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Airman & Family Readiness Center

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Airman & Family Readiness Center. Pre-Separation (Pre-Sep) & Transition Assistance Program (TAP). Pre-Sep Introduction. The Transition Assistance Program (TAP) is primarily driven by public law and Department of Defense (DoD) policy. Four federal agencies partner to deliver TAP

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airman family readiness center

Airman & Family Readiness Center

Pre-Separation (Pre-Sep)&Transition Assistance Program (TAP)

pre sep introduction
Pre-Sep Introduction
  • The Transition Assistance Program (TAP) is primarily driven by public law and Department of Defense (DoD) policy.
  • Four federal agencies partner to deliver TAP
    • DoL: Employment-focused TAP Workshop
    • VA: Veterans Benefits, Voc-Rehab, DTAP
    • DoD: Pre-Separation (Pre-Sep) counseling – THIS
    • DHS: Services for USCG
  • Pre-Sep is mandatory for military members
  • First service rendered: YOUR beginning point and roadmap to transition in to civilian life

Do it competently and you will be well on your way to a successful transition

dd2648 section i overview
DD2648, Section IOverview
  • Individual Transition Plan (ITP): A record of services and benefits requested by and provided to all service members. Used to develop your ITP by identifying areas of interest
  • Title 10, USC 1142: Requires DD Form 2648 be completed NLT 90 days prior to retirement or separation.
  • TAP CD: Consolidated digital copy of many Pre-Sep resources, links, forms, and documents – including these slides
dd2648 section ii items 1 9a
DD2648, Section II Items 1 – 9a
  • Item 1-5: Self Explanatory
  • Item 5a: Refer to Section III (second paragraph) for clear text
  • Item 6a-c: Enter “MacDill”, “FL”, “33621”
  • Item 7: If unknown, enter a date at least 90 days from today
  • Item 8: Today’s date
  • Item 8a: Enter X only if date in Item 7 is less than 90 days
    • If 8a is X’d: Continue to Page 5, Item 27 and X the appropriate reason you are attending PRESEP less than 90 days.
  • Item 9: “Yes” if your spouse is with you; “No” if your spouse is not with you; “N/A” if you do not have a spouse
dd2648 section iii items 1 5
DD2648, Section IIIItems (1) – (5)
  • Item (1): Marking Items 10-25 YES or NO
    • YES means you (and your spouse if applicable) desire further information and/or counseling for that item. Items marked YES will be part of your ITP for you to follow-up on.
    • NO means you (and your spouse if applicable) DO NOT require additional information or the information is not applicable.
    • If left blank, it is assumed to be “No”
  • Item (2): Self Explanatory
  • Item (3): Exempt from normal duty during attendance of TAP Workshop if “Yes” checked on Item 11a
  • Item (4): Exempt from normal duty during VA Briefing if “Yes” checked on Item 19
  • Item (5): Exempt from normal duty during DTAP if “Yes” checked for Item 20
  • We are not an expert on Personnel, Education, Legal, Veterans Benefits, or Health Benefits. Changes in law, policy and procedures in those areas are constantly occurring.
  • During the briefing you will be provided the contact information to the experts in those key areas. Ensure you have them before you leave.
dd2648 section iv item 10 effects of a career change
DD2648, Section IVItem 10 - Effects of a Career Change
  • Effects
    • Stress: Not an attitude, trait or personal characteristic…it’s a physical response to the situation. I
    • If ignored, can lead to conflict, mental or physical illness
    • Loss of identity: no more rank, title, or uniform
  • Indicators
    • Fatigue
    • Sleeping & Eating patterns
    • Irritable/Angry
    • Distant from Other
    • Alcohol increase
dd2648 section iv item 10 effects of a career change cont
DD2648, Section IVItem 10 - Effects of a Career Change (cont.)
  • Coping Techniques
    • Attitude Check: Opportunity to Grow
    • Have a PLAN – Develop and Use your ITP / Don’t Procrastinate
      • Assessments
      • Identify your Industry / Occupation
      • Research your Occupation
    • Hobbies, Physical Activity, Family
    • Routines
  • Resources
    • Interest Profiler: or
    • Chaplain, MFLC, VA, Education Center, Family, Clinics
    • AFRC: (828-2721)
    • 24/7 access: (800-342-9647)

DD2648, Section IVItem 11a – TransitionWorkshop

What is it?

  • Congressionally Mandated (VOW to Hire Heroes Act)
  • Transition Goals, Planning, Success (GPS)
  • Assist in making transition to civilian life easier
  • Enhance marketability and strengthen job finding
  • Spouses encouraged to attend
  • Mandatory 5-Day Workshop for ALL Sep / Ret Personnel
    • Day 1: (AFRC) - Overview / Crosswalk / Personal Finance
    • Day 2: (DoL) - Change Management / Career Exploration / Job Search
    • Day 3: (DoL) - Resumes / Interviewing / Negotiating
    • Day 4: (DoL/VA) - Employers Panel / VA Benefits / DTAP
    • Day 5: TriCare / Education Center / SBP / Federal Contractor / ITP Review

DD2648, Section IVItem 11a – TransitionWorkshop (cont.)

  • Must mark YES (unless exempt – see below for exemptions
    • Retiring after 20 + years of military service
    • Reserve Component Personnel being demobilized / deactivated after serving 180 continuous days - with the one of the following:
      • Confirmed employment
      • Documented acceptance into an accredited school / training
      • Confirmed completion of previously attended DOL Workshop
    • Commander’s waiver: Members possessing specialized skills who, due to unavoidable circumstances, are needed to support a unit on orders to be deployed within 60 days.
    • Wounded, ill and injured recovering Service Member; most likely to transition out of active duty who are enrolled in specialized or transition programs.
  • All exempt service members may still elect to attend Workshop

DD2648, Section IVItem 11a – TransitionWorkshop (cont.)

  • Required Dress: Business Casual civilian clothing
    • Men: Slacks, dress shoes, button up or polo-style shirt
    • Women: Slacks or skirt, blouse or dress shirt, dress shoes
    • NO jeans, tennis shoes, flip-flops, baseball caps, shorts, T-shirts
    • Failure to show up in appropriate attire will cause removal
  • Bring your wifi enabled laptop / tablet (fully charged)
  • Required Documents: See TAP Workshop Letter
  • Registration Form: complete now
  • AFRC stand-alone classes ( (828-2721)
    • Resume
    • Interview and Salary Negotiating
    • Job Search Strategies & Marketing
    • Ten Steps to a Federal Job
  • ITP – Individual Transition Plan

DD2648, Section IVITP – Individual Transition Plan (BLOCK I)

  • Open up ITP from TAP CD – Complete Items in Block I
  • 3 Military Occupation Codes (MOS / AFSC)
  • Review Career Readiness Standards
    • Career Readiness
    • Employment Readiness
    • Education Readiness
    • Technical Training Readiness
  • Section I A: Individual and Family Needs
  • Section I B: Benefits and Entitlements
  • Section I C: Getting Financially Ready
    • 12 Month budget - on TAP CD
  • Bring to TAP Workshop – remainder will be completed there
transition workshop look ahead
Transition Workshop Look Ahead
  • 3 Additional Tracks after 5 Day Workshop (2013)
    • Education
    • Entrepreneurship (SBA)
    • Technical / Vocational Education (VA)
  • Capstone Event: ITP Completion and Signatures (2013)

DD2648, Section IVItem 11b – VMET

  • DD Form 2586 VMET - Verification of Military Experience and Training
  • Useful in translating to civilian terms and building resume
  • Unofficial document
  • Required Document for TAP Workshop
  • Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC)
    • 1-800-727-3677

DD2648, Section IVItem 11c – ONET (Civ to Mil Occupations)

  • O*NET: Primary source of occupational info
  • Career Exploration Tools
  • Crosswalk (military to civilian occupations)
  • Labor Market Information
  • Occupational Research
  • Occupation Knowledge, Skills, Abilities

Additional DoD Job Search Resources:

  • Conduct job search, post resume, employers can search for applicants.
    • and

DD2648, Section IVItem 11c(1) – Licensing / Certification

  • Many military specialties require certifications or licensing to perform equivalent civilian job
    • IT, Medical, Aviation, Mechanics, Truck Driver, etc.
  • Military may not provide what is needed in civilian equivalent
  • What is your preferred occupation? Does it require a license or certification?
  • Utilize existing benefits and resources to fill gaps

DD2648, Section IVItem 11c(1)(a) – CareerOneStop

  • Explore credentialing requirements
  • Workforce credentials include various methods used in the workplace to measure on-the-job competency, such as educational degrees, licenses, certifications, and experience

DD2648, Section IVItem 11c(1)(b) – Army Credentialing

  • COOL: Credentialing Opportunities On-Line
  • Civilian certifications / licenses based on MOS
  • Shows what is relevant to MOS
  • How to gain certifications / licenses
  • Explore financial assistance
  • Base Education Office: 828-3115

DD2648, Section IVItem 11c(1)(c) – USMAPS

  • USMAPS: US Military Apprenticeship Program
  • Marines, Coast Guard, Navy
  • Complete apprenticeship elements while doing AD job
  • Certificate of Completion issued by DOL
  • No off-duty investment of hours
  • Base Education Office: 828-3115

DD2648, Section IVItem 11c(1)(d) – DANTES

  • DANTES: Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support
  • Several programs to utilize
    • Certification Programs
    • Counselor Support Programs
    • Distance Learning Programs
    • Tuition Assistance Programs
    • Examination Programs
    • CLEP (College-Level Examination Program)
    • SOC (Service member Opportunity College)
  • Base Education Office: 828-3115

DD2648, Section IVItem 11c(1)(e) – Navy Credentialing

  • COOL: Credentialing Opportunities On-Line
  • ID Licenses and Certifications relevant to military ratings
  • Learn how to fill training gaps
  • Explore financial assistance
  • Base Education Office: 828-3115

DD2648, Section IVItem 11d – TurboTAP

  • Comprehensive portal for separation & retirement related issues
  • Assistance and links for
    • Money Management
    • Veteran benefits
    • Education and Training,
    • Transitioning Support for your ITP

DD2648, Section IVItem 11d(1) – Employment Hub (TurboTAP)

  • Helps translate military skills and experience
  • Help build resumes
  • Job search
  • Interview tips
  • Links job seekers with job search websites

DD2648, Section IVItem 11d(3) – State Job Boards

  • Each state has its own unique job board
  • Post Resumes, Apply to Jobs, Review Postings
  • Employers can search for resumes
  • Register and Connect with Vet Rep (DVOP/LVER)

Additional Job Resources: State Job Board) Assistance) (America Corporate Partners - Mentoring)


DD2648, Section IVItem 11d(4) – REALifelines

  • REALifelines (Recovery & Employment Assistance Lifelines)
  • For Wounded and Injured as result of War on Terrorism
  • Provides valuable information and access to contacts and resources to help reintegrate into civilian workforce
  • Available for family members of wounded or injured
  • 1-888-487-2365

DD2648, Section IVItem 11e – PACS Opportunities

  • PACS: Public and Community Service Opportunities
  • Utilize training and skills to serve at national, state, or local levels
  • Consider working for non-profit, public and community service organizations
  • Volunteer time can be used in resume
  • Occupy gaps between employment

DD2648, Section IVItem 11f – Troops to Teachers

  • Careers in public education
  • Program Eligibility
    • Baccalaureate or advanced degree (elementary or secondary education)
    • Minimum 1 year of college (or equivalent) with 6 years of experience in vocation or technical field (voc / tech education at secondary level)
    • 6 years or more continuous active duty
    • Reservist: 10+ years of active and/or reserve duty
    • Honorable discharge
  • Base Education Center (828-3115)
  • 1-800-231-6242

DD2648, Section IVItem 11g(1)-(2) – Federal Employment

  • DoD is nation’s largest veteran employer
  • Unique application process
    • AFRC: 10 Steps to a Federal Job Workshop
  • Advantages: VEOA (Veterans’ Employment Opportunities Act)
    • Under Honorable Conditions
    • Completed 3 years of continuous AD service
    • Given a career or career conditional in competitive service
    • Seek out merit promotion announcements open to outside agencies
    • Must still be qualified
  • Central Posting for all Federal Jobs
  • Specific to Spouses
  • Additional location

DD2648, Section IVItem 11g(3) – Veterans’ Preference

  • Discharged or released under honorable conditions
  • 5-Point Preference (no disability) (TP)
    • Served more than 180 consecutive days ORServed during any war or expedition with authorized campaign badge
    • AND served continuously for 24 months or full period called to AD
    • Retired Major or Lieutenant Commander and above are NOT eligible
  • 10-Point Preference (disability under 10%-30%) (CP)
    • Service-connected disability of at least 10% but less than 30%
  • 10-Point Preference 30% (disability over 30%) (CPS)
    • Service-connected disability of at least 30% or more
  • Additional Spouse Preferences

DD2648, Section IVItem 11g(4) – Federal Procurement

  • Veteran-owned or Service-Disabled Veteran-owned small business in federal government contract awards – goal 3%
  • Must register in Central Contractor Registration (
  • Must have been discharged / released under Honorable Conditions
  • Opportunities for veterans as subcontractors for federal contracts
  • References
    • Contractor Job Announcements:
    • Subcontracting Directory:
    • Small Business Administration:
    • TAP Workshop CD

DD2648, Section IVItem 11g(5) – Special Hiring Authorities

  • Non-Competitive appointment under special authority
    • Agency can directly appoint eligible & qualifiedvet without competition
  • VRA (Veterans Recruitment Appointment)
    • Up to GS-11 / Must meet qualifications
    • After 2 years of continuous service in permanent VRA position, can convert to career / career conditional in competitive service
    • Disabled veteran
    • Served during war, campaign, or expedition with awarded badge
    • Received Armed Forces Service Medal
    • Separated within past 3 years
  • 30% or More Disabled Veteran
    • No grade limit
    • If TERM: Can convert to career conditional after 60 days

DD2648, Section IVItem 11h – NAF Jobs

  • Non-Appropriated Funds (NAF)
  • Eligible Involuntary Separatees
    • Administrative separation initiated from Commander which results in honorable discharge
  • Separation Program Designator (SPD) on DD 214
    • (Block 26 / narrative in block 28): confers eligibility for this preference – see Personnel Office
  • May receive a one-time preference for NAF Jobs
  • NAF jobs are found on military installations, at DOT and VA
    • Local NAF: 828-2911
    • National Site:

DD2648, Section IVItem 11i – State Employment Agencies

  • State Employment Agencies / One-Stop Centers
  • DVOP: Disabled Veteran Outreach Program Specialist
  • LVER: Local Veterans’ Employment Representative
  • Veterans access to Core and Intensive services
    • Assessments and Case Management
    • Career Guidance
    • Resume Assistance
    • Labor Market Information
    • Job referrals and placement assistance
    • Career research
    • Employment Development Plan
    • Overcoming Barriers to Employment

DD2648, Section IVItem 11i(1) – Career One-Stop Centers

  • Provide full range of assistance to job seekers
  • Conveniently located in community
  • Federal, State, and local programs and funding
  • Additional services
    • Labor Market Information ( )
    • Youth Programs
    • Vocational Rehabilitation
    • Job Services and classes
    • Unemployment (usually online)
    • ESOL, English as a Second Language
    • GED, Training/OJT (WIA), educational programs
    • Resource Center: access to computers, career fairs
    • Professional Network group

DD2648, Section IVItem 11i(2) – WIA

  • Workforce Investment Act (WIA)
  • Post military training opportunities
  • State-funded local training programs
  • Approved trainers targeting specific occupations
  • Contact One-Stop Center / LVER-DVOP

Increase the occupational skill attainment and thereby increase the employment, retention, and earnings of participants


DD2648, Section IVItem 11j – Business and Entrepreneurship

  • Veterans seeking additional career choices
    • Small Business Owner (Franchise)
    • Entrepreneur
  • Be your own boss
  • Continue to challenge yourself
  • Federal, state, and local level support
  • Do your research!

DD2648, Section IVItem 11j(1) – SBA & Patriot Express Loan

  • SBA - Small Business Administration
    • Offers full range of entrepreneurial support for veterans
    • Established loans and Surety Bonding programs
    • SCORE (Service Corp or Retired Executives): national association dedicated to helping small business owners
    • Financial and federal contract procurement assistance
  • The Patriot Express Loan
    • Designed to support and assist in establishing or expanding veterans’ small businesses
    • Veteran must be at least 51% owner
    • Loans available up to $500.000. Used for startup, expansion, equipment, working capital, inventory, or real-state

DD2648, Section IVItem 11j(2) – Business Development Corp

  • National Veteran’s Business Development Corp.
  • Assist veterans in small businesses
  • Utilizes public and private money
  • 2001 congressionally mandated program to achieve compliance with the 3% goal of procurement for disabled veterans

DD2648, Section IVItem 11k – USERRA (Reservists / Guard)

  • Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act
  • Returning service-members are reemployed in job they would have attained if not for absence based on military service
  • For active duty, guard and reserves
  • Basic eligibility includes:
    • Character of discharge
    • Initial obligation/duration of service
    • Advance notice and timely reapplication
  • Time frames
    • Less than 31 days: must return at beginning of next scheduled work period
    • More than 30 days/less than 181: apply for reemployment within 14 day of separation
    • More than 180 days: submit within 90 days of separation

DD2648, Section IVItem 11l – Priority of Service (PoS)

  • Dept of Labor established requirement to provide veterans (and eligible spouses) PoS in all servicesand programs funded by DoL
  • PoS Definition of Veteran: person who served at least 1 day on active military, naval, or air service and who received under other than dishonorable discharge
  • Veterans and Spouses are given priority over other non-covered persons for receipt of employment, training, and placement services for any DoL funded program
  • One-Stop Centers

DD2648, Section IVItem 12(a) – Permissive TDY/Excess Leave

  • Provides time to help with Relocation and Transition
  • May request PTDY or Excess Leave, but not both
  • Permissive TDY (PTDY) / Excess Leave
    • Separatees: under normal ETS / not eligible for PTDY
    • Retirees: up to 20 days PTDY / not eligible for excess leave
    • Excess leave: not to exceed 30 days
    • May include weekends and holidays
    • May be taken in conjunction with regular leave or terminal leave
    • SPD Code that confers transition benefits
    • Discharged for medical reasons may be eligible upon receipt of separation order

DD2648, Section IVItem 12(a) – Leave Continued

  • Terminal Leave. Terminal leave is chargeableleave used in conjunction with separation or retirement processing when a member desires to be absent on the last day of active duty. A member often uses this leave to accept employment that starts before his or her date of separation or retirement
  • All leaves are subject to mission requirements and unit commander approval.
  • Personnel Office / Commander

DD2648, Section IVItem 12(b) – Travel & Transportation

  • Separating members: authorized travel and transportation allowances from last duty station to Home of Record (HOR)
    • HOR – place entered AD
    • Must complete travel and or turn over HHG within 180 days
    • Extensions are possible (prior to 180 days)
    • Storage up to 180 days
    • If less than 8 years or being discharged under adverse conditions, eligible to request shipment of HHG and a 6-months storage of HHG and home of record move.
  • Retiring members: authorized travel and transportation allowances from the last duty station to Home of Selection (HOS) or HOR
    • HOS – any destination in CONUS
    • Must complete travel and move within one year of retirement
    • Extensions are possible (done prior to 1 year)
    • Storage up to 1 year

DD2648, Section IVItem 12(b) – Travel & Transportation (Cont.)

  • Dislocation Allowance (DLA) is not authorized
  • In some circumstances, you may be able to extend your stay in military housing for up to 180 days after separation. These extensions are allowed for individuals who are eligible involuntary separatees, or a Selected Early Retirement Board (SERB) retiree. Be aware that you will have to pay a rental rate and housing is available on a space permitting basis
  • Contact Transportation Office (828-2600) for counseling

DD2648, Section IVItem 13 – Housing Assistance

  • Military housing / rental property
    • Arrange for pre-inspection and cleaning
    • Notify landlord as soon as possible,
    • Housing Office can assist with landlord problems separation
  • HUD (Housing and Urban Development)
    • Avoiding foreclosure
    • Financing home improvements
    • Buying and selling a home
  • HUDVET: Homeless assistance for veterans
  • Homeless Care Line: 1-877-424-3838
  • HUDVET: 1-800-998-9999

DD2648, Section IVItem 14(a) – Education Assistance

  • Montgomery GI Bill (Ch 30) - on AD after Jul 1,1985
    • Must have elected to participate ($100/month for 12 months)
    • Involuntary Separatees who did not participate may have option to get
    • Must have Honorable Discharge and GED
    • Up to 36 months of education benefits
  • Post 9/11 GI Bill (Ch 33) - on AD after Sep 11, 2001
    • 90 days AD or discharged with service-connected disability after 30 days
    • Must have received Honorable Discharge
    • Pays school based on highest in-state tuition
    • Yellow Ribbon
    • Housing Stipend: at E5 rate / only if over 50% attendance
    • Up to 36 months of education benefits / good for up to 15 years
    • Must transfer chapter 30 to 33 – not automatic (via VONAPP)
    • Transfer to family must be done prior to release from AD
  • or
  • 1-888-442-4551 or Education Center (828-3115)

DD2648, Section IVItem 14(a) – Education Assistance (Cont)

  • Download your transcript and have the education office assist you in reviewing the credit possibilities
    • SMART - Sailor and Marine American Council on Education (ACE) Registry Transcript ( or
    • AARTS - Army American Council on Education (ACE) Registry Transcript Service (
    • CCAF - Community College of the Air Force (
  • Education Center (828-3115)

DD2648, Section IVItem 14(b) – Federal Aid Programs

  • Federally funded or federally guaranteed financialassistance for education beyond HS
  • Includes grants, loans, and work-study programs
  • Veteran education benefits can still be used in conjunction with Federal Aid
  • Veterans Upward Bound Program: helps refresh academic skills -
  • Base Education Office: 828-3115

DD2648, Section IVItem 14(c) – Other Education Programs

  • Base Education Center (828-3115)
    • Professional Counselors
    • College-level testing
    • Military Education
    • Veteran’s benefits
    • Tuition Assistance
    • Distance learning
  • Student Veterans of America
    • Coalition of student veteran groups on college campuses
    • Provides peer-to-peer networks
    • Pre-Professional Networking

DD2648, Section IVItem 15(a) – Healthcare / Mental Health

  • Department of Veteran Affairs
    • A combat veteran can receive enhanced enrollment placement for 5 years after date of release
  • DoD Mental Health Self Assessment Program
    • A volunteer and anonymous program offered online, by the phone and through special events
    • Self assessments are available for depression, bipolar, alcohol use, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and generalized anxiety disorder
  • Consider gap in services after military
  • 1-800-827-1000 or

DD2648, Section IVItem 15(a)(1) – Transitional Healthcare

  • TAMP Health: Transitional Assistance Management Program
    • TRICARE-Like benefits for up to 180 days to enroll into TRICARE Reserve Select (TRS)
      • Involuntarily separated from AD with Transitional SPD Code OR
      • Reservist separated from AD after serving more than 30 days in support of contingency operation OR
      • Involuntarily retained on AD in support of contingency operation OR
      • Voluntarily remained on AD in support of contingency operation OR
      • Member who receives a sole survivorship discharge OR
      • Separated member of Selected Reserve of the Ready Reserve or a reserve component
    • Pay quarterly premiums and deductibles
    • Eligible after leaving AD / Not Automatic
    • Sponsors and family members must be in DEERS
  • TAMP Dental: 1 time / space available treatment
  • Clinic VA Office

DD2648, Section IVItem 15(a)(2) – VA Health Administration

  • VA has overall responsibility to provide information and administration of veteran benefits
  • Attend Veteran’s Benefits briefing during TAP Workshop
  • Compensation
    • Benefit paid because of injuries or diseases that happened while on AD or made worse by active military service
    • Released under other than dishonorable condition
    • Tax free
    • Served for 24 months of continuous service
  • Pension
    • Low income & permanently / totally disabled
    • 90 days AD service – at least 1 day during period of war
  • or
  • 800-827-1000

DD2648, Section IVItem 15(a)(3) – VA Vet Center

  • Readjustment counseling services to assist veterans and family members toward a successful pos-war adjustment in their communities
  • Professional counselors
  • Bereavement counseling
  • Community education and outreach
  • Local: 813-228-2621

DD2648, Section IVItem 15(a)(4) – State and Local Services

  • Public health services, policies, research and programs
  • Encompasses behavioral and environmental health as well as physical well-being, illness, and communicable diseases
  • State's public health administration is combined with the provision of social services
  • Social services assist with welfare, poverty, parenting, and other agency specific services

DD2648, Section IVItem 15b – Healthcare / Benefits

    • Not Automatic - Automatically disenrolled when you separate
    • Pays percentage of allowed charges by authorized providers
    • Yearly deductible
    • Catastrophic Cap – maximum out-of-pocket
    • Must be in DEERS
  • Dental
    • Does not continue after release from AD
    • Can elect to receive 1 time care prior to release (at MTF) or obtain final service within 90 days after release (at VA)
    • Look at other Dental Benefits programs for coverage

DD2648, Section IVItem 15b(1) – VA Health Care

  • Based on AD service and under other than dishonorable discharge conditions
  • Emphasizes preventive and primary care, and offers a full range of outpatient and inpatient services
  • Not just for those who served in combat
  • Not just for veterans who have service-connected injuries or medical conditions
  • Reservists and National Guard members who served on active duty in a theater of combat operations have special eligibility for hospital care, medical services, and nursing home care for two years following discharge from active duty.

DD2648, Section IVItem 15b(2) – VA Dental Care

  • Outpatient dental benefits are provided by VA according to the law. Dental eligibility criteria in some cases are quite extensive and in other cases very limited. The VA website provides fact sheets on VA Medical Care and Dental Treatment.

DD2648, Section IVItem 16a – CHCBP

  • If you aren’t eligible for any previously mentioned typesof coverage, and you separate from the military voluntarily, Continued Health Care Benefits Program (CHCBP) may be for you.
  • Temporary health care coverage for a period of 18 months
  • Includes pre-existing conditions coverage
  • Premium-based health care similar to, but not part of, TRICARE
  • Administered by Humana Military Healthcare Services
  • Must enroll and pay premiums within 60 days after your separation from AD (if you don’t have TAMP benefits)
  • May be the best option for temporary health care coverage
  • TriCare Customer Service at 1-800-444-5445

DD2648, Section IVItem 16b – VGLI

  • Veteran Group Life Insurance (VGLI)
  • SGLI will continue to cover you for the first 120 days after separation. Stops after 120 days.
  • To convert SGLI to VGLI, submit SGLV 8714 within one year and 120 days from your discharge
  • If you apply after 120-day period you must submit evidence of good health
  • Renewable term insurance
  • Issued in multiples of $10,000, up to a maximum of $400,000.
  • VGLI coverage amount cannot exceed the amount of SGLI you had at the time of separation

DD2648, Section IVItem 16c – SGLI

  • Servicemember’s Group Life Insurance (SGLI)
  • SGLI coverage is available in $50,000 increments up to the maximum of $400,000 while on AD
  • If elected to receive SGLI coverage; two options once released from AD
    • Convert to VGLI
    • Convert to a commercial insurance
  • SGLI Disability Extension
    • Allows totally disabled service members to retain existing SGLI coverage at no cost for up to two years after release from AD

DD2648, Section IVItem 16d – TSGLI

  • Traumatic Injury Protection Program under SGLI (TSGLI)
  • “Rider” providing payment if severely injured (on or off duty) as the result of a traumatic event
  • TSGLI coverage is automatic for those insured under basic SGLI and cannot be declined
  • Retroactive: effective October 1, 2011, TSGLI will be payable for all qualifying injuries incurred during the period October 7, 2001 to November 30, 2005, regardless of where they occurred, and regardless of whether the member had SGLI coverage at the time of injury
  • Payments range from $25,000 to $100,000 based on the qualifying loss suffered
  • 800-419-1473

DD2648, Section IVItem 16e – FSGLI

  • Family Servicemembers' Group Life Insurance (FSGLI)
  • Service members' benefit / Service member is beneficiary
  • Provides life insurance protection only in the case of death
  • Does not provide payments for disability or other supplementary benefits
  • Provides up to a maximum of $100,000 of life insurance coverage for spouses (increments of $10,000) - not to exceed the amount of SGLI you already have
  • Can be converted to Commercial Insurance Policy within 120 days after separation

DD2648, Section IVItem 16f – S-DVI

  • Service-Disabled Veterans Insurance (S-DVI)
  • Available in a variety of permanent plans as well as term insurance. Must meet the following criteria:
    • Released from AD under other than dishonorable conditions
    • Rated for a service-connected disability (even if only 0%)
    • In good health except for any service-connected conditions
    • Apply within 2 years from the date VA grants your new service-connected disability
  • Maximum amount of $10,000
  • Under certain conditions, the basic S-DVI policy provides for a waiver of premiums if the veteran has a total disability.

DD2648, Section IVItem 16g – VMLI

  • Veterans' Mortgage Life Insurance (VMLI)
  • Designed to pay off home mortgages of disabled veterans and service members in the event of their death
  • Up to $90,000 mortgage life insurance
  • Must be a recipient of the Specially Adapted Housing Grant from VA

DD2648, Section IVItem 16h – Veterans Life Insurance

  • During your transition, you need to evaluate your life insurance needs
  • Research Veterans Group Life Insurance programs and civilian programs in order to select the most appropriate plan
  • Attend TAP VA Benefits Briefing or

DD2648, Section IVItem 16i – Transitional Health and Dental

  • Already covered in Item 15a

Retiree Considerations

  • TriCare Prime:
    • Annual Enrollment Fee / Possible small Co-Pay
    • Assigned PCM (in network provider)
    • Must Enroll – best to do prior to release to avoid breaks in coverage
  • TriCare Extra
    • No enrollment required (in network provider)
    • Cost Share Basis
  • TriCare Standard
    • Fee – for – service (open network)
  • TriCare for Life
    • If entitled to Medicare Part A or over 65
    • No enrollment fees (may have to pay Medicare Part B premiums)

DD2648, Section IVItem 17(a) – Financial Management

  • Financial Counseling Available
  • Compare current benefits with post-military benefits
  • TSP – Thrift Savings Plan
    • Your invested money - do not need to serve 20 or more years
    • Vested: account balance of $200 or more after release from AD
      • Leave the money in the TSP
      • Full or Partial withdrawal
      • Role Over to another account (Roth IRA)
    • If you have less than $200, TSP will automatically send a check for the amount and close the account

DD2648, Section IVItem 17(a) – Financial Management (cont.)

  • SBP – Survivor Benefit Plan (Retirees Only)
    • Optional insurance plan: pays surviving spouse monthly payments, or annuity, to help make up for loss of retirement income due to your death
    • Monthly premium based on the elected benefit level
    • You may not reduce or decline spouse coverage without spouse’s written consent
    • Spouse will be required to sign the SBP Election Form
    • If divorced, review your Divorce Decree
  • Air Force: Steve Mikesell (828-2503)
  • Army: Mr. Ernest Smith (828-0163)
  • All Others: Personnel Office

DD2648, Section IVItem 17(b) – Separation Pay

  • Eligibility (based on type of SPD Code)
    • Finish first term of enlistment
    • At least 6 years of service
    • Separating involuntarily
    • Not yet eligible for retirement
    • Not separating under adverse conditions
  • Personnel medically separated for a disability incurred in a combat zone or from combat-related operations may be entitled to an enhanced disability separation pay
  • May be eligible for final pay at separation that include earned entitlements and pay for accumulated leave
  • MPS: 828-2477 ** PSST: 828-2710 ** PSD 828-3244 **MPAC: 828-5573 ** Personnel Office

DD2648, Section IVItem 17(c) – Unemployment Compensation

  • Unemployment Compensation for ex-Service members is referred to as UCX
    • The military has paid into UCX on your behalf
  • Members separating, and in some cases retiring, may qualify for unemployment compensation
  • Contact the state where you will be looking for work
  • File a claim in your state; from there the state workforce agency determines your eligibility
  • to find local One-Stop Center and determine how to file (electronic,in person, or paper)

DD2648, Section IVItem 17(d) – Money Management

  • At least 3 to 6 months of living expenses in a savings
  • Establish savings goal now and start aiming to reach goal as quickly as possible
  • Debt management
  • Current and Projected budgets
  • Credit Report (
  • Plan, Plan, Plan
  • AFRC Financial Counselors (828-0145)

DD2648, Section IVItem 17(e) – Savings and Investing

  • Savings Bonds
  • Certificate of Deposit (CD) - typically yield about 2-5%
  • Stocks and Bonds
  • Mutual Funds
  • Do your research
  • AFRC or other Financial Counselors/Planners

DD2648, Section IVItem 18 – Reserve Affiliation

  • All enlistees agreed to serve a total of eight (8) years
    • Any part of that service that is not served on active duty must be served in a reserve component unless you are discharged sooner.
  • Must satisfy the obligation by becoming a member of the Ready Reserve in one of the following categories:
    • Selected Reserve
    • Inactive National Guard
    • Individual Ready Reserve (IRR)
  • May choose to continue military service by affiliating with a Reserve component above
  • or 1-800-257-1212 / 828-3059
  • or 1-800-TOGOANG
  • Local AFR: Kevin Roman, 828-5996,

DD2648, Section IVItem 19 – VA Benefits Briefing

  • MARK YES - VA Benefits Briefing is now Mandatory
    • Day 5 breakout during TAP Workshop
  • Overview of VA benefits and services
    • Compensation and Benefits
    • Health Care
    • Insurance
    • VA Loans / SBA Loans
  • MUST Enroll in eBenefits (
    • Catalog of links to benefits
    • Personalized workspace (Disability claims, DD214, other)

DD2648, Section IVItem 20a – DTAP

  • DTAP (Disabled Transition Assistance Program)
  • Comprehensive discussion of VA’s Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E) Program
  • Assists in application for vocational rehabilitation benefits
  • MEB
  • 20% service-connected disability or higher
  • Provides information on employment services and programs to members who are separating or retiring for medical reasons
  • TAP workshop

DD2648, Section IVItem 20b – VA Disability Benefits

  • Covered during Item 15
  • Encompassed disability compensation, vocational rehabilitation, VA health care and dental care.
  • TAP workshop

DD2648, Section IVItem 20c – BDD & Quick Start

  • BDD – Benefits at Delivery Discharge
    • Within the next 60 to 180 days remaining on AD
    • BDD help receive VA disability benefits sooner
    • Prepare to apply for disability compensation benefits prior to retirement or separation
    • Copy of Medical Records
  • Quick Start
    • Within 1-59 days remaining on AD or full time Reserve or National Guard (Title 10 or Title 32)
    • Same process as BDD
  • MacDill Clinic: 827-9619

DD2648, Section IVItem 21 – State Veterans Benefits

  • Many states offer veterans benefits beyond the ones you would already be eligible for through VA
  • Each state manages its own benefit programs
      • Educational grants and scholarships
      • Special exemptions or discount on fees and taxes
      • Home Loans
      • Veteran’s homes
      • Free hunting and fishing privileges
      • And more

DD2648, Section IVItem 22 – Commissary and BX

  • (Eligible Involuntary Separatees): Two year Commissary and Post Exchange Privileges
    • From Oct 1, 2007 thru Dec 31, 2012: can continue to use benefits during the two year period
    • Entitled to a DD Form 2, "Armed Forces of the United States Geneva Convention Identification Card (Reserve),"
    • Entitled to a DD Form 1173-1, "Department of Defense Guard and Reserve Family Member Identification Card”
    • Those who live in a foreign country may lose all benefits
  • Retirees retain full privileges

DD2648, Section IVItem 23 – Legal Assistance

  • Legal Assistance office services
    • Power of Attorney
    • Review contracts, debit / credit
    • Problems, Landlord/tenant issues
    • Tax laws
  • Servicemembers’ Civil Relief Act
  • Retirees can use the installation legal offices on space availability

DD2648, Section IVItem 24 – Employment Restriction

  • Post Government (Military) Service Employment Restriction Counseling
  • Required briefing for all DoD personnel who leave military service for the private sector
  • Guidance on relevant employment restrictions as part of their out-processing
      • 18 U.S.C. 207(a)(1).
      • Officers and Enlisted working with federal agency or contractor while on Terminal Leave
  • Can not decline counseling -- no blocks exist on 2648
  • Legal Office: 828-4422

DD2648, Section IVItem 25 – ITP

Individual Transition Plan (ITP)

The ITP is your game plan for a successful transition to civilian life. It’s a framework used to fulfill realistic career goals based upon your unique skills, knowledge, experience, and abilities.

  • Items checked “Yes” should be part of your ITP
  • Created by you, for you, to assist you during transition
  • 2648 will serve as an outline and road map for your ITP
  • Mark YES if you / your spouse plan to seek further assistance in developing your ITP

DD2648, Section V-VIItems 25b thru 28

  • 25(b) – Post-military goals: Mark ALL that apply
  • 26(a) – Language Skills/Regional Experience
    • Mark YES or NO for consent to be contacted in referenceto your language proficiency
  • 26(b) – Language Skills/Regional Experience
    • Mark YES or NO for consent to have your Language skills shared with other Federal Agencies
  • 27 – Only if within 89 days or less of separation / retirement
    • Mark appropriate block to explain why you are taking Pre-Sep counseling with less than 90 days left
    • Also include comments if “exempt” from Workshop
  • 28(a): Sign Form
  • 28(b): Date Form

Pre-Sep Additional Information

  • DD214
    • Check for completeness and accuracy
    • Keep in safe place the #4 copy
  • Retiree Activities
  • Retiree Pay Matters
  • LinkedIn: Sign up to “MacDill AFB Transition Program” Networking Group

Pre-Sep Wrap-UpReview

  • Review 2648 for completion of all Items / Blocks
    • Top of each page on 2648 is filled out (last 4 only)
  • Complete TAP Workshop Registration Form
  • Complete SOU
  • 2648 Completion Process
    • Signed by AFRC Staff
    • Make copy of original 2648 after signed
    • Air Force: turn in ORIGINAL 2648 / keep copy
    • Navy/Marine/Army: turn in COPY of 2648 / keep original
  • Turn in 2648, SOU, and TAP Registration Form
  • Contact us at: 813-828-0145 or

Transition AssistancePre-Sep Counseling

Thank you and good luck

with your transition !