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The Importance of Nutrition (1:38) PowerPoint Presentation
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The Importance of Nutrition (1:38)

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The Importance of Nutrition (1:38) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Importance of Nutrition (1:38)
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  1. The Importance of Nutrition (1:38) Click here to launch video Click here to download print activity

  2. Learning to make healthful food choices will keep you healthy throughout your life.

  3. nutrition • nutrients • calorie • hunger • appetite

  4. Why Nutrition Matters The food you eat affects your health and quality of life. Healthful foods provide fuel for physical activities, help you stay mentally alert, and keep you looking and feeling your best.

  5. Why Nutrition Matters To make healthful food choices, you must first learn about nutrition. Nutrition The process by which your body takes in and uses food

  6. Why Nutrition Matters Your body relies on food to provide it with nutrients. Nutrients Substances in food that your body needs to grow, to repair itself, and to supply you with energy

  7. Why Nutrition Matters The energy your body receives from food is measured in calories. Calorie A unit of heat used to measure the energy your body uses and the energy it receives from food

  8. Why Nutrition Matters Eating a variety of healthful foods can help you avoid unhealthful weight gain and diseases such as type 2 diabetes.

  9. Why Nutrition Matters Cardiovascular disease Eating a variety of healthful foods can lower your risk of developing other conditions, including: Certain cancers Stroke Osteoporosis

  10. What Influences Your Food Choices? A variety of factors influence food choices. When you make food choices, you need to understand what influences you.

  11. Hunger and Appetite One reason people eat is hunger. Hunger The natural physical drive to eat, prompted by the body’s need for food

  12. Hunger and Appetite A second reason people eat is appetite. Appetite The psychologicaldesire for food

  13. Food and Emotions Sometimes people eat in response to an emotional need, like when they feel stressed, frustrated, lonely, or sad. In other cases, people may snack out of boredom or use food as a reward.

  14. Food and Emotions Some people engage in “mindless eating,” which is snacking continuously while absorbed in another activity.

  15. Food and Emotions Recognizing how emotions affect your eating can help you break such patterns and reconnect your eating with real hunger.

  16. Food and Your Environment Family and culture Friends EnvironmentalInfluences Time and money Advertising

  17. Food and Your Environment Seeing what your friends and peers eat can influence your own food choices.

  18. After You ReadReviewing Facts and Vocabulary • Name three health problems that good nutrition can help you avoid. Any three: unhealthful weight gain, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke, certain cancers, osteoporosis

  19. After You ReadReviewing Facts and Vocabulary • What is the difference between hunger and appetite? Hunger is the physical drive to eat when the body needs food. Appetite is the psychological desire for food, not based on physical need.

  20. After You ReadReviewing Facts and Vocabulary • Identify two emotions that influence eating when someone isn’t hungry. Any two emotions, such as those mentioned in the text (e.g., stress, loneliness, boredom)