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TAGLINE WORKBOOK. A Brief History of Magazine Taglines (Mostly from years gone by). What have other magazines done to position themselves?. Rolling Stone 1985 Perception. Reality. Sports Illustrated 1974 The Third Newsweekly. Playboy 1982 The Playboy reader. His lust is for life.

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    2. A Brief History of Magazine Taglines (Mostly from years gone by). What have other magazines done to position themselves?

    3. Rolling Stone 1985 • Perception. Reality.

    4. Sports Illustrated 1974 The Third Newsweekly. Playboy 1982 The Playboy reader. His lust is for life.

    5. Forbes 1968 Capitalist Tool. Fortune 1982 How to succeed.

    6. Reader’s Digest 1973 The surprising magazine. TV Guide 1970 America’s biggest selling weekly magazine.

    7. People 1982 Journalism as intriguing as the whole human race. Newsweek 1977 Ask Newsweek.

    8. People 1978 • About the closest to people you can get.

    9. Time 2010 • Understanding comes with TIME.

    10. Cosmopolitan 1985 • The woman you can’t live without.

    11. Redbook 1988 The Juggler. Glamour 1984 The Fashion & Beauty magazine that takes on the issues.

    12. Vogue 1989 Vogue is. Elle 1993 Elle is not a magazine.

    13. Good Housekeeping 1985 Our pages do more. McCall’s 1969 The magazine for desirable women.

    14. Ladies’ Home Journal c.1950 Never underestimate the power of a woman. Ladies’ Home Journal 1974 The Priceless Environment.

    15. Ladies’ Home Journal 1984 • If you want to know the American woman, read her Journal.

    16. How will we get everybody talking about the new Ladies’ Home Journal? New words for a new lhj

    17. Which FIVE slogans or taglines seemed useful for LHJ? • __________________ • __________________ • __________________ • __________________ • __________________

    18. What individual words might go into a new LHJ tagline? Fresh Tired

    19. Guidelines for Taglines • The tagline must convey a genuine truth or depict an experience real or imaginary. • The line must be built to last. It should rarely, if ever, be changed. • The line must do at least one of the following… • Convey a real benefit • Show how it will make things better for the customer • Recommend a specific action • Offer specific satisfaction • The line must play a central role in all visual touchpointswith the customer. (Not hidden. Not small. Sometimes the headline.)

    20. Q: It’s 1883. What would you recommend that Louise Knapp name her new magazine? …y’s …ies’

    21. What will be our highly differentiated Driver(s)?

    22. From ZAG… by Marty Neumeier

    23. What Trends can we benefit from? (These or others?)

    24. What’s our focus? • Who is our target audience? Whom are we talking to? • What do they currently think? • What would you like them to think or do? • What is the single most persuasive idea we can convey? • Why should they believe it?

    25. What will make us Good AND Different?

    26. Put that Good AND Different in words.“We don’t want to be the best at what we do. We want to be the only ones who do what we do.” Jerry Garcia, The Grateful Dead

    27. We’re not here today to do purpose, mission and vision. But, they will be needed, too.

    28. Trueline (Internal) Tagline (External) THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH JUST DO IT TALK TO CHUCK LIVE RICHLY DELIGHTFULLY TACKY YET UNREFINED ____________________________________________ • Disneyworld is the world’s favorite amusement park. • Nike helps you find your inner athlete. • Charles Schwab is the real person behind the company. • Citibank knows that money is only a means to happiness. • Hooters is the politically incorrect restaurant for rowdy men. • Ladies’ Home Journal : ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________

    29. Here’s our new tagline!