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The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe PowerPoint Presentation
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The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

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The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe
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The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

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  1. The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe C.S. Lewis Vocabulary – Tier 2

  2. Chapters 1-5 • The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

  3. Quite • Beyond a question of a doubt; completely • “It was almost quite dark in there and she kept her arms stretched out in front of her…”(6) • What something you could do quite easily? Why? • When was a time when you did not quite understand someone? Why? • When were you quite sure of yourself? Why?

  4. inquisitive • Asking many questions • “Excuse me-I don’t want to be inquisitive- but should I be right in thinking that you are a Daughter of Eve?”(11). • What does the character mean in this sentence? • Who do you know that is very inquisitive? Why? • When would be a good time to be inquisitive? Why? • What kind of people do you know that have to be inquisitive? Why?

  5. gracious • A person who is kind and well-mannered • “Goodness gracious me!” exclaimed the Faun.”(9) • What is the Faun trying to show by saying “gracious me”? Why? • When is a time when you were gracious? Explain. • When have you seen someone else being gracious. Explain.

  6. hoax • To trick someone • “A jolly good hoax, Lu,” he said as he came out again; “you have really taken us in, I must admit. We half-believed you.”(27) • Why did they think Lu was hoaxing them? • When have you be part of a hoax? Explain.

  7. sulky • Angry or upset about something and will not talk about it • “Up to that moment Edmund had been feeling sick, and sulky, and annoyed with Lucy for being right, but he hadn’t made up his mind what to do.”(48) • When have you been sulky? Why? • Who is someone in your school or at home that tends to be sulky? Why?

  8. jeer • To speak or cry out in dislike (tease) • “…what good do you think you’ll do by jeering and nagging at her one day and encouraging her the next?”(49) • How was the character treating the other in this statement? • Have you ever jeered at someone? When? • Where in a community could you hear people jeering?

  9. regard • To look at (possibly with respect) • “… does your experience lead you to regard your brother or your sister as he more reliable? I mean, which is the more truthful?”(51) • Who is someone in your life that you regard? Why? • Could you hold a stranger in high regard? Why or why not?

  10. mutter • To speak soft (sometimes when complaining) • “… while he muttered to himself, “I wonder what they do teach them at these schools.”(54) • Who is someone you know that mutters? Explain. • When was there a time when you muttered? How did you feel?

  11. Would you rather be jeered at or regarded? Why? • What is better to do in the classroom, mutter or be inquisitive? Why? • Which is better someone being gracious to you or playing a hoax on you? Why? • If you were not quite done and everyone else is could you be sulky?

  12. How much energy does it take to … • mutter your opinion? • mutter the answer? • hoax someone? • hoax a teacher? • sulk at home? • sulk in school? • jeer during a game? • jeer during a play? • regard for a friend? • regard for an enemy? • be gracious at home? • be gracious in public? • to be quite sure of the answer 2+2? • to be quite sure of the first 100 numbers of PI(3.1415)? Least Energy______________ More Energy

  13. Chapters 6-11

  14. contentment • Freedom from worry • “And when each person had his (or her) cup of tea, each person shoved back his (or her) stool so as to be able to lean against the wall and gave a long sigh of contentment.”(82) • Why were the characters in the story feeling contentment? • Think of a time recently when you felt contentment? What were you doing? Why were you content?

  15. treacherous • Not to be trusted • “… but the moment I set eyes on that brother of yours I said to myself “Treacherous.” He had a look of one who has been with the Witch and eaten her food.”(92) • Why did he feel that Ed was treacherous? • Tell of a time when someone you know was being treacherous? • Is there ever a time when you were treacherous? Why?

  16. glaring • Very noticeable or looking at with anger • “…the great glaring moon and the countless stars and…”(112) • Why did the moon look glaring? • What are some things that may look glaring? • Who can look at you glaring? Why?

  17. solemn • Being serious in how you look or act • “They felt very glad, but also solemn.”(117). • Where could you be if you are acting solemn? Why? • What would the mood of a room feel like if everyone was solemn? Why? • Who could be speaking if a crowd is solemn? What could they be talking about?

  18. repulsive • A strong feeling of not liking something or someone • “He grinned in a repulsive manner as he set them down on the floor beside…”.(122) • Why would the dwarf grin repulsively? • What is something you find repulsive? Why? • Describe a time when someone was repulsive to you?

  19. vermin • An annoying animal or person • “Speak, vermin! She said again.”(126)(white witch) • Why would the White Witch call someone a vermin? • Give an example of a vermin (animal)? • When could a person be considered a vermin?

  20. gluttony • Eating or drinking too much • “What is the meaning of all this gluttony, this waste, this self-indulgence? Where did you get all these things?” (126) • Would you feel like a glutton if you ate 5 pieces of cake or 5 skittles? Why? • Describe a time when you felt like a glutton? Why?

  21. vicious • Being or acting evil • “..and he gave the rope a vicious jerk.”(132) • How did the person feel when they gave the rope a vicious jerk? • When can someone or something act vicious? Why? • What could you do that is vicious? Why?

  22. If you show contentment, do you have all you want or need more? Why? • Would you be solemn at the circus or at a play? Why? • If you saw something repulsive would you be excited or sick? Why? • Would you like to be called a vermin? Why or Why not? • Gluttony is having too much food or just the right amount of food? Why? • If a dog is acting vicious, would you want to pet it or move away? Why? • Would you rather be looking at a glaring moon or a glaring teacher? Why? • Is being treacherous a trait you want in a friend? Why?

  23. Chapters 12-17 • The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

  24. schemes • A plan of action • “But they all knew that it was her spells which had produced the endless winter; and therefore they all knew when this magic spring began that something had gone wrong, and badly wrong, with the Witch’s schemes”(136). • When might you need to come up with a scheme? • Describe a scheme you had.

  25. savage • Not tame, wild, unkind • “Fool,” said the Witch with a savage smile that was almost a snarl, “do you really think your master can rob me of my right by mere force?”(156). • What type of animal would you consider a savage? Explain. • When have you heard of a person or people acting like savages? Explain.

  26. surge • To rise or fall actively • “And they surged round Aslan, jeering at him, saying things like…”(168). • Where might you see a surge of people? Why? • What happens is a power surge? • When or where can you see a surge? Explain.

  27. enrage • To become angry; drive you mad • “But he never moved. And this seemed to enrage all that rabble. Everyone was at him now.”(168). • Where can you see or have you seen an enraged crowd? • Describe a time when you became enraged?

  28. appease • To make calm or quiet • “Now I will kill you instead of him as our pact was and so the Deep Magic will be appeased”(170). • When is it good to appease someone? Why? • What can a screaming child learn when a parent appeases them?

  29. clutching • To grab on to something or someone • “What’s that?” said Lucy, clutching Susan’s arm” (176). • If any things I say might be examples of people clutching something, say “clutching.” If not, don’t say anything. • Holding on tightly to a purse • grabbing a fistful of money • Softly petting a cat’s fur • gripping on to branches when climbing • Blowing bubbles and trying to catch them

  30. heave • To lift up with hard work • “And with a great heave he rose underneath them and then shot off,…”(180). • Describe a time when you had to heave yourself from the ground. • Would you have to heave an egg carton or a case of eggs? • If you were cleaning out a basement or room what would be something you would heave into the garbage?

  31. stout • Strong and/or also being brave • “And one year it fell out that Tumnus (who was a middle-aged Faun by now and beginning to be stout)…”(202). • Who is someone you think of as being stout? Why?

  32. Would you rather have a teacher that is enraged or appeased? Why? • Would like to be described by the word savage? Why or why not? • When would you need a surge of energy to heave something? Why? • Would like to be described by the word stout? Why or why not? • Would a women clutch or heave her purse if she was near a savage? • Would you rather your friends scheme a hoax or a party? Why?