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The Media of Art

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The Media of Art. What is a medium of art?. A medium of art is a material used to create a work of art. Artists work in both 2D media and 3D media. 2D Media - Drawing. Drawing media include pencils, charcoal, chalk, ink, and pastel.

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what is a medium of art
What is a medium of art?
  • A medium of art is a material used to create a work of art.
  • Artists work in both 2D media and 3D media.
2d media drawing
2D Media - Drawing
  • Drawing media include pencils, charcoal, chalk, ink, and pastel.
  • Drawing is used to make art, but it is also used to planning projects and sketching.
2d media drawing1
2D Media - Drawing

Henri Matisse, Charcoal

Mary Cassatt, Pastel

Leonardo da Vinci, Ink

2d media drawing2
2D Media - Drawing

Frank Lloyd Wright, Pencil

Sir Thomas Lawrence, Chalk

2d media painting
2D Media - Painting
  • Painters usually paint on either canvas, fabric, or paper.
  • Paint includes three things:
    • Pigment – Finely ground, colored powder that gives ever paint its color. Pigments can be natural or synthetic.
    • Binder – A liquid that holds together the grains of pigment and makes it stick to a surface.
    • Solvent – A material used to thin a paint’s binder.
2d media painting1
2D Media - Painting
  • There are many different types of paint. The most common include:
    • Oil paint – this paint takes its name from its binder, which is usually linseed oil. Because oil paint dries slowly, it can be blended directly on the canvas.
    • Tempera – uses egg and water as a binder. The tempera we use now is also called poster paint, and its binder is a glue-based.
    • Watercolor – Watercolor is named for its solvent. The binder in watercolor is gum arabic, which is a gummy plant matter.
    • Acrylic – A fast drying water-based paint made with synthetic binders and sometimes synthetic pigments.
2d media painting2
2D Media - Painting

Vincent van Gogh, oil on canvas

Duccio, tempera on wood

2d media painting3
2D Media - Painting

Roy Lichtenstein, Acrylic

John Singer Sargent, watercolor

2d media printmaking
2D Media - Printmaking
  • Printmaking – a technique in which an inked image from a prepared surface is transferred onto another surface, such as paper or fabric.
2d media computer art
2D Media – Computer Art
  • Computer art – artwork in which computers play a role in the making or display of artwork.
  • Artists use special programs which create or make the computer create artwork.
2d media mixed media
2D Media – Mixed Media
  • Mixed media – artwork that is made with more than one medium.

Romare Bearden, collage

3d media sculpture
3D Media - Sculpture
  • Sculpture – art that is made to stand out in space.
    • Freestanding sculpture – sculpture that is surrounded on all sides by space (also known as sculpture-in-the-round).
    • Relief sculpture – sculpture that is only partly enclosed by space.
3d media sculpture1
3D Media - Sculpture
  • Types of Sculpture
    • Carving – cutting or chipping a shape from a mass.
    • Casting – a melted down metal or other liquid is poured into a mold to harden.
    • Modeling – a soft or workable material (such as clay) is built up and shaped.
    • Assembling – gathering and joining different kinds of materials.
3d media sculpture2
3D Media - Sculpture

Egyptian relief carving

Auguste Rodin, bronze casting

3d media sculpture3
3D Media - Sculpture

Marilyn Levine, modeled clay

Louise Nevelson, assemblage

3d media architecture
3D Media - Architecture
  • Architecture – the planning and creation of buildings
3d media crafts
3D Media - Crafts
  • Crafts – artwork made by hand that often requires a specialized skill.
    • Pottery– the making of functional objects with clay.
    • Fiber arts – art which uses textiles such as fabric, yarn, and other fibers.
    • Glassblowing – the shaping of melted glass into objects.
    • Woodworking – the art of making objects with wood.
3d art crafts
3D Art - Crafts

Native American woven blanket

Greek pottery

3d media crafts1
3D Media – Crafts

Eric Fransen, woodworking

Dale Chihuly, glassblowing