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Hazel’s Diary

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Hazel’s Diary. By: William Lee. Diary Entry #1. Dear Diary,

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Hazel’s Diary

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    1. Hazel’s Diary By: William Lee

    2. Diary Entry #1 Dear Diary, Today was a very shocking and unsettling day for me… First of all, I was woken up by yet another monster attack. The alarm sounded off and with a shock, I was awake. Without any hesitation, I got out of bed and grabbed my riptide, and started slashing monsters. What a heck of a start to my day. In addition to the monster attack, a fierce storm was also raging in front of our battle ship, Argo II, blocking our ship’s passage. As the storm began to grow stronger and more intense, my friends and I were faced with a major conundrum. As I was in deep thought, in the corner of my eye, I spotted Arion, one of the fastest horses on the world, running towards the ship with what seemed to be the speed of light. As I saw him, I felt relieved, as if he was going to save the day, but then he started whinnying. He wanted me to ride on him into the storm. I hoped on his back and with some uneasiness and off we were, riding into the raging storm. As we got closer to the storm, Arion slowed down. I hopped off his back and walked into the wild storm. I shouted into the storm and there was no reply, my voice just simply echoed through the storm. Then suddenly, a pale figure of a woman appeared in front of me. Instantly, I knew it was Hecate, the goddess of magic. Hecate told me that I had many choices, but I will have to choose the right choice, in able to survive. “Then you have only one path, tough it is the most dangerous” (Riordan, 24) The goddess also told me about The Mist, how it can change the way people look at things. She told me that I had to learn to use The Mist, to defeat a very strong sorceress, and close the doors of Hades. As the image of the goddess faded, I blacked out. I did not know anything about how to control the mist, and how am I going to defeat a sorceress that is 100 times more stronger than me? Well, that was how my mission started, the mission to learn The Mist.

    3. Diary Entry #2 Dear Diary, I woke up today from a nightmare and thinking what is that smell? It was Hecate’s pet weasel, Gale, it must have crept in during the night. I opened my eyes and saw a furry rodent propped on my chest, staring at me with its dark black eyes. “Nothing like waking up screaming, kicking off your covers and dancing around your cabin while a weasel scampers between your feet screeching and farting. (Riordan, 187, 188) My friends ran into my cabin to check if I was alright, it was awkward, but things got settled down after the excitement died down. Not knowing why the weasel was sent to me, I decided to go to couch hedge, our satyr supervisor, since he was the only one that can talk to animals. “ ‘A lot of rude things,’ grumbled the satyr. ‘The gist of it: she’s here to see how it goes.”(Riordan, 189). Before I could even ask questions,the old satyr slammed the door in front of my face, leaving me no choice but to leave. “She’s here to see how it goes”, why would Hecate sent her pet weasel to me? Is there a test that I must pass in able to learn how to control The Mist? I still couldn’t figure out how to use the mist. I knew what the mist was and how powerful it was, but still, I couldn’t figure how I can control it. I have never been much help during any of our quests. The last trip to Vince, all I did was get poisoned by a bunch of rhino hippos and become a roadblock for my friends. I was just lying there, helpless while my gorgeous boyfriend Frank trying to save my life, fighting all those rhino monsters. That even has left me with chagrin. I want to help, I don’t want to be the girl that can’t do anything anymore. No matter what it takes, I must learn to control The Mist in order to help my friends.

    4. Diary Entry #3 Dear Diary, I have been expecting the test that Hecate sent me since forever. It turns out that today was the day that the test has begun. I was still talking to Frank above deck about how my poison was doing and what the weasel was for, until suddenly, the boat lurched forward. I thought we have crashed onto a huge rock, but when I saw what was in front of us, I was unable to speak. There was a huge turtle, about the size of an island, eating the oars off our ship. Leo was trying to steer the ship around to a long strop of land that ran parallel to the coastal cliffs. As we gained speed, we passed the huge turtle and got in between the cliffs. We were safe here, the turtle would never catch us, but it was a dead end. Instantly, I knew it was trap. Just as we were panicking, an arrow shot from above, sank itself onto a rock that was only six inches away from Piper. Piper, too shocked to speak, immediately got pulled back by Jason, thinking there might be another arrow. Nothing happened within the next few seconds, so everybody got relieved for now. I walked towards the arrow and found there was a not attached to it. “Stand and deliver. This is a robbery. Send two of your party to the top of the cliff with all your valuables. No more than two. No flying. No tricks. Just climb. I do mean all your valuables. Otherwise my turtle and I will destroy you. You have five minutes” (Riordan, 202) The person must of meant the narrow stair case carved into the cliff that lead to the top. I was sure this was the test that Hecate set up so I volunteered to go up since I can summon gold, jewels and all the valuable stones in the ground, he might as well let us go. For my backup, Jason volunteered to go up with me. If I fall from the steps, he could use his wind power to lift both of us up. It was the best plan we had.

    5. Continued When I reached the top, I saw the man walking towards us. “He wore high leather boots, leather breeches and a pirate style shirt. His curly black hair looked like a little kid’s do and his sparkly green eyes were friendly enough, but a red bandanna covered the lower half of his face.” (Riordan, 210) As the man got closer, I reckoned that he was Sciron, son of Poseidon. I had heard myths about him, where he robbed many ships with his gargantuan turtle, but the information just wasn't enough. I summoned all the gold that lied beneath the ground. I demanded him to let us go right at the spot, he was sure delighted, and he agreed to let us go, but before he sent us down, Sciron wanted the both of us to wash his feet as a show of respect. “Then Sciron kicked off his leather boots, on after the other. They were puffy, wrinkled and white as dough, as if they’d been soaking in formaldehyde for a few centuries. Tufts of brown hair sprouted from each misshapen toe. His jagged toenails were green and yellow, like a tortoise’s shell.” (Riordan, 215) As I was still in disgust, the puzzle pieces fit back together in my mind. Sciron made the victims wash his feet, and when the smell made the victims off guard, he would kick them off the cliff and feed it to the turtle. I had a plan. I would have to manipulate The Mist in able for the plan to work. Jason bent down to scrub his feet, and right at that point, I used all my will, summoning The Mist from deep down, to change the appearance of the cliff. When Sciron kicked Jason, it was already to late for him to figure out that he was the one that was standing behind the cliff. Jason flew in and body-slammed Sciron over the cliff. I could hear the cheering from below the cliff already, and I felt really grateful. So that was how the first time I have manipulated The Mist. As last, I have done something worth cheering for. Without getting too off guard, I still have to defeat a major goddess that awaits me. How I will manipulate The Mist to defeat her, nobody knows.

    6. Diary Entry #4 Dear Diary, As days went by since I used The Mist to defeat Sciron, I have been more looked up to by my friends. We were getting close to Greece, which meant I was getting close to my quest against the evil sorceress. I was afraid, but without Piper’s help, I would’ve already run away. During the past few nights, I had some really good talks with Piper. She called me into her cabin and I sat down. We started talking about how being the only two girls on the ship is really rough. “We shared stories, complained about the guys’ gross habits, and shed some tears together about Annabeth.” (Riordan, 319) We were really missing Annabeth, where she came up with so many plans that helped us through tough quests, and also retrieving the Athena Stature all by herself! I told Piper about what it was like to control The Mist, focusing and feeling the power come to you. Surprisingly, Piper said her charm speaking was also similar to controlling the Mist. We kept on talking and chatting, Piper also offered me help if I needed to, and I agreed to train her how to sword fight, since she sucked at swords fighting. I felt very pleased with Piper; she gave me more confidence and became a really good friend of mine. I was really glad that I had some talks with Piper, I feel like a new me, with more confidence and less fear. I will defeat whatever that sorceress is, and with pleasure, punch her in the face.

    7. Diary Entry #5 Dear Diary, It is really lucky of me to be writing this diary, since I could’ve already been killed by a super strong sorceress that has practiced weaving spells for about two millennia and a giant as her back up. I was with Leo, trapped into one of the corridors of the Necromanteion. Our friends were behind us, with a dozen of monsters, trying to kill them. I had no choice but to descend deeper into the Necromanteion. Just when we were about to cross another corridor, Gale the weasel came and guided us towards the corridor. As we got out, I sensed what has been waiting for me since forever, Pasiphaë, the evil sorceress. The sorceress greeted us with a cruel smile. “She wore an elegant sleeveless dress of woven gold, her dark hair piled into a cone, encircled with diamonds and emeralds. (Riordan, 537) The sorceress shifted and what Leo and I saw, was the Doors of Death, and as Pasiphaë said, Annabeth and Percy will be coming out of that door in 12 minutes. As for how I will save them from the giant guarding the doors, I will have to defeat Pasiphaë and kill the giant. The cavern dissolved into darkness. Immediately, the surroundings changed. The sorceress has created the maze that killed many demigods who dared to challenge her. The weasel barked angrily, saying this all is just an illusion, which I already knew. Suddenly, holes opened in the floor beneath our feet. I grabbed Leo away from the floor as a row of spikes shot upward where it could’ve killed us instantly. I tugged Leo over and started dashing through the maze, avoiding traps that popped up and trap doors that have a bottomless pit. Time was ticking away fast and I still had no plan. Then a thought hit me. I can bend the Mist and create an exit of this maze.

    8. Continued As we ran to a dead end, I bended the Mist, creating a cut on to the right. We veered in that direction; “Leo and I hit the chute hard and slid into the cavern, landing right on top of Pasiphaë. The sorceress’s head smacked against the floor as Leo sat down hard on her chest.” (Riordan, 549) The goddess cursed and stumbled backwards. It was about 30 seconds till the doors will open, so I had to hurry. Pasiphaë saw what she desired, amused by us being chased around her maze, now I will show her what she feared. I taunted her, telling her how miserable her life was, how the gods has punished her. Then, using the last bit of power I created a trapdoor under her feet, and off she was, falling into an endless pit. The pit became solid again and gone was Pasiphaë. Just then, the Doors opened; Percy and Annabeth fell right out the door, still unconscious. The giant was about to step on them but then, the cavern blazed into flare and Hecate appeared. She summoned a doorway for our other friends to come in. Without any hesitation, our friends jumped onto the giant and started slashing and punching. The giant fell to his knees, and Hecate smote the giant to his grave. Percy and Annabeth have been saved. All my life, I have never done something so miraculous. I have saved two lives, fighting an evil sorceress, and defeating her. Now I know, that I can help my friends. I don’t have to be the useless one. I don’t have to be the helpless one. I have power and I have strength, what else could I possibly be scared of?