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2010-12-20 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  1. How does our school facilitate students to prepare their SLP in NAS?LEE SHEK Yuk-yu, Ruth, Principal KWAN Hon-cheung, Vice-principal Ying Wa Girls’ School 2010-12-20

  2. Student LearningProfile (SLP) • Academic Performance • Other Experiences & Achievements (OEA = OLE + Achievements) • Additional Information (Self-account / Personal Statement) our focuses today

  3. Preparation work by Ying Wa Girls’ School

  4. 2005-2006 to explore different SLP tools to invite representative from EMB to come and share the progress of OLE and SLP to attend School Leaders Workshop and learn about the latest progress

  5. 2006-2007 to join as a Network School in the Seed Project “School-based Models in Organizing OLE and SLP in SS Curriculum” to test different versions of SLP software: by EMB (e-Profile) / e-Class to attend workshop on “Approaches & Models of Implementing school-based OLE and SLP” to share with key committee heads about rationale of OLE and SLP to get feedbacks from staff about OLE models suitable for YWGS

  6. YWGS’s school-based OLE categories

  7. 2007-2008 to write school-based OLE software to explain to S1 and S2 students (NSS students) about the rationale of OLE and SLP to compare the different SLP software: WebSAMS / e-Class / School-based software to design the OLE structure best suitable for YWGS

  8. 2008-2009 self-written SLP software used trial run of software by S3 students assembly and workshops to S3 students 2009-2010 eClass SLP programme used a number of YW specific features included new Report Card format reporting OLE

  9. SLP Information to students and parents

  10. OLE arrangement in YWGS (within timetable)

  11. Example of OLE programmes on Friday 2011.03.18

  12. OLE (outside timetable) • Moral and Civic Education • Programmes organised by: • Life Education Committee • Civic Education Committee • Guidance Committee • Discipline Committee • Religious Committee

  13. OLE (outside timetable) • Aesthetic Development • Visual Arts and Music as NSS electives • Language Arts and Drama lessons • Senior Choir • Junior Choir • School Orchestra • Instrument Classes • Young Friends Scheme • Art Club, Music Club, Dance Team & • Dance Club activities • Hymn singing in assemblies

  14. OLE (outside timetable) • Physical Development • Swimming Lessons (lower forms) • Sports Teams • Sports Day • Swimming Gala • Inter-class ball game competitions

  15. OLE (outside timetable) • Career-related Experience • Careers Conferences • Mentorship Programme

  16. Mentorship talk on “Social Etiquette” with practice Visit to LegCo Talk by alumnae professionals Visit to Airport Sharing & Dinner Visit to factory in China

  17. OLE (outside timetable) • Community Service • Annual Sponsored Walk • Red Cross • Interact Club Sponsored walk Social service project in Quinyuan, Guangdong

  18. OLE (outside timetable) • Activities with various OLE elements • Outings and Visits • ECA Committee • Interest Clubs • End-of-term Activities

  19. Ceramic Class German Class Sign Language Class Filming Class Visit to Sai Kung Rock Climbing Canoeing Tai Kuan Do Make-up class End-of-term activities

  20. Student Learning Profile

  21. Ownership Initiative Responsibility Student-reported data

  22. Student-reported data 3 stages

  23. Student-reported data What to record? • Date • Activity • Duration • Organizer • Role • Category of Experience All students (S1-S5) have to choose 10 records to be printed on their own Report Card!

  24. Self-reported DataWriting Tips

  25. Tip # 1: State Organizer Accurately

  26. Tip # 2: Be Specific with Activity

  27. Tip # 3: Record the Activity Properly

  28. Self-reported DataPersonal Reflection /Self-account /Additional Information

  29. Writing Personal Reflections • S3 and S6 only • Word limit: 300 words (1 A4 sheet)

  30. Preparing students to present themselves Workshop for S3 students Personal ReflectionsWriting tips

  31. Personal Reflections: Tips

  32. <Focus of the Year> In order to broaden our horizons, it is important for students to strike a balance between studies and extra-curricular activities. This year, I opted for community service as my goal. However, after I have joined a few activities, I found that my greatest interest was in music. Among the activities I have participated in during the year, I believe the school choir has contributed most to my personal growth. I have been a choir member for three years. This year, …

  33. <Background Details> … I picked community services as my focus this year... I joined a trip to the Ark Orphanage in Sichuan from 11 to 18 August 2008. During the visit, I had the chance to work with children who were victims of the disastrous earthquake in May and helped out in the orphanage. As I had been there twice before, the children knew me quite well. The orphanage was facing quite a lot of problems at that time, like …

  34. <Feelings, Thoughts & Learning> … I had a great experience this time, as I learnthow to care about people less fortunate than me. I also learnt a lot about teaching children. The teachers there taught me that lots of patience and love are needed when working with children. I realized how lucky I was living in Hong Kong, with loving parents and a brother. I also became more sympathetic towards handicapped children …

  35. <Feelings, Thoughts & Learning> … On that day, I went to the Hong Kong Cultural Centre to enjoy the performance of the Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir. At first, I thought their performance would be boring, but I changed my mind just after they sang their first song. There were only twenty-six members in the choir, but their voices could reach the whole audience in the huge hall. Also, they didn’t need any accompaniment.I thought they were brilliant since it was so easy to go off key. After watching the choir’s performance, I have learnt some musical skills, like I should tuck my tummy in when singing … Another experience that touched me was the choir’s brotherhood.During their performance, one of the bass singers did not feel well and had to take a rest. Then the other members sang more loudly to cover for him. At the end of the show, they even gave him a bunch of flowers.The choir’s friendship and collaborative skills were shown vividly to the audience …

  36. Other measures to prepare students to present themselves • Toastmasters Training • Guidelines for writing Self-recommendation Report • Talk on “Interview Skills and Writing Personal Statements”– Dr Rodney Jones, City University of HK • Workshop on “Interview Skills and Grooming” - Shiseido Dah Chong Hong Cosmetics Limited • Pool of Interview Questions in Careers Room • S5 and S7 Careers Conference - sharing of experiences by past students

  37. End of presentation

  38. Guidelines (in form of a mind-map) in writing self-account

  39. Guidelines (in form of a mind-map) in writing self-account