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WUSM RA Forum November 2007 Grants & Contracts PowerPoint Presentation
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WUSM RA Forum November 2007 Grants & Contracts

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WUSM RA Forum November 2007 Grants & Contracts - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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WUSM RA Forum November 2007 Grants & Contracts
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  1. WUSM RA Forum November 2007 Grants & Contracts

  2. NIH Update

  3. NIH eRA Commons Update • New Search Features* • ~ Ability to search for and track electronically submitted applications from the status screen using the tracking number. • Reorganization of the application/grant data into two separate sections* • ~ Recent and pending electronic applications • ~ Successfully submitted applications (both paper and electronic). • Grouping of multiple submission attempts for a single application* • ~ The new strategy will change the look and feel ofthe Status screens; however, the underlying process remains the same. • * For more information please refer to NIH Electronic Submission e-mail dated 10/16/07.

  4. NIH eRA Commons Update (cont.) • Additional Detail for Principal Investigators* • ~ A new screen will appear when selecting the Status tab • ~ Rather than listing all applications/grants associated with your account. • ~Use the options provided to select the specific application/grant or appropriate list based on your task. • ~If multiple attempts are needed to complete the electronic submission process without errors, only the most recently processed submission will be listed. • A new hyperlink, “Show All Prior Errors”, will be added to the application status line that will provide a listing of the current and all previous submission attempts and the associated tracking number, date of submission and errors/warnings. • ~The tracking number for an application is provided in the emails sent by eRA Commons during the electronic submission process. • * For more information please refer to NIH Electronic Submission e-mail dated 10/16/07.

  5. NIH eRA Commons Update (cont.) • Addition for Review • ~A new eRA function was provided to NIH staff called eAdditions. eAdditions provides Scientific Review Administrators (SRAs) with a limited ability to add documents to the grant folder post-submission to make them accessible to reviewers and appropriate NIH staff. • ~ The policies regarding application addenda remain the same…the original application is kept intact and any addenda are approved at the discretion of the SRA and will be added by the SRA. • ~ The new link provides view only access. • ~ It is not possible for Principal Investigators and/or institutions to directly add materials to this section of the grant folder. • ~ This new feature simply cuts down on the need for mixed media grant files and helps NIH achieve a goal of complete electronic records. • Use your own eRA Commons ID • ~ Some creative applicants are trying to get around the eRA Commons registration requirements by “borrowing” a PI Commons ID from a colleague. • ~ Using the Commons ID of a different individual will result in that individual being listed as the PD/PI for the grant application in the NIH data system and that individual will have access to the review outcome and summary statement. • ~ A PI’s Commons ID should be regarded as their NIH PIN number – it belongs to the Principal Investigator only! • ~ By submitting an application you are certifying that the contents are true, complete and accurate. Please plan ahead and get the necessary accounts in place prior to submission.

  6. NIH eRA Commons Update (cont.) • Unique Application Name • ~“New” applications must have a different title from any other application with the same PD/PI? • ~ Application titles must be unique…it says so in the Application Guide so it must be true!

  7. Use of Current PHS 398, 2590 and Related Forms (NOT-OD-07-097) • Release Date: September 28, 2007 • Issued by: National Institutes of Health (NIH) • The Research and Research Training Grant Applications and Related Forms that are currently in use (and have an expiration date of 9/2007) remain authorized until further notice in accordance with OMB regulations [5 CFR 1320.10.(e)(2)].  • The revised versions have been submitted to OMB for review and approval. Once OMB approval is received, the new forms will become available for use and will be accessible on

  8. Use of Current PHS 398, 2590 and Related Forms (NOT-OD-07-097) (cont.) • There will be a transition period when both the new or old forms will be accepted. • The specific documents effected are: • ~Instructions/Application for a Public Heath Service Grant (PHS-398) • ~Instructions/Progress Report for a Public Heath Service Grant (PHS- • 2590) • ~Statement of Appointment (Form PHS 2271) • ~Official Statement Relinquishing Interests and Rights in a Public Health ~Service Research Grant (PHS-3734) • ~Final Invention Statement and Certification (For Grant or Award) (HHS • 568)

  9. Notable changes to the SF424 (R&R) • Part I Section 2.11: Added language to clarify that when extending application submission dates to the next business day to a Holiday, this only applies to Federal holidays. Also, Federal holidays have been excluded from the two day application viewing window for Signing Officials to reject applications in the eRA Commons. • Part I Section 2.15: Updated the Submission Dates, Review, and Award Cycles table to reflect current NIH application types. • Part I Section 4.7.3, Subsection F, Item 7: Added an agency-specific instruction that under certain circumstances the public policy requirements that apply to construction activities may also apply to alteration and renovation activities. • Part I Section 4.8: Updated instructions on submitting subaward budgets that are not active for all periods of the prime grant. • Part I Section 5.2: Provided detailed instructions for submitting information on cover let

  10. Notable changes to the SF424 (R&R) (cont.) • Part III (throughout): Changed the numbering scheme to be consistent with Parts I and II. Also changed the listing order of some public policy requirement subsections. • Part III Section 1.5: Clarified guidance on the NIH Policy on Sharing Research Resources. • Part III Section 3: Clarified the definition of a “Small Business Concern.” • Part III Section 4.4: Clarified that public access to research data, through a FOIA request, is only required when the data are cited publicly and officially by a Federal agency in support of an action that has the force and effect of law. This is not a change from existing NIH policy

  11. Notable changes to the SF424 (R&R) (cont.) • Throughout: Changed “Principal Investigator/Program Director” to “Program Director/Principal Investigator”, consistent with the PD/PI acronym.

  12. Adobe/PureEdge Update • NIH will continue to use PureEdge forms at least through March 2008 submission deadlines. • Although has deployed its 2007 system, they are still awaiting the final Adobe forms to complete the SF424 (R&R) form set • Once the Adobe forms are made available, NIH will test the forms and finalize transition plans to use them

  13. Carryover Guidance for Grantees • The request must be signed (or transmitted by, if via email) by the authorized business/signing official. • The requests must include an appropriate scientific justification ~ A plan for the use of funds, and ~ A detailed categorical breakdown, including F&A costs, if applicable. • The scope of the request should be limited to the approved goals of the project, or clearly delineate where the request exceeds the approved goals of the project. ~ Under NIH policy, the request can only refer to immediate needs in the current year to justify the need for the carryover. ~ It is not acceptable to indicate the funds will be needed for future budget periods.

  14. Carryover Guidance for Grantees (cont.) • Requests should present the implications for the project if the request is not approved. • If the requested funds are available per a currently approved Financial Status Report (FSR), the FSR must be submitted and approved by the NIH Office of Financial Management before NIH can entertain a request for carryover. • The request must be reasonable, allowable, and necessary. • If the request duplicates funding already provided in the current year support, i.e., overlap, the request cannot be approved. • If the request generates a recurring cost need in future years, the request must also detail how the future year costs will be supported in subsequent budget years.

  15. NIH Updates • Non-Competing Grant Awards Under the Current Continuing Resolution (CR) NOT-OD-08-001 • Department of Health and Human Services continues to operate on a CR that currently extends through November 16, 2007. • The CR applies the terms of the FY2007 appropriations for the period covered by the CR.

  16. G&C Update

  17. Reminder • The following items can be processed through NIH ERA Commons • ~ Final Invention Statements • ~ eSNAP • ~Just In Time Information • eRA Commons vs. Paper? • eRA COMMONS

  18. Reminder (cont.) • When submitting NIH e-applications (using SF424 forms), please update your Salary Cap Blurb so that it mentions the SF424 Guide instead of the PHS 398 guidelines, as shown below: • “The current NIH salary cap was used in calculating Dr. _____ salary in order to prevent inflation of the overall budget. We have not provided the actual institutional base salaries at this time as permitted in the SF424 (R&R) Application Guide. Institutional base salaries will be supplied prior to award with the understanding that at the time of funding, NIH staff will assess salaries and apply the salary cap effective at that time. Cost-sharing will be provided by the department of ______.”

  19. Recognition At NCURA’s 2007 Region (IV) Meeting, a Washington University Employee received the Distinguished Service Award, which recognizes members who have a record of continuing long-term contributions to the region and the field of Research Administration. Congratulations……. GLENDA LUECKE-BULLOCK!

  20. NSF Update • Effective for proposals received on or after January 5, 2008. It should be noted that revisions were made only to the Grant Proposal Guide (GPG); all other parts of the PAPPG, such as the Award & Administration Guide, remain unchanged. • The significant changes made to the GPG include: • ~ Revision of the intellectual merit review criterion to specifically include language on potentially transformative research; • ~ Updated guidance on the designated fonts that may be used when preparing an NSF proposal; and • ~ Requirement that organizations must be registered in the Central Contractor Registration (CCR) prior to submitting a proposal to NSF. • ~ While the changes identified above are effective for proposals submitted on or after January 5, 2008, • applicants are strongly encouraged to begin complying with the guidance as soon as possible. • Note: To view the new policy and procedure go to

  21. St. Louis Children's Hospital Foundation (SLCHF) Facilities & Administrative (F&A) Costs It is expected that the MOU between Washington University and SLCHF will be signed soon. Following is how F&A will be allowed: Laboratory Research - 20% of the total grant amount All other grants - 10% of the total grant amount Equipment - 10% to be capped at $5000

  22. NIH Loan Repayment Programs • All applications for 2008 awards must be submitted online by December 1, 2007. • These programs require electronic submission. Although submission to Grants & Contracts (G&C) is not required, the applicant will be asked to list the name and e-mail address of the official signing for the applicant organization. John Michnowicz and G& should be listed. It is imperative that you list G& Listing a different email address may add delays, or prohibit the processing of the LRP application. • For more information Regarding the WUSM internal process, please see the Research News Bulletin sent on 10/11/07. • For detailed information from NIH please visit the following URL: •

  23. Award Dollars - FY07

  24. Award Dollars - FY07

  25. G&C Website Updated Items

  26. Grants & Contracts Website Go to “” for updated information related to eSNAP, NIH eRA Commons etc. Salary, Effort and Cost Sharing Documentation Go to “” Click on Application Process

  27. G&C Move Update

  28. Questions