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How To Heal Yourself Naturally - Karma Conceptz

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How To Heal Yourself Naturally - Karma Conceptz

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  1. Karma Conceptz Alternate and Holistic healing Centre

  2. INTRODUCTION • Karma Conceptz is the holistic healing centre conceived with the intention to enhance the outlook of an average human being through a whole new insight and perspective. • We offer insights into a whole new concept which says, ‘Happiness is here and now’. The ‘z’ in concept is to highlight the ‘zen of happiness’. • We offer holistic solutions that are designed to uplift your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Lakshmi, our lead therapist is a firm believer that the very nature of our being is joy and love. The wholesomeness of life lies in the realization of ‘True Self’.And that is the mission of Karma Conceptz, we help you uncover your ‘True Self’.

  3. About Us • Karma Conceptz is inspired work of LakshmiSreenivasan. Lakshmi is a clinical hypnotherapist and is currently pursuing a corporate career in L & D consulting . Karma Conceptz is her ultimate goal of life and that is why it is already her chosen parallel path. Lakshmi is practicing past life regression and alternative therapies for last 8 years. • Belief • Lakshmi believes her curiosity to know the unknown and to explore the reason of her existence, a purpose – is all what lead to this pull towards holistic learning & practice. An intriguing childhood brought here interests into karmic concepts and she continued the passion through reading and exploring with her studies & career parallely. • The Calling and Idea • With time, she chose & excelled in her career as Client Relationship Management, Account management and later on as Learning & Development professional. And then, passion pulled back the strings and she decided to quit a well paying job and something else was the ‘calling’. She still pursues her career as a consultant, as she believes that is a part of her professional karma. Read more here about the Lakshmi’s calling to Karma Conceptz.

  4. The idea of Karma Conceptz stands of three pillars of Trust: Trusting the Process of life. Compassion: Compassion for every being and Love: The very core of our existence. • What we offer?  • Karma Conceptz offers a plethora of alternate healing therapies as our primary services. We have regular workshops for lifestyle and lifeskill betterment which include workshops like – • Abundance Workshop, • Self Hypnosis for Self Development, • Workshops on Power of Sub-conscious mind to train your mind for success, • Chakra Dowsing & Healing, etc together with Hypnotherapy and Counseling services. • At Karma Conceptz, you can speak to your healer or therapist over the phone or can also avail alternate healing services through skype sessions.

  5. Contact us • Address • 196, Ground FloorSS3, Opposite Bank of Maharashtra,Sector 2, Vashi, Navi Mumbai – 400703 • +91-9930010740 • heal@karmaconceptz.com • Or , visit Karmaconceptz.com


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