The power of book distribution
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The Power of Book Distribution. A short Presentation. Dawn and Daybreak. How many really make use of their lives?. What Number is this?. 7,216,238,951. Quotations of Acarya’s.

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The power of book distribution

The Power of Book Distribution

A short Presentation

Dawn and daybreak
Dawn and Daybreak

How many really make use of their lives?

What number is this
What Number is this?


Quotations of acarya s
Quotations of Acarya’s

  • I want my books to be distributed; they should not remain in cold storage. I want that, in a cyclic order, thousands and thousands of books should come from the press, and they should at once be distributed and again printed.

    Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayana Maharaja

    Alachua, Florida: February 4, 2003

Not to irritate the public
Not to irritate the public

But how to do that?

Quick tips for book distribution
Quick Tips for Book Distribution

  • Be humble! Trnadapisunicena

  • Start with a compliment

  • Create a mantra, know what you want to say and practice

  • Buy books, you can’t sell what you don’t have

  • Be patient, be tolerant, be detached

  • Make goals

  • Do it together and try to have some fun!

  • Think beyond the box

  • Always remember CaitanyaMahaprabhu, the original book distributor, and never stop chanting