sheffield short breaks and respite s ervices consultation n.
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Sheffield Short Breaks and Respite S ervices Consultation PowerPoint Presentation
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Sheffield Short Breaks and Respite S ervices Consultation

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Sheffield Short Breaks and Respite S ervices Consultation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sheffield Short Breaks and Respite S ervices Consultation
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  1. Sheffield Short Breaks and Respite Services Consultation Welcome from Cllr Jackie Drayton Elected Member for Children and Families Jayne Ludlam Executive Director for Children, Young People and Families Simon Morritt Chief Executive of Sheffield Children’s NHS FT

  2. Today ... • Welcome and introductions • Where are we now? • Our Short Break and Respite Services • Your chance to tell us what you think: • Table discussions on each services area to consider: • What works well? • What could be better? • How it might be done differently? • Any ideas for the future? • Looking ahead - What next?

  3. Why are we here? • We all know that SCC face financial challenges ahead • We have the new The Children and Families Act 2014 • We are seeing shifts in demands for services • And also know services do not always meet parents and carers needs • We need and want to ensure that the thoughts of parents and carers are heard in planning our future provision and taking theses issues forwards

  4. Health Context • Health does not have the scale of savings that Sheffield City Council face • Wants to work in partnership across NHS and SCC • We think there are opportunities to improve respite care for children with complex health needs • For example we have developed our community nursing team over the past 3 years to provide more care at home • We are keen to hear from parents what they value in terms of health respite provision so we can consider if there are other changes we can make

  5. LA Context £84m reduction over 4 years

  6. Financial Context (£m) Schools Funding £408m Schools Traded Income £6.2 Total Budget £524m

  7. Short Breaks - Local Authority Duties Short Breaks and Respite To provide a range of services which is sufficient to assist carers to continue to provide care, or do so more efficiently, in particular a range of: • Day care • Overnight in the home or elsewhere • Education or leisure breaks out of the home • Services in the evenings, weekends and during school holidays Short Break Statement • The range of services provided; criteria and eligibility; how services are designed to meet the needs of carers

  8. Childcare - Current Local Authority Duties • To secure sufficient childcare for working parents, or parents who are studying or training for employment, as far as is reasonably practical 0 -18 disabled children • To fund Early Years provision 15 hours free of charge for some 2 year olds and all 3 and 4 year olds • To assess the sufficiency of childcare provision every 3 years • To provide information, advice and assistance to parents and prospective parents on the provision of childcare in their area • Change in duty: local authorities need to understand the market and report on the sufficiency of childcare annually, the prescriptive nature of reporting has ceased

  9. The Children and Families Act 2014 • The Local Offer – in one place clear, comprehensive and accessible information, co-produced with parents and carers • Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCP) – single assessment process 0 – 25 year olds • New duty: education, social care and health services in new assessment process and EHC plan • Right to request a Personal Budget - the Regulations will provide further clarity

  10. Trends in Requests for Social Care and Education Short Breaks/Respite

  11. Additional Information • Piloted and implementing behaviour management for parents and carers • Inclusion Team - mentor and support short break providers, moving to work on a more localised basis • No contribution or charging policy for standard offer • Short Break Grant, up and above service provision • Project to develop Personal Assistants • Expansion in Community Nursing • Improved outcomes based approach to Short Breaks

  12. What do we know • Direct Payments – processes and time • Difficulty finding Personal Assistants • Saturday/Holiday Specialist are at full capacity; are they easily reachable and do we have equity of access • Occasional difficulties in identifying services to meet specific complex needs • Shifts in demand for types of services • Quality of assessment and review • Different contribution policies across the country • Increasing population • Children and Families Act 2014 and Transition

  13. What do families tell us …. • Some Universal services less able to welcome disabled children • Young people want to do non specialist activities, go and see a film, go to Scouts / cubs, etc. • Some families would like to hold their own funding for Saturday / Holiday clubs and arrange own bookings • That they want more flexibility in services • That the pathway and infrastructure is not meeting your needs • Childcare – is there enough and can it be easily accessed

  14. What’s happening in other areas • On the whole the types of services are very similar • Social Care residential offer varies across the country • Some areas are introducing flexible booking up to a maximum number of nights • Not all cities have health residential respite • Day care short breaks offer also varies across the country • Some areas offer a voucher scheme to enable families to buy their own activities • Contribution policies • Few areas offer Short Breaks Grant

  15. What next • Stage One Seeking the Views • Consultation • On-line Survey for families who could not attend • Consultation with Children and Young People • Consultation / Liaison with Providers and staff groups • Work with parent representatives to ensure we have captured a wide range of parental views • Focus Group Discussions • Collation and capture of all information • Stage Two Further Consultation and Feedback • With all parents and carers who receive short break and respite services on the outcome of stage one recommendations for change

  16. Table Discussions • Short Break Grants • Led by: Liz Roe • Developing access to Universal Services • Led by Helen Cooper and / or MAST • Saturday, school holiday and after school Short Breaks clubs • Led by Lorraine Hall • Health Short Breaks/Respite Care • Out of Home Overnight / Respite Care • Led by Sue Hatton and Liz Spaven • Direct Payments / Personal Budgets / Personal Assistants • Led by Amanda Hill and Pete Mitchell • Disabled Children’s Childcare for working parents or those in training • Led by Linda Wright / Jen Richardson / Yolande Tose Members of the Parent Carer Forum are here to support your participation in the table discussions

  17. Thank you for giving your time to take part in this consultation