Unit 3
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Unit 3. Travel Journal. Period2. 南靖四中 陈勇成.

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Unit 3

Unit 3

Travel Journal


南靖四中 陈勇成

Unit 3

围绕本单元话题的材料” Journey Down the Mekong ”分六个部分贯穿于本单元的始终:part1: The dream and the plan ( reading )part2: A night in the mountains( reading and speaking)part3: Chatting with a girl (listening)part4: Journey Down the Mekong (listening)part5: Their experiences in Laos (listening)part6: The end of our journey (reading task)

Unit 3

Unit 3

Travel Journal





Unit 3

step1 (pre-reading)1.Have you imagined traveling down a river?2.How do the people near the river make use of the river?3.Do you know the Mekong River?How many countries do the river flow through?

Unit 3


travel along a river



to irrigate their fields


How do people who live along a river use it?

to make electricity

go swimming

China laos myanmar thailand cambodia vietnam south china sea
ChinaLaos Myanmar Thailand Cambodia Vietnam South China Sea

Step2 while reading activity1 fast reading
step2 (while-reading环节 )activity1 Fast-reading

What’s the style of this reading text?

--Travel Journal

Find out the main idea of each paragraph.

Para1: prepare to take a bike trip

Para2: Wang Wei organized the trip

Para3: Information about Mekong River


Unit 3

  • Activity2: detaied reading

  • Work in pairs and try to find out

  • 1. How many people are there in the story? Who are they?

  • Four. They are Wang Kun, Wang Wei, Dao Wei and Yu Hang.

  • 2. Who are Dao Wei and Yu Hang?

  • They are Wang Kun’s cousins who are at a college in Kunming.

  • 3. What was their dream?


Unit 3

know the river bettter1. What can you see when you travel along the river?2. Is it a difficult journey to cycle along the Mekong? Why?

Glacier, rapids, hills, valleys, waterfalls and plains.

Hard to breathe; cold; begins at an altitude of more than 5,000 metres.

3.Where is the source of the Mekong River and

which sea does it enter?


Unit 3

可增加讨论活动:If you are Wang wei and Wang Kun ,will you cycle down the Mekong River? Give your reasons to support your idea.活动目的: 在活动前选择或预测材料中人物的遇事态度, 对比自己与人物的态度

Unit 3

Step 3(Post-reading) 活动目的:理解文中人物的态度,共分易难二个层次

形式一:“T” or “F” exercise(易).

1. Wang Wei insisted that they begin the journey in


2. Wang Wei thought that her way was the proper way.

3. Wang Wei was a stubborn and careful girl.

4. Wang Kun gave in at last.

5. Wang Kun thought that it would be easy to start in


Unit 3

活动形式三:(整合和表达)稍难 Use words to describe the characteristics of Wang kun and Wang wei. Wang Wei: stubborn; determined; wouldn't change her mind; adventurous Wang kun: serious; careful学生通过自主和探究性学习,形成一种在日常学习与生活中乐于互助、交流并解决问题的习惯

Step 4 homework
step 4:Homework

  • 1. review the learnt lesson

  • 2. underline the useful words and phrases in the text. 活动目的:巩固本课时的教学内容,预习下一课时

Unit 3

Reading 课时安排小结Step 1: Lead-in and pre-reading (7mins)Step 2: While-reading (21mins)Step 3: Post-reading (11mins)Step 4: Homework (1min)Step 5: Blackboard design 通过上述环节的individual work、 pair work和 group work能有效地激发学生的兴趣,培养课前预习、利用资源获取信息的能力、进而培养学生整合信息、理解文中人物的态度和进行表达的能力