Rhyme scheme is the pattern of lines in a poem that rhyme.
    • Usually letters are used to note which lines rhyme

Let’s look at the poem and see how the lines in the poem go together like sentences of a paragraph “go together”.

Two little caterpillars had a race

Down the middle of a long dirt trail.

One was as fast as molasses.

The other was as quick as a snail.

They started out in early morning—

Moved a quarter inch by noon.

By the time they’d gotten twenty feet

They’d turned into cocoons.

How many stanzas do you see?

how many stanzas
How many stanzas?

Class Dismissed(sing to the tune of "The Battle Hymn of the Republic")

We have broken all the blackboardsso the teachers cannot write.We have painted all the toilets blackand all the lockers white.

We have torn up all the math booksand we've locked the school's front door.There won't be school no more.

Glory, glory hallelujah!School is closed now, what's it to ya?There won't be no more homeworkand there won't be no more tests.There won't be school no more.

rhyming poetry
Rhyming Poetry

Click to find links to find poems with definite rhyme schemes. As you read, make note of the number of stanzas as well.

Use your comprehension strategies as you read.




  • Repetition is used to make an impact on the poem’s tone. Words or phrases are repeated throughout the poem.
  • Here comes summer,
  • Here comes summer,
  • Chirping robin, budding rose.
  • Here comes summer,
  • Here comes summer,
  • Gentle showers, summer clothes.
  • By Shel Silverstein


Inside the house (I get ready)Inside the car (I go to school)Inside the school(I wait for the bell to ring)

By Jake


Under the clouds,Under the trees, Under the sea,I can fall asleep,and dream ofmoving cloudsand swaying trees,and waves moving,in the sea.

By Rachael

RepetitionRepetition is when you have a word and use it more than once.Examples:RepetitionI see fish.Inside the wavesI hear a splash.Inside the waterI felt a fish.It seems so big,as big as a whale.It has to be,But then I see,It's a tuna fish. By Rachel

can you find the repetition i love you not
Can you find the repetition?I Love You Not

I love you I love youI love you so well,If I had a skunkI would give you a smell.If I were a dogI would give you a bite.If I were a witchI would give you a fright.

If I were a bathtubI'd give you a splash.If I were a fungusI'd give you a rash.I love you so muchthat I won't tell a lie:I promise we'll marrythe day that I die.


There are many ways to use repetition in a poem:

1. Choose one word (e.g. nose, which can also be knows or nose) and use it at least ten times. It's good to use a word that sounds the same but is spelled differently and has different meanings.2. Repeat the same word or words at the beginning of each line. E.g. Someday I will, Can you hear, You will be, When I am - these are simple ones.3. Write a line that can act as a refrain, then use it three or four times throughout the poem

poetic terminology
Poetic Terminology
  • Refrain
    • A refrain is a set of repeated lines at intervals throughout the poem
    • If songs are considered poems, the refrain, or chorus, is usually the first part that you learn because you hear it so many times while the song is playing.
poems with refrains
Poems with Refrains
  • The linked poems each have refrains.
  • How do you think the refrain adds to the poem?
putting it all together
Putting It All Together
  • Use your reading comprehension strategies to understand the poems as you read them.
lengths of time by phyllis mcginley
Lengths of Timeby: Phyllis McGinley

Time is peculiar

And hardly exact

Though minutes are minutes

You’ll find for a fact

(As the older you get

And the bigger you grow)

That time can


Or plod… plod….slow.

Waiting for dinner when you’re hungry?

Down with the sniffles in your bed?

Notice how an hour crawls along and crawls along

Like a snail with his house upon his head.

But when you are starting

A game in the park,

It’s morning,

It’s noon,

And suddenly it’s dark.

And hours like seconds

Rush blurringly by,


Like a plane in the sky.

  • The words in the last two lines of the first stanza show that time
    • Gets bigger as you grow
    • Can pass quickly or slowly
    • Can run out
    • Sneaks up on you
  • 2. In the second stanza, you’re is a contraction meaning
  • You have
  • Your
  • You are
  • You had

4. In stanza 3, the author uses the word Whoosh to describe

  • Time when you are having fun
  • How snails move in their house
  • The wind outside the house
  • The sound of her sniffles
  • 3.The purpose of the second stanza is to describe
  • Why time changes during the day
  • When time moves slowly
  • How time races when you are hungry
  • When time can disappear.
the four seasons by jack prelutsky
The Four Seasonsby: Jack Prelutsky
  • The rhyming pattern in each stanza is
    • The first and third lines rhyme
    • Second and third lines rhyme
    • (1st & 2nd)and the (3rd & 4th ) lines rhyme
    • Every line rhymes


The earth is warm, the sun’s ablaze,

it is a time of carefree days;

and bees abuzz that chance to pass

may see me snoozing on the grass


The leaves are yellow, red, and brown,

a shower sprinkles softly down;

the air is fragrant, crisp, and cool,

and once again I’m stuck in school.


The birds are gone, the world is white,

the winds are wild, they chill and bite;

the ground is thick with slush and sleet,

and I can barely feel my feet.


The fields are rich with daffodils,

a coat of clover cloaks the hills,

and I must dance, and I must sing

to see the beauty of the spring.

  • 2. According to the poem, the author’s favorite season is
  • Summer
  • Fall
  • Spring
  • Not really obvious

3. In the second stanza, the words “crisp and cool” appear to the reader’s sense of

  • sight
  • smell
  • touch
  • taste
  • 4. In the 4th stanza of the poem, the author uses the word cloaks to show
  • That the clover is scattered on the hills
  • That the clover covers the hill completely
  • That you can see lots of bare earth on the hills
  • That there is a large clump of clover right on top of the hills