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home insulation and the reason for its importance n.
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home insulation and the reason for its importance PowerPoint Presentation
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home insulation and the reason for its importance

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home insulation and the reason for its importance
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home insulation and the reason for its importance

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  1. Home Insulation and the reason for its importance

  2. Home insulation has become a very important factor for our homes. In fact it can no longer be considered an option any more. The cost of energy and electricity is escalating every day. In such a scenario, it has become very essential that we look to save energy, so that we can cut down on our energy costs and also ensure that there is sufficient energy for everyone. Most of the homes today need insulation. If your house is more than 15 years old, it’s likely that your home is up for renovation. If you are thinking about renovating your home, you should also consider adding insulation to your home. The existing insulation would have become old over the years and it’s necessary that you get a reputed insulation contractor to perform both insulation removal and installation.

  3. You might be spending a lot on energy bills. This is primarily because of your HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning) system. You cannot control the amount of electricity that is taken to run the unit. However you can always control how much the unit has to work, to cool or heat your house. If your house is well insulated, then it will not allow any heat transfer i.e. it would not let any heat, escape or enter the house. In summer, this would mean that less outside heat would enter your house. • Therefore you would have a cooler home and reduce current consumption of your cooling system. Even when you set the air conditioner at high temperatures, you will find your home to be relatively cool as the insulation doesn’t allow heat gain. Your house becomes more pleasant with less electricity being used. In winters, the opposite happens.

  4. The heater would need to work less hard to heat your house. This is due to insulation. The heat would get trapped inside your house and make your home warmer. This way you are saving your energy consumption in all seasons and still having your home to be cozy during winters and cool during summers. This is why effective insulation of your house is very important, when considering the energy costs.

  5. There are a few areas in your house that should be given more attention during installation of insulation. They are the attic, the ceiling, the basement and areas from which heat is most prone to escape out of or come inside. Getting the services of one of the insulation contractors to perform a home energy consultation will be of much help. You can also insulate your ceiling, if you feel the need for sound control. This will help you keep your house quite.

  6. An important parameter to remember while insulating your house is the R value. The R value is the resistance value and in this case it is the resistance to the flow of heat. There are many insulation options today that you can go for. It’s necessary that you check the r-values based on your geography and ensure that you choose the right r-value based on the standards. You should keep the thermal performance or the R value, the lifetime performance, fire safety moisture and other such factors in mind when you are about to select a material to insulate your home. Source: To know about the need for insulating your home view here www.aaffordableinsulators.com