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Institute of Fish Resources activities and projects

AGRICULTURE ACADEMY - SOFIA INSTITUTE OF FISH RESOURCES – VARNA Varna 9000, Blvd . “ Primorski ” 4, tel : 052/632066, Е- mail : director@ifrvarna.com. Institute of Fish Resources activities and projects. Elitsa Petrova , PhD Vice Director of IFR elitssa@yahoo.com.

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Institute of Fish Resources activities and projects

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  1. AGRICULTURE ACADEMY - SOFIA INSTITUTE OF FISH RESOURCES – VARNA Varna 9000, Blvd. “Primorski” 4, tel: 052/632066, Е-mail: director@ifrvarna.com Institute of Fish Resources activities and projects ElitsaPetrova, PhD Vice Director of IFR elitssa@yahoo.com

  2. Institute of Fish Resources (IFR) is a governmental research organization, established in 1932. Since the early 1950-s IFR has been the only marine Institute operating regularly in Bulgarian Black Sea waters. Currently the accumulated data gives possibility to conclude on major shifts of the Black Sea ecosystem in the long-term run.

  3. Theactivity of IFR has been focusing on studying the Black Sea ecosystem, the dynamics of fish species from economic point of viewand the biodiversity.


  5. AQUARIUM established in 1932 the oldest aquarium at Balkan peninsula. Its center of the popularization of the Black sea flora and fauna, also exotic species, shell collections and ect.


  7. LIBRARY It owes more than 30 000 scientific and specialized books, manuals, periodical issues in the spheres of marine biology, hydrochemistry, oceanography, ichthyology, fishery and fish industry, mariculture, aquarium matters, etc. 1933 – First edition of the IFR – Proceedings of marine biological station in Varna . In the next years regularly issue volumes of IFR.

  8. LAB COMPLEX: IFR - Varna make constant monitoring in coastal and open sea along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. MONITORING - implemented year-round with the research vessel of IFR - "Prof. Al. Vulkanov “.


  10. Projects to other Ministries Ministry of Education and Science, bilateral and multilateral • Implementing of expert research for Establishment of national network for monitoring of Black Sea dolphins in Bulgaria and elaborating adequate measures for mitigation of adverse fishery impact during their feeding and reproduction migrations and negative fishing impact, 2008-2009, Ministry of Environment and Water • Hydrobiological monitoring of marine waters part of the national programme for monitoring of surface water “, 2011, Ministry of Environment and Water • Ensuring access and adaptation of cultural history and sports facilities with international, national and regional significance “, Ministry of Labor and Social Policy • Identification of sturgeons in the danube and black sea- EAWAG, IAD and IFR • Improvement of the scientific background for assuring sustainable development in the Black Sea coastal zone – pre-feasibility study – BSEC project • constructing high technological research infrastructure for carrying out complex researches on the black sea, using R/V “prof. Valkanov”, ministry of education and science • Utilization of marine biological resources and derived products as ecological supplements to nutrient blends for birds and ruminants, ministry of education and science

  11. In recent years the management of IFA Varna gives priority to the science practice projects. The majority of scientists of IFR participate as consultants in projects under the Structural Funds "Fisheries and Aquaculture". This is a priority policy for the Institute. The including of our experts in working groups: biodiversity, invasive species to different Ministries and organizations.

  12. THE FOCUS OF THE INVESTIGATIONS: Impact of the pollution and climate changes - leads to changes in the natural conditions of marine water through introduction of non-sea substances - increasing concentration of natural components above the permissible limits, transportation and distribution of harmful organisms; - 70% of the pollutants are imported from the six Black Sea countries and the remaining 30% imported in Black Sea via the River of Danube. Investigations of fish and non-fish marine resources The fish population decreasing in the World Ocean and Black sea and the firms directed to some non-fish resources like: Rapanavenosa, Mytilusgalloprovincialis, Chameleagallina. Its is necessary to make regular investigations of populations of fish and non-fish marine living organisms and sustainable management.

  13. MEMBERSHIP IN INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS Balkan Environmental Association" (B.EN.A.) , Thessaloniki, Greece The International Association of Aquatic and Marine Science Libraries andInformation CentersIAMSLIC

  14. MEMBERSHIP IN INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS • International Water Association (IWA), London, UK, • Co-Chair of the IWA SGon IG & R. • Water Environment Federation (WEF), Alexandria, U.S.A. • Foundation for Environmental European Education (FEEE) • International Association for Danube Research (IAD)

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