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welcome to open house n.
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  1. WELCOME TO OPEN HOUSE Curriculum Night Grade 3 Mrs. Nader’s Class

  2. MISSION STATEMENT • As Mrs. Nader’s third graders we will work as a team and follow the rules. We will be responsible learners and respect others. We will have a positive attitude as Hamilton Stars.

  3. Classroom Rules • Be good listeners. Follow directions • Be kind and respect others. • Treat others the way you want to be treated. • Honor each other’s body space, keeping hands and feet to yourself. • Work quietly. • Keep work area and classroom clean.

  4. Homework • Work not finished by students in class • Math home links assigned regularly • Some skill practice occasionally • Spelling pretest on Wednesday • Spelling final test on Friday

  5. Four Blocks Approach for Reading and Writing *Working with Words *Guided Reading *Writing *Self Selected Reading

  6. Working with Words • Major focus: Enabling children to read, spell, and use high frequency words correctly; Establishing the patterns necessary for decoding and spelling. • Making new words, Sorting Words • Using words you know, Word Wall Words • Guess the Covered Word • Rounding Up the Rhymes

  7. Guided Reading • Major focus: Building comprehension and fluency with reading; Exposing students to a wide range of Literature. • Mini-comprehension lesson with whole group • Flexible grouping of students • Teacher directs closure activities: Discussion of text/literature Acting out the story Writing response to reading Discussion of application, discovery, and transfer of skill or strategy from mini-lesson

  8. Writing • Major focus: Building fluency in writing; Employing the writing process; Refining and applying knowledge of phonics; Building confidence as a writer • Teacher models writing process. • Students write on various topics. • Students learn and practice editing skills. • Students share writing orally with peers. • Students prepare final drafts for publication.

  9. Self-Selected Reading • Major focus: Building fluency in reading; Allowing students to work with text appropriate to their independent reading levels; Building confidence in students as readers • Teacher reads aloud to class a variety of fiction and non-fiction, topics, and authors. • Students choose a book from book baskets at their tables to read independently. • Teacher hears designated students read daily, checking individual reading progress. • One or two students share briefly what they have read with all students.

  10. Math Focus • Basic Addition and Subtraction • Story problems • Numeration • Measurement • Geometry • Calculator Skills • Multiplication Tables up to Fives • Basic Division

  11. Science • Plants • Light • Relationship of planets to sun and moon within Solar System • Field Trip to Planetarium at John Glenn High School • Chemical Tests • Rocks and Minerals

  12. Social Studies • Physical, cultural and geographic features of United States Regions • Map reading skills • Collect regional data • Core Democratic Values • Global Connections

  13. Friday Folders • Students bring home checked work on Fridays with a dated sheet requiring parent signature weekly. • Please sign all tests. • Send folders back on Mondays. • Students should select one piece as their best work weekly to display on Our Best Work bulletin board.

  14. Volunteers • Volunteers are always welcome. • Sign up sheets are on the table • Help is needed: Making copies Setting up parties Assisting students during Science labs Special Projects

  15. Special Days • We will have three parties this year: Halloween Christmas Valentine’s Day Birthday treats may be sent in on, or close to your child’s special day. Keep treats simple. Cookies or cupcakes are great.

  16. Looking forward • Third grade should be a productive year for your child. We look forward to working with you and your children. Mrs. Suzanne Nader