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Station Notes. Your response might include the following:. Station 1: Individuals. Individuals can work alone or with others to influence public policy.

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Station notes

Station Notes

Your response might include the following:

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Station 1 individuals
Station 1: Individuals

  • Individuals can work alone or with others to influence public policy.

  • Individuals who feel strongly about a particular issue can make their opinions known by working to spread their opinions the “educate” others.

  • Some individuals can be more influential as they use their notoriety to further their views.

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Station 2 political parties
Station 2: Political Parties

  • Political Parties allow citizens with similar views to influence the outcomes of elections.

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Station 3 elections
Station 3: Elections

  • Elections are the means by which citizens make their decisions known.

  • Fair, periodic elections insure that the people keep the authority and power in a democracy.

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Station 4 media
Station 4: Media

  • The founders of our nation intended that we would be able to question our government.

  • Freedom of the press is VITAL to a democracy.

  • Over time, the role of the media has changed.

  • Today, the influence of the media has become extremely important.

  • Often, the way the media portrays a candidate or an issue, the amount of money that groups and candidates can spend on advertising to get their message out can determine the success of candidates and the making of public policies

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Station 5 special interest groups
Station 5: Special Interest Groups

  • Unlike political parties where people may have different views on different issues, special interest groups allow individuals to join together in a group to further their view about a particular issue.

  • The group serves to persuade the public, legislators and candidates to support their particular point of view.

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Station 6 political action committees pacs
Station 6: Political Action Committees (PACs)

  • PACs are formed to channel monetary contributions to candidates that further the PACs goals and views.

  • There are regulations that limit the amount of money that a PAC can contribute to a candidate in a given year.

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Station 7 lobbyists
Station 7: Lobbyists

  • Lobbyists meet with legislators/candidates to persuade that legislator to legislate on behalf of a particular group or organization.

  • Lobbyists must register with the federal government and disclose legislators with whom they are working.

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