evaas roster verification webinar
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EVAAS Roster Verification Webinar

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EVAAS Roster Verification Webinar - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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EVAAS Roster Verification Webinar. April 9 , 2014 NHCS Testing and Accountability Deaprtment. Agenda. Participants will Identify tasks for each of the four verification windows Identify the new role, “school roster verifier” Review teacher lists to Add/remove teachers

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evaas roster verification webinar

EVAAS Roster Verification Webinar

April 9, 2014

NHCS Testing and Accountability Deaprtment


Participants will

  • Identify tasks for each of the four verification windows
  • Identify the new role, “school roster verifier”
  • Review teacher lists to
    • Add/remove teachers
    • Add/remove course rosters
  • Calculate
    • Student teacher assignment
    • Percent of instruction
principal preview window april 7 20
Principal Preview Window: April 7-20
  • Check teacher list to be sure all who will verify rosters are listed.
  • Add teachers who are not on the Roster Verification list and make sure they have the correct permissions.
  • Add or remove rosters for teachers.
  • Consider new permissions for the assistant principal.
new role school roster verifier srv
New Role: School Roster Verifier (SRV)
  • SRV can see everything in roster verification screens that the school administrator can see.
  • Performs the same roster verification actions that the school administrator performs.
    • Add, remove, and restore rosters.
    • Add or remove teachers on the school’s roster verification teacher list.
    • Add, remove, and restore students on rosters.
    • Edit the amount of instructional responsibility on rosters.
    • Move rosters for an unavailable teacher up to the school.
    • Send rosters back to teachers.
    • Verify and submit rosters.
preview window
Preview Window:

During the Preview window, you might need to add:

  • CTE teachers (Middle and high school)
  • K-3 teachers (Amplify should have added these teachers)
  • Exceptional Children's teachers 
  • ESL teachers 
  • AIG teachers 
  • Teachers of special programs or targeted intervention classes, if applicable
  • Reading and math specialists/coaches, if applicable 

NOTE: Itinerant teachers can access rosters from multiple schools through one account

If a teacher has rosters at multiple schools, the teacher can now access rosters at each of the

schools from any single EVAAS account that has access to roster verification.

teacher roster verification april 21 may 18
Teacher Roster Verification: April 21-May 18

For each student:

  • Set Student + Teacher Assignment to the proportion of the semester or school year that the teacher and this student were assigned to each other.
  • Set Your % of Instruction to the proportion of the semester or school year that the teacher taught the student this subject. If another teacher or specialist was responsible for some of this student's instruction in this subject, the teacher's percentage of instruction will be less than 100.
teacher roster essential questions
Teacher Roster: Essential Questions

Did I teach the child the entire year?

Am I the only teacher

responsible for teaching

the subject?

new resource student teacher assignment
New Resource: Student + Teacher Assignment

Sample: If the student (or teacher) arrives and begins on Day 16

of the school year, then the Student Teacher assignment is 92%

new resource examples scenarios
New Resource: Examples/scenarios
  • Samples include teaching situations when more than one teacher is claiming instructional responsibility for a student in a tested* subject
    • regular classroom teachers and other teachers providing instruction such as AIG, EC, ESL, math; and
    • reading specialists in team teaching, co-teaching, push-in, or pull-out instructional situations.
  • The total minutes the subject is taught should be calculated using the total minutes of instruction possible may be best calculated by the day, week, month, or year.
scenario co teaching
Scenario: Co-teaching
  • An EC teacher* and a regular classroom teacher plan and implement instruction for all students in a Math I course.
  • Process:
    • The classroom teacher will claim 50% for all of the students in the classroom.
    • The EC teacher will create a roster with all students in the classroom and will claim 50% for all of the students in the classroom (not just those on her caseload) in the column called Your % of Instruction.

*Also applies to AIG, ESL, and other support teachers

scenario push in
Scenario: Push in
  • Identified students receive additional instructional support provided by specialists within the regular classroom environment.
  • The specialist(s) provide(s) instruction to specific students and may or may not engage with and/or assist other students.
  • For purposes of Roster Verification all teachers claim partial instructional responsibility for the identified students.
  • The classroom teacher claims full instructional responsibility for students in her classroom who are not identified for additional support services in this content area.
scenario pull out not during the regular instructional period
Scenario: Pull-out (Not during the regular instructional period)
  • A student receives math instruction in the regular classroom setting. In addition, the AIG teacher* provides math instruction to the student outside of the regular classroom setting.
  • Process: The first step in calculating the percentage of instruction is to add up the total minutes of math instruction possible.
  • The regular classroom teacher instructs the student in math for 90 minutes a day (90 min x 5 days = 450 min per week).
  • The AIG teacher provides 45 minutes of math instruction outside of the classroom 3 times per week (135 min per week).
  • The total math instruction provided per week is 450 minutes + 135 minutes = 585 minutes.
  • The regular classroom teacher calculates 450 minutes (her instructional minutes) divided by 58 5minutes (total instructional minutes possible) and determines her percentage was 77%. (450/585 = .77) She enters 77% in the Your % of Instruction column.
  • The AIG teacher calculates 135 minutes (his instructional minutes) divided by 585 minutes (total instructional minutes possible) and determines his percentage was 23%. (135/585 = .23) He enters 23% in the Your % of Instruction column.

*Also applies to EC, ESL and other support teachers