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The Keys to Work-Life Balance PowerPoint Presentation
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The Keys to Work-Life Balance

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The Keys to Work-Life Balance

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The Keys to Work-Life Balance

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  1. The Keys to Work-Life Balance Amy S. Oxentenko, MD, FACP, FACG, AGAF Mayo Clinic, Rochester

  2. Disclosures • To claim expertise or perfection in this topic would be WRONG! • To admit that, on occasion, I ignore the advice I am about to share is RIGHT!

  3. Objectives/Outline: • Define balance and work-life balance • Enumerate several keys to work-life balance • Understand the potential adverse effects of not feeling balanced

  4. A show of hands…… How many are: Married? Working spouse/partner? Kids? Pets? Care for parents? Work part-time? This demonstrates the challenge of this session… We are all different!

  5. My Credentials? First Job Fellowship Full-Time Physician Spouse 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008

  6. My Credentials? CME PDIM PD GI Fellowship CME APDIM Residency CME APD GI Fellowship CME House House 2006 2008 2010 2012 2014

  7. Knee Deep…A Gastroenterologist’s Perspective

  8. The key to work-life balance is: • Regular date nights with your spouse/partner • Dedicated time to be with your kids daily • Regular exercise at least 3 days/week • Keeping up any religious beliefs • 8 hours of sleep every night • Finding satisfaction in your job daily • Getting regular health maintenance • Spending time on your hobbies


  10. What did you give up to be here this weekend?

  11. Definition: Balance • “To equalize in weight, number or proportion” • “To bring to a state or position of equipoise”

  12. How Realistic is This Definitionof Balance?

  13. “Work-Life Balance” • “Work–life balance is a concept including proper prioritizing between ‘workaholics’ (career and ambition) on the one hand and ‘lifestyle’ (health, pleasure, leisure, family, spiritual/meditation) on the other.” • Term used in the US starting 1986. Wikipedia



  16. An Oxentenko-Coined Term: WORK-LIFE DANCE

  17. Why Work-Life Dance? • We are rarely in a sense of “balance” • We are in constant motion, trying to achieve balance, which is a moving target • Sometimes it is a waltz • Sometimes it is a disco • Sometimes it is Lady Gaga

  18. An Example of Trying to Achieve Balance

  19. Effects of Imbalance? • Adverse affects on: • Health • Interpersonal relations • Sexual relations • Stress level • This will lead to BURNOUT!

  20. A Few Keys to Successful Work-Life Dance

  21. This is NOT the Answer…

  22. Key #1: Learn to Say “NO” • Be open to opportunities early on • Get increasingly selective with time • Talks, committees, reviews • If not aligned with your goals…pass • If aligned, but time is an issue… • Get a fellow/resident/student to help

  23. But it is Okay to Say “YES” • We are far better at this than “No” • Know your limits (you know best) • Before saying “yes”….. • Time commitment? • Amount of work involved? • Is it really your thing? • Take at least a day, if not 2, to make big decisions (reality check)

  24. Key #2: Time Management • Have a calendar for work activities • List all things: • Talks, committees, trips, application review, interview dates, etc. • Know the date of talks AND the due date for talks (often 2-6 weeks before!) • Schedule in papers; without a due date, they get pushed to last

  25. “Failure to plan on your part does not constitute an emergencyon my part.”

  26. Key #3: Let Technology Help You, Not Hurt You • Technology allows us to be connected to work outside of the physical office • A good thing or not? • You are ALWAYS available!!! • Cell phones  iphones  ipads • Make sure it helps, not abuses • Find ways to make life more efficient

  27. Technology:The Elephant in the Room EMAIL! • Some read it throughout the day • Some avoid until the end of the day • The presence of it stresses us • The absence of it stresses us 11% of people would rather leave home without pants than to leave without their cell phone.

  28. How many of you feel angst right now without your email handy?

  29. Key #4: Protect the Protected • Research time, administrative time • Vulnerable to erosion, constantly • Direct this time: • Where is it in your day/week? • Require approval to add things in it • However, you need to be team player • But…things gets deferred, not deleted!

  30. Where to Do Protect Your Protected? • Most of us have an open door policy • Open door = interruptions • Mostly social; of lesser importance at crunch time • If you have strict deadlines: • Shut your door? Work out of office? • Allows concentration on one activity, which decreases stress

  31. Key #5: Find Time for Self • Leisure reading? Golf? Travel? • Need to take time for SELF • No time for self = high burnout • Burnout leads to bad habits: • Drinking • Smoking • Eating badly • Less exercise

  32. When Do You Fit in “Self” Time? • Before work, over lunch, after dinner? • Need to schedule time for self, otherwise it will get squeezed out • Need to reward yourself so that you can be motivated to work

  33. Included in Self = Sleep and Health Less burnout with: • Routine health maintenance • Regular exercise • Predictable sleep • Adequate nutrition

  34. No matter how healthy you are when you start at a job, you will still burnout if you maintain a dysfunctional state!!!

  35. Key #6: Prioritizing Family and Work • Family >> work? • Work >> family? • Each one of us is different • Feel ok about your decisions • You don’t want to feel guilty • Avoid judging others’ choices

  36. Avoid a Parent Identity Crisis!!!

  37. Score the Impact on Work-Life Balance in Each of the Listed Scenarios

  38. OR Personal time spilling over into work Work spilling over into personal time What is More Stressful?

  39. > What is More Stressful? Personal time spilling over into work Work spilling over into personal time

  40. Dual Career Families • Fitting 3 full-time jobs into the schedule of 2 • A challenge if both full-time • Many services M-F, 8am-5pm • Equal share of housework and/or childcare? • Coordinating schedules key • Can both feel successful?

  41. “Single” Career Families • The person working outside the house all day may want to “relax” once home. • Be mindful that the person who stayed home all day (often with kids) would also like to “relax” at the end of the day. • Both feel they need a break after 5-6 pm. • Both need to share the responsibilities.

  42. My Specific Keys?

  43. What Do I Do? • Being organized/efficient is KEY • Acknowledge when help is needed • Treat employees/staff well • Cleaning lady, nanny, secretary • Designate time with and without kids • Never let kids see me working on PC • Put a gym in our house (no excuse!)

  44. My Workout

  45. What Drives Me?#1. The Academic Achievements • Mayo is pleased to announce Dr. Amy S. Oxentenko as the newly appointed Program Director and Associate Chair for the Department of Internal Medicine. • The Department of Internal Medicine at Mayo is pleased to announce Dr. Amy S. Oxentenko as the recipient of the 2013 “Distinguished Contributions to Medical Education” Award.

  46. What Drives Me?#2. The Mentees I just wanted to say how much I've appreciated your mentorship over the years. You've been a great role model of success in both professional and personal realms. My career right now would look very different if you were not involved in my life, and I am very grateful for your guidance, encouragement and support.

  47. What Drives Me?#3 (yet truly #1). My Family

  48. Summary • We all have unique work-life circumstances; one size not for all • Practice both terms “yes” and “no”, and feel good about using them • While work and family are priority for many, “self” health cannot be ignored • Realize that balance is not easily achieved; you need to learn to dance

  49. Thank you! A Dance to the Music of Time

  50. Thank you!!!