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Report Proposal Presentation. Bad Habits While Driving Cynthia George PA10016 Nasyrah Fahada bt Abdul Razak PB10090 Muhd Naif Hilmi bin Adnan CD10065. Background of study. Safety: Condition of being safe, freedom from danger, risk or injury.

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report proposal presentation

Report Proposal Presentation

Bad Habits While Driving

Cynthia George PA10016

NasyrahFahadabt Abdul Razak PB10090

MuhdNaifHilmi bin Adnan CD10065

background of study
Background of study
  • Safety: Condition of being safe, freedom from danger, risk or injury.
  • The level of safety awareness among the younger drivers.
  • Find out whether they are concern about safety like fasten the seat belt while driving and others safety precaution while using vehicles
statement of problem
Statement of problem
  • Young drivers tend to involve in road traffic accident (RTA)
  • To investigate the habits while driving among undergraduates in UMP
purpose of study
Purpose of study
  • In UMP, most of the students use cars and motorcycle
  • To investigate the behavior and habits of students while driving
objective of study
Objective of study
  • To investigate student's perception about their habits while driving.
research question
Research Question
  • What UMP students’ opinion about bad habits while driving?
  • Do UMP students apply safety habit while driving?
  • What UMP students think about the way to increase the safety awareness while driving?
significance of study
Significance of study
  • Attitude will reflect the habit of drivers that may lead to some consequences.
  • Give the information to the administration. Ex: safety and guard department to take actions for those who disobey the road safety law.
scope of study
Scope of study
  • Focus on UMP students
  • Evaluate the students’ perception towards habit while driving.
  • 80 questionnaires :40 males and 40 females students.
  • The target respondents: All faculties in UMP Gambang
  • Respondents will be selected randomly from first year until final year students
methodology for data collection
Methodology (for data collection)
  • Questionnaire:
  • Comprise of 80 questionnaire
  • involve 40 females & 40 males respondents
  • Conduct in UMP Gambang

Section 1 : Demographic informationAge:Gender:Section 2: RQ11) is that safe if driver practice bad habit while driving?Yes / no2) is bad habit practice while driving ensure safety to the other people?Yes / no3)Should be fine for a driver to have bad habits?Yes / no4)are you comfortable adopting this bad habits while driving?Yes / no5)are drivers who practice bad habits while driving will be able to guarantee safety?Yes / no


Section 3: RQ2Choose one of the following answers.1) What habits that you always do while driving?a) Listening to musicb) Phone calling or messagingc) Talking with the passengersd) Eating or drinkinge) Concentrate to road traffic2) Do you think safety while driving is important?a) Yesb) Not reallyc) No3) What do you think the main causes of accident?a) Driver lack of experienceb) Weather factorc) Distraction inside the car, for example: Listening to loud musicd) Driver's emotional unstable4) Why do you fasten the safety belt before start driving?a) To avoid summons from police trafficb) To prevent bad injury if accidents occurc) I have no idead) Because other people do it5) How often you fasten your seat belt before driving?a) Neverb) Sometimesc) Always


Section 4: RQ3Please put (/) on only ONE choice/answer for question 11) having safety awareness is important.( ) strongly agree( ) agree( ) don't know( ) disagree( ) strongly disagree2) what influence you to have safe driving habits?(you can put (/) more than ONE)( ) Media( ) Parents( ) Friends( ) Lecturers( ) University( ) Law3) where did you get the information about road safety?(you can put (/) more than ONE)( ) Media (television, radio, internet newspaper)( ) Driving Class( ) University( ) Friends( ) Advertisement board( ) road safety Campaign( ) road law4) does your university structured any program to promote road safety awareness?Yes/No5) what is the best way to increase the road safety awareness?(please rank from 1-5 according to your preference. 1 is prefer the most and 5 is the least)( ) Enforce the law( ) Campaign( ) Advertisement( ) Self-awareness( ) Childhood approach(

literature review
Literature Review
  • Tova, R., Sigal, L., Ariel, P., & Dan, N. (2009). Effectiveness of road safety workshop for young adults. Safety Science, 47, 608-613
  • Özkan, T., Puvanachandra, P., Lajunen, T., Hoe, C., Hyder, A. (2012). The validity of self-reported seatbelt use in a country where levels of use are low. Accident Analysis and Prevention, 47, 75-77
  • Robert W. Stokes SunandaDissanayake
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  • Century, 1-30