a step from heaven anna 2001 realistic fiction n.
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A Step From Heaven Anna 2001 Realistic Fiction PowerPoint Presentation
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A Step From Heaven Anna 2001 Realistic Fiction

A Step From Heaven Anna 2001 Realistic Fiction

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A Step From Heaven Anna 2001 Realistic Fiction

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  1. A Step From HeavenAnna2001Realistic Fiction Chylie E 4th period

  2. Setting • The setting of the book is an old trashy apartment , and it would be different because then the parent wouldn’t get in a fight . So therefore the dad would still be beating the mother, and they wouldn’t get into a divorce.

  3. Characters

  4. Conflict • The conflict is whenever the dads mom dies he turns his behavior and not to the good side either. He starts beating the mother and yelling at his kids. He starts doing unbelievable things like getting drunk during the days he quits his job. The mom and kids start going to church ,but he’ll take the car and go do stuff like drinking, fighting ,and doing things uncontrollable. • Man vs. Man.

  5. Summary of Plot • The summary is about Young Ju and her family moving to Mi Gook. Apa’s mother dies and apa turns to a side no one has ever seen . Apa starts beating the mother and Young Ju walks in while he’s doing it, and calls the police. The police comes and takes apa to jail , but when they go get him he walks to another car and leaves. • Apa means dad.

  6. Theme • One’s gain is another’s loss. Text Evidence1 : When we tried to talk to apa to make him feel better and tell him that grandma is in a better place he would not let her go . Page 35.. • Text Evidence 2: Whenever apas mom died its like he would tune out people trying to talk to him . Page 37ence 2:It’s like he didn’t want to forget about it like he kept it on his mind . Page 37 • Text Evidence 3: It’s almost like he didn’t want to believe she died ,and he wouldn’t stop calling her house phone, but no one ever answered. Page 39.would block everyone out who would try to talk to him. Page 39.

  7. Point of View • The point of view is first person because Young ju talks about what she is going to do ,and it’s a little bit of second person because young ju talks about what he does to uhmma. • If it would have been a different point of view it would change what she’s going to do about it, and would change what apa was doing to uhmma because it could have been anyone doing it.

  8. Symbolism • The symbolic symbol is the waves on a beach because Young ju learned to swim there ,and it was Apa’s favorite place to go when he was little. This is important because it helps Young Ju remember the good times with her apa.

  9. Recommendation • I would recommend this book to people who like coming to age books. This is worth reading it because it talks about how Young ju faces family crisis, and trusts her instincts on what to do and does the right thing.