Parts of the ecosystem
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Parts of the Ecosystem. Parts of the Ecosystem. Ecosystem – all of the living and nonliving things that interact in an area. Parts of the Ecosystem. Organic Matter – the remains of plants and animals. Parts of the Ecosystem.

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Parts of the ecosystem1

Parts of the Ecosystem

Ecosystem – all of the living and nonliving things that interact in an area

Parts of the ecosystem2

Parts of the Ecosystem

Organic Matter – the remains of plants and animals

Parts of the ecosystem3

Parts of the Ecosystem

Soil – the loose materials made of rock, minerals and organic matter that covers much of the Earth’s surface

Parts of the ecosystem4

Parts of the Ecosystem

Community – the living things in an ecosystem

Parts of the ecosystem5

Parts of the Ecosystem

Environment – everything that surrounds and affects a living thing

Parts of the ecosystem6

Parts of the Ecosystem

Population – all the members of one kind of plant or animal in a community

Parts of the ecosystem7

Parts of the Ecosystem

Prairie – a grassy area with a few trees

Parts of the ecosystem8

Parts of the Ecosystem

Rainforest – an area with warm temperatures all year and a lot of sunlight and rainfall

Parts of the ecosystem9

Parts of the Ecosystem

Temperate Zone – an area of Earth where the temperature rarely gets very hot or very cold

Parts of the ecosystem10

Parts of the Ecosystem

Consumer – an animal that gets energy by eating (consuming) plants or other animals

Parts of the ecosystem11

Parts of the Ecosystem

Pollinator – an animal that helps plants make seeds

Parts of the ecosystem12

Parts of the Ecosystem

Producer – an organism that makes its own food

Parts of the ecosystem13

Parts of the Ecosystem

Reproduction – the process of making one’s own kind

Parts of the ecosystem14

Parts of the Ecosystem

Seed Dispersal – the scattering of seeds from the plant that produced them