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IHS Scholarship Program

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IHS Scholarship Program

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IHS Scholarship Program

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  1. IHS Scholarship Program Recipient Orientation Extern Program

  2. Overview The Extern Program: • Provides a practical, hands-on experience working among other health professionals at an Indian health facility. • Provides the opportunity to experience different work locations throughout the United States. • Offers up to 120 days of employment per calendar year working in the civil service, for a Tribal facility or in the US Public Health Service (USPHS) Commissioned Corps. • Places health profession students in positions during non-academic periods.

  3. Priorities for Selection • Health Professions Scholarship recipients. • Health profession students (non-recipients) who are American Indian or Alaska Native. • Health profession students (non-recipients) who are not American Indian or Alaska Native. • Preparatory or Pre-Graduate scholarship recipients.

  4. Personnel Systems • Civil Service — the federal civil service personnel system. • Tribal Program — employment through Tribal facilities. • Junior Commissioned Officer Student Training and Extern Program (JRCOSTEP) — a program of the US Public Health Service Commissioned Corps.

  5. Salaries The personnel system you choose determines your salary. • Civil service is based on the number of semester hours you have completed: • GS-3: 30 semester hours/45 quarter hours. • GS-4: 60 semester hours/90 quarter hours. • GS-5: Bachelor’s degree (120 semester hours/180 quarter hours). • GS-7: First year of graduate school (18 semester hours of graduate education/27 quarter hours of graduate selection). • GS-9: Completed master’s degree or equivalent graduate degree; or two full years of progressively higher graduate education leading to such a degree; or LLB or JD if related to health profession program.

  6. Salaries (Cont.) • Tribal hires are brought on and paid as civil servants. • A Commissioned Corps extern serves as an Ensign (O-1). • For IHS scholarship recipients only, salary is waived if the externship fulfills a requirement for an academic field placement or an internship. IHS will pay the required tuition and fees.

  7. How to Apply • You must submit your application via USAJOBS (USAJOBS.gov). • You must create a user account. • IHS Extern Program Student Training positions are listed as Series 0699. • JRCOSTEP applicants must also apply to the USPHS Commissioned Corps via www.usphs.gov. • Application deadlines: • Summer externship: Mid-January. • Winter externship: Early September. • JRCOSTEP: Mid-December.

  8. Supporting Documentation You are required to upload the following documents as part of your application: • Resume • Extern Site Preference Request (IHS-856-17) form. • Proof of vaccination against measles and rubella. • Documentation of school enrollment for fall term.

  9. Supporting Documentation (cont.) • A copy of your: • School transcripts. • Social Security card. • Driver’s license. Note: Obtaining a copy of your fingerprints from your local police department will help to expedite the security clearance and hiring process.

  10. Benefits • Travel reimbursement is available for one round-trip fareto your extern site. • Securing housing is your responsibility. Information is available through the Area Scholarship Coordinator serving the IHS Area office in which you choose to work. Contact Information: • Vickye Santiago, Extern Coordinator — vickye.santiago@ihs.gov

  11. Support Staff • IHS Scholarship Program Analyst — www.ihs.gov/scholarship/index.cfm/contact/programanalysts/ • Area Scholarship Coordinator — www.ihs.gov/scholarship/contact/areascholarshipcoordinators • IHS Discipline Chief — www.ihs.gov/scholarship/contact/disciplinechiefs For additional information: • Visit www.ihs.gov/scholarship/. • Consult your Student Handbook, which can be found on our website. • Visit us on Facebook at Indian Health Service Scholarship Program.