unit 4 beyond visible light n.
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Unit 4 Beyond Visible Light

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Unit 4 Beyond Visible Light - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Unit 4 Beyond Visible Light. EM Spectrum pic. Part 1 What do you know?. What have we learned so far about how energy travels from the sun to the Earth?

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part 1 what do you know
Part 1What do you know?
  • What have we learned so far about how energy travels from the sun to the Earth?
  • Light energy from the sun travels in straight lines in waves as white light. White light is a mixture of different colors (ROYGBIV) of light with different wavelengths.

Electromagnetic SpectrumWhat do you see in this chart?Waves to the left of visible light get ___________.Waves to the right get ______________.How does the amount of energy relate to frequency?

take out your what we think about chart
Take out your What We Think About……..Chart
  • What are your initial ideas about infrared light?
  • How does infrared light affect you life?
  • Infra means _______.
  • Red refers to ______.
if we cannot see infrared light how do we know it exists
If we cannot see infrared light,how do we know it exists?
  • Record you ideas on your “table chart”.
Open you journal to page 15 and readScientists Discover LightBeyond the Visible Spectrum Stop at the bottom of page 15 and take notes.

Sir Frederick William Herschel

let s explore herschel s experiment
Let’s ExploreHerschel’s Experiment


let s replicate herschel s experiment
Let’s ReplicateHerschel’s Experiment

1. Draw and label a picture of you experiment set up.

2. Make a data chart to record temperature differences/changes.

3. Describe the patterns or changes in the temperature data.

4. What can you conclude from you data? Include you claim,

evidence, and reasoning.

write a scientific conclusion as a class
Write a Scientific Conclusionas a class.

Claim: A statement that answers the investigation question

Evidence: Scientific data from investigation or research that is appropriate and sufficient to support the claim.

Reasoning: Scientific principles are cited or stated that link the evidence and claim. Shows why the data supports the claim and why it makes sense.

Write your conclusion on the What We Think Chart.

Claim: Light energy exists outside the visible spectrum.

Evidence: The data shows that after _____ of time the thermometer in the violet read ____, yellow _____, red_____ and Infrared____________. The evidence shows that there is light beyond the red area because there was an increase in temperature in the area beyond the red area.

Reasoning:: Light energy is transformed to heat when it interacts with matter. The increase in temperature outside the red of the visible spectrum is evidence of light converting to heat energy. The addition of heat energy can be inferred from the increase in temperature.

part 2 further exploration ultraviolet light what is it
Part 2 Further ExplorationUltraviolet Light… What is it?


Stop video at 2:10

Discuss the experiment.

part 3 wrap up
Part 3Wrap Up
  • How was infrared light discovered and how did the discovery of one scientist lead to a related discovery by another?
  • Compare the conclusions of each experiment.
  • What were your early ideas about ultraviolet light?

Why is Ozone in the atmosphere important?

  • Discuss: Radio Waves, Microwaves, X-Rays, and

Gama Rays