8 tips for applying eyeliner that you can t do without n.
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8 Tips For Applying Eyeliner That You Can’t Do Without!

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8 Tips For Applying Eyeliner That You Can’t Do Without! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Getting the right look can be hard. We offer you the best tips for the perfect eyeliner application that will make you the centre of attention.

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Simple Hacks For An Unsteady Hand: Instead of trying to steady your hand, try creating the shape you want with an eyeliner pencil. Once that is done, you can fill over it with a liquid of dense colour. For that perfect flicked wing, you can try holding a business card to stick a piece of tape to the edge of your eye. This will help create a straight line at the exact angle you want.


Moisten Your Angle Brush: Wetting your angle brush before hand is a great tip for the perfect eyeliner. This is because a wet brush will help enhance the precision of your application, and also darkens the pigment being applied.


Chill The Liner: In case your liner is crumbling, you can refrigerate or freeze it for 10 minutes, to ensure that it holds its original shape.


Turn Up The Heat: Turn your eyeliner pencil into a gel by holding the tip to a lighter flame for a few seconds. Test it on your hand before using it on your eyes, though. You will definitely notice how your liner will glide after applying a little heat.


Lift Your Eyebrows: Getting right into the eyelash is important for a perfect eyeliner. To get right in, pull your eyelid up from the eyebrow, so that your skin is firm and taut. This will help you get closer to the lashline, as opposed to pulling out at the corner of your eye. Avoid pulling too hard, though, as this can lead to wrinkles.


Wingman: Start from the tip of the wing and draw inwards to your eye, instead of starting from the corner and drawing outwards. This will help you have more control and also ensure that the wings are even on both sides. You can also press a liquid liner on its side and slide a little outwards, to benefit from its conical shape. The tapered shape will help you get the shape you want.


Fight The Tears: An important tip for the perfect eyeliner is to make use of a waterproof liner for tightlining. This will help prevent the fluid from running, as the waterline of your eye is explored to fluid.


Clean Up Your Act: In case your eyeliner goes awry, you can use a cotton bud dipped in make-up remover or Vaseline. Once that is done, sharpen the edge of the line with a concealer or hide any mistakes.