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Understanding Acrylic Better PowerPoint Presentation
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Understanding Acrylic Better

Understanding Acrylic Better

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Understanding Acrylic Better

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  1. Understanding Acrylic Better

  2. Understanding Acrylic Better What is Acrylic? Poly (Methyl Methacrylate) or PMMA commonly known as Acrylic is quite widely used now. It looks like glass but actually is a kind of thermo-plastic. This material is nearly unbreakable and therefore making it strong and transparent. This material can be moulded into any shape and fixed anywhere very easily. It can be shaped or fixed simply by heating or by using superglue.

  3. Understanding Acrylic Better What are the common uses of Acrylic? Acrylic material is commonly used in making see through strong objects like aquariums, under sea diving vehicles and aeroplanes. In fact during the Second World War, Flying Fortress bomber B 17 was the first plane to have viewing port made of Acrylic. Most helicopters have this kind of viewing port for better visibility. Other uses of Acrylic are predominantly medical. From lenses used in a Cataract surgery to fake bones used to fill in the gap for lost bone are all made of Acrylic. From artificial dentures to Tuberculosis treatment Acrylic implants and fillers play a part. Acrylic hardly ever causes ‘rejection’ when inserted into the body therefore is an ideal choice for medical replacement for any lost part or portion of the body.

  4. Understanding Acrylic Better What are Advantages of Acrylic? This is an economical alternative to polycarbonate when requirement for toughness is not that great. Acrylic Sheets in India are available quite commonly and fixing them is not much of problem. Whereas Polycarbonate Sheets in India like Lexan Polycarbonate Sheets is popular in industrial use Acrylic is more common in the day to day lives usage.

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