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Settlement Patterns and Hierarchy

Settlement Patterns and Hierarchy. Put the following people in order of responsibility in the school:. Deputy Head Teacher. Students. Head Teacher. Teacher. Pastoral Team Leader. Settlement Patterns and Hierarchy. Today we are learning about….

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Settlement Patterns and Hierarchy

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  1. Settlement Patterns and Hierarchy Put the following people in order of responsibility in the school: Deputy Head Teacher Students Head Teacher Teacher Pastoral Team Leader

  2. Settlement Patterns and Hierarchy Today we are learning about… the different shapes villages come in called patterns, these patterns are dictated by physical geography. The size of settlements is also linked to the amount of services it has; this is called settlement hierarchy. By the end of the lesson… ALL can identify settlement patterns and sort settlements by size (Level 3) MOST will be able to describe settlement patterns and settlement characteristics by size (Level 4) SOME will be able to explain why a settlement has a certain pattern and explain the link between size and the number of services it has (Level 5)

  3. Settlement Hierarchy Head Teacher Deputy Head Teacher Pastoral Team Leader Teacher Students

  4. Settlement Hierarchy Capital City Conurbation City Large Town Small Town Village Hamlet Isolated Dwelling More services More people Less settlements

  5. Examples of Services Settlement size, importance and sphere of influence decreasing.

  6. Settlement Patterns and Hierarchy Sort your labels out into size order and place them in your table. Once you have completed the table – make a settlement hierarchy pyramid – you need to put the biggest settlement at the top and the smallest settlement at the bottom.

  7. Settlement Type Population Services Example

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