edward snowden s case n.
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Edward Snowden’s Case PowerPoint Presentation
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Edward Snowden’s Case

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Edward Snowden’s Case - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Edward Snowden’s Case. Presented by Logan Braun Daniel (Yong Won) Kim Rachel Reeves Nathan Windley. Introduction. Snowden admitted to leaking confidential information about the NSA’s abuse of power to spy on many global entities.

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Edward Snowden’s Case

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Presentation Transcript
edward snowden s case

Edward Snowden’s Case

Presented by

Logan Braun

Daniel(Yong Won) Kim

Rachel Reeves

Nathan Windley

  • Snowden admitted to leaking confidential information about the NSA’s abuse of power to spy on many global entities.
  • As a result of leaking this information,Snowden has beencharged in a criminal complaint.
  • Snowden is currently in Russia and seeking asylum in the European Union.
  • Critical Facts
  • Snowden revealed to the public how the NSA was spying onUnited States citizens and corporations as well as foreign government.
  • Edward lives in an undisclosed location in Russia to avoid extradition back to America as well as perceived threats to his life.
  • He worked for the CIA from 2006-2013 as a systems administrator, granting him to access to confidential information.
  • Some people believe he is a hero while others believe he is a traitor. Snowden himself believes he is a whistleblower.
  • The N.S.A. broke federal privacy laws, or exceeded its authority, thousands of times per year, according to the agency’s own internal auditor.
ethical issues
Ethical Issues

Basic human right VS. Duty to the U.S.

Facing the charges VS. Fleeing the country

  • Edward Snowden and his family
  • American Government (CIA, NSA)
  • American citizens
  • Foreign governments
  • Corporations with confidential information
eli lens
ELI Lens
  • Rights/Responsibilities Lens
  • Possibly the Reputation Lens
critical standards
Critical Standards
  • American privacy rights
  • Government policy
  • U.S. Legal System
ethical alternatives
Ethical Alternatives
  • He could have just only exposed the fact about NSA spying on Americans.
  • Instead of running away from his own country, he could have faced his charges.
best ethical decision
Best Ethical Decision
  • Exposing only vital information to the public
  • If punished, to accept the consequences
best outcome
Best Outcome
  • Less conflict
  • NSA changing their policies , while keeping the confidential facts confidential
  • Snowden remaining in the U.S., accepting his punishment if sentenced
  • The best possible outcome did not take place
  • Snowden showed an example of leadership by taking initiative to expose important information to Americans
  • However, he did not portray leadership by fleeing to Russia to avoid punishment
  • Edward thinks he made a right choice for the majority of people
  • However, his confession basically had a huge economical impact on U.S. and damaged the U.S. security system
  • Therefore, having a right to know sometimes causes a huge impact
  • Standing up for the people’s rights doesn’t always lead to positive results
  • Snowden acted in what he believed was the best ethical choice
  • There have been consequences for his actions that he may not have seen coming
  • This topic continues to be controversial and commonly discussed by the public
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