luxury brand development management and internationalisation n.
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Luxury Brand Development, Management and Internationalisation PowerPoint Presentation
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Luxury Brand Development, Management and Internationalisation

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Luxury Brand Development, Management and Internationalisation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Luxury Brand Development, Management and Internationalisation. Dr. Satyendra Singh Professor, Marketing and International Business University of Winnipeg, Canada The Concept of Branding: Add value first.

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luxury brand development management and internationalisation

Luxury Brand Development, Management and Internationalisation

Dr. Satyendra Singh

Professor, Marketing and International Business

University of Winnipeg, Canada

the concept of branding add value first
The Concept of Branding:Add value first

Commodity Goods Service Experience

1₡-2₡ 5₡-25₡ 75₡-$1.5 $2-$2.50

Then we’ll do positioning, pricing, branding and communication around the value proposition.

sources messages of value to the brands
Sources (messages) of value to the brands
  • Mercedes  Engineering, sophistication and safety
  • MBW  engineering and driving
  • Nike  Performance
  • Starbuck  Best coffee experience
  • FedEx  Overnight
  • Harvard  Leadership skills
  • MIT  engineering and management
  • 3M Innovation
  • Luxury Dream!! Which dream?
  • You can brand anything  e.g. water, yourself…
the luxury the desire
The Luxury: The Desire

You pay $5000

Limousine ride, hovering photographers

red carpet, 4 hysterical fans… Can you imagine?

characteristics of luxury brand
Characteristics of Luxury Brand

Dream a dream with value

Create exclusive club

Functional  Given

Exchange  Last long, can outlive you

Emotional  You adore it, source of joy

Mythical  There is something about it

Ethical  Links to social responsibility

Identity  Convey something about you

brand content
Brand Content

To sustain brand image

To be the leader, set trends

↑ functional and emotional value

How do we do it

Educate customers  History and heritage

Interviews, fashion shows, manufacturing process

Link brand to community

Show social responsibility

Gucci (mrf process), Chloé (fashion show)  www

brand identity
Brand Identity

Levis  Jeans with distinctive labels

Missoni Knitted fabric in a special way

Toblerone Chocolate, red/yellow packaging

Tod’s Moccasins (shoes made from deerskin

very soft, single piece of leather

Ferrari  Red automobile

LOGOS play important role in forming brand identity

luxury brand and social responsibility
Luxury Brand and Social Responsibility

Nike  Just do it  Surpass your determination

Mont Blanc  UNICEF

$10,000 for a dinner ticket

Rich compete to donate!

Singer Bono’s brand in Africa

luxury customization rich like it
Luxury Customization – Rich like it


LV : choose colour and material

Point of delivery

Bring receipt to customer, engrave their name

Shopping experience

Assistance to old people, spl invitation, discount

Customization online  Online interaction

Shop with a friend  live video chat assistance

Sales $20m  $60m

online product display
Online Product Display

50% of luxury brands are online now

Virtual mannequins  360 degree pictures

iSmell software  You can smell the product on your computer

10cs of luxury fashion online marketing
10Cs of Luxury Fashion Online Marketing

Customer value  Satisfaction



Communications  Faster and targeted

Computing  Able to track online

Customer franchise  Trust, live assistance

Customer care

Community  Social network



luxury logos simple
Luxury Logos  Simple

Japanese like logos  more space for logos

Europeans do not like logos on tie; US ok

Icon  apple

Indices  relationship (smoke means fire)

Symbols  Ambiguous (Lion on Venice flag)

Numbers, animals, initials, monograms,…

luxury brand hinge
Luxury Brand Hinge

North European  Classical type

Clear lines, contours, saturated colours, closed… shape, entirely visible

Jil Slander, Ikea, Helmut Lang, BMW

USA  Calvin Klein, Donna Karan

Mediterranean Brands  baroque type

Criss-cross, open, exaggeration, line shadows…

Loewe, Ferragamo, Doice and Gabbana, Rubell, Majorica, Lamborghini, Versace, RonertoCavelli

internationalisation luxury brand
Internationalisation: Luxury Brand

① Create brands visibility  awareness,

Expand product line, men  women

② License abroad 1st perfume then fashion

↑ advt for perfume ↑ brand awareness

③ Open flagship stores in big cities abroad.

Balance Merchandise bw COS & franchisee

④ Buy back franchisee. Get new balance.

internationalisation by brands
Internationalisation by Brands

LV  USA, Germany, Italy, Spain

Burberry, Prada  China

Audi  China: Chinese officials, made-in-China

Hermés  Shang Xia

international luxury brand management
International Luxury Brand Management

Brand development

Initially one product line extensive variety and colour

Brand registration

Register brand in few countries first

$2,000 - $3,000 per brand (lawyer fee, tax…)

If target 100 countries  $200,000 - $300,000)

Registration renewal

Show proof of usages, or counterfeit operator

Usually 20%-30% brands need renewals

brands become international when
Brands Become International When

$50m sales are reached

50% of public knows the logo

New category is developed successfully

No longer advertisement is needed to sell

Brand outlives investor eg, 3rd generation

Brand is present in USA, Europe and Asia