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Parts of the Theater

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Parts of the Theater. An Overview. Thrust Stage. Proscenium Stage. Arena Stage/ Theater-in-the-Round. The Teaser is a short, horizontal drape used for masking the flies and lighting. Teaser. Traveler. A Traveler is any drapery that moves or opens horizontally. Border.

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A Traveler is any drapery that moves or opens horizontally


A Border is a horizontal drape that runs across the top of the stage, hiding lighting instruments


A Scrim is a drop that when lit from the front is “opaque” and when lit from the back is “transparent”

legs wings

Wings are the spaces on the stage the audience is unable to see

Legs are narrow, vertical stage drapes used for masking


The Apron is the flat extension of the of the stage floor that projects from the proscenium arch toward the audience

orchestra pit

TheOrchestra Pitisthe space between the the stage and the auditorium, usually below stage level, that holds the orchestra

Orchestra Pit

TheAuditoriumis the seating area from which the audience observes the action of the play