Therapy chapter 14
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Therapy Chapter 14. Eraser Phobia Introduce students to systematic desensitization . Therapies. Psychotherapy involves an emotionally charged, confiding interaction between a trained therapist and a mental patient.

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Therapy chapter 14

TherapyChapter 14

Eraser Phobia

Introduce students to systematic desensitization


Psychotherapy involves an emotionally charged, confiding interaction between a trained therapist and a mental patient.

Biomedical therapy uses drugs or other procedures that act on the patient’s nervous system, treating his or her psychological disorders.

An eclectic approach uses various forms of healing techniques depending upon the client’s unique problems.

Psychological therapies
Psychological Therapies

We will look at four major forms of psychotherapies based on different theories of human nature:

  • Psychoanalytic theory

  • Humanistic theory

  • Behavioral theory

  • Cognitive theory

Behavior therapy
Behavior Therapy

Therapy that applies learning principles to the elimination of unwanted behaviors.

To treat phobias or sexual disorders, behavior therapists do not delve deeply below the surface looking for inner causes.

Behavioral therapy classical conditioning techniques
Behavioral Therapy - Classical Conditioning Techniques

Counterconditioning is a procedure that conditions new responses to stimuli that trigger unwanted behaviors.

Pair a trigger stimulus (enclosed space of elevator) with a new response (relaxation) that is incompatible with fear.

Behavioral therapy systematic desensitization
Behavioral Therapy - Systematic Desensitization

A type of exposure therapy that associates a pleasant, relaxed state with gradually increasing anxiety-triggering stimuli commonly used to treat phobias.

Eraser phobia
Eraser Phobia

  • Review of the three major elements of systematic desensitization, including

    • (1) the creation of an anxiety hierarchy that orders fear-producing stimuli from the lowest to highest,

    • (2) the learning of the relaxation response, and

    • (3) the progressive association of each hierarchy item with relaxation. Explain that the therapist may accomplish this association by having the client imagine hierarchy items or by actually presenting the feared items. Often both strategies are used.

Eraser phobia1
Eraser Phobia

The student has always sat at the back of the room because of a phobia of chalkboard erasers.

The student has already worked and develop an anxiety hierarchy, learned progressive relaxation, and has become desensitized to a photograph of a chalkboard eraser.

Watch as I show the student the photograph and move it closer – there used to be a fearful response, but not now

Eraser phobia2
Eraser Phobia

Now I plan to desensitize the student to items higher in the anxiety hierarchy.

Here is a small metal cage with an eraser padlocked in it. I will move it slightly in the direction of the student who should display obvious anxiety.

What should I do or tell the student in order to help him/her with the experienced anxiety?