Understanding NetSuite API Integration Better - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

a simple look at how the use of apis such as suitescript can alter online processes n.
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Understanding NetSuite API Integration Better PowerPoint Presentation
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Understanding NetSuite API Integration Better

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Understanding NetSuite API Integration Better
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Understanding NetSuite API Integration Better

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Presentation Transcript

  1. A Simple look at how the use of APIs, such as SuiteScript can alter online processes. Understanding NetSuite API Integration Better

  2. Foreword • NetSuite goes beyond mere connectors and provides far more value through NetSuite API integration, such as SuiteScript. Here we outline how the services of Webbee global, a NetSuite development company can alter your ecommerce dynamics.

  3. Internet Statistics By 2020 India will see: • 10 time increase in FMCG online sales, from current $5Bn to $50 Bn • 650 Mn Internet users • 250 Mn Shoppers online with 100 Mn women included • Internet will influence 30% or $35 Bn sales

  4. Digital Future Digital commerce will be the way forward. Towards this end, software such as NetSuite connectors will be vital to keep pace with growing technology of ecommerce platforms.

  5. Beyond Basic Integration • NetSuite connectors only handle basic integration of business aspects. For more advantages, the use of NetSuite API integration technology through SuiteScript is necessary. Webbee Global, a NetSuite development company creates an unmatched product, with their long held expertise.

  6. Customized Solutions • With Webbee Global services, you can expect customized solutions for several different features. Each step gets individual treatment, as per the requirements of your company, with expert use of NetSuite SuiteScript.

  7. Emarketing Tool • Customer Experience can be enhanced, making NetSuite a vital emarketing tool. Build unique order forms, shopping carts and preferences to give customers a differentiated experience. Target and categorize customers, according to geographical demarcations, economical limitations or buying pattern.

  8. Ideal for All Size Enterprises • NetSuite API integration is ideal for all size enterprises, small or big. Startups can barely afford the costs required of setting up a separate IT sections or extra manpower required for all the features provided by NetSuite SuiteScript.

  9. Brand Identity • NetSuite SuiteScript goes beyond basic integration and is therefore vital for those who are seeking to focus on brand building or brand consistency.

  10. Anonymity Issue • While ecommerce platforms have great advantages, the one drawback is the anonymity, as lakhs use the standard format to build and sell at similar webstores.

  11. Brand Consistency • With NetSuite SuiteScript, this can be changed to create or replicate one’s distinct brand visuals. Only a NetSuite development company, such as Webbee Global can provide your customers the same experience, as your physical store, with NetSuite API integration.

  12. Single System • For larger companies who have multiple systems or several brands, Webbee Global can integrate all different data systems to create a single window accessible system, where it is possible to monitor all streams incoming and outgoing. This eliminates the need for multiple and complex spreadsheets.

  13. Multiple Brands – Single Control • Those selling through multiple channels benefit further, as they get a single trough to control inventory and sales. With NetSuite SuiteScript, it is possible to build separate identities for different brands and pricing at each different site, with one system to monitor all.

  14. Easy Connectivity • Easy Connectivity with other Software. NetSuite API integration makes for easy automation of several functions and processes on a singular platform. It comes with solutions, those that are readymade or those that can be customized.

  15. Dynamic Solutions • NetSuite SuiteScript is highly flexible and dynamic, with innumerable answers for any industry segment. A NetSuite development company can manipulate this API integration to suit your industry, be it services, manufacturing or trading.

  16. Automated System • Above all, NetSuite API integration works in real time and is fully automated. This means that manual errors are greatly reduced. It also does away with long hours, tedious inputs and slow turnaround. A business is assured a fast and streamlined operation, which builds repute and allows for greater focus on profiting.

  17. Cost effective • A NetSuite development company reduces your burden of work and expenses with smart and efficient NetSuite API integration. This means lesser costs on all fronts.

  18. Check Yourelf • Get in touch with Webbee Global today to find out, in how many ways, your business can benefit from NetSuite API integration.

  19. Webbee Global Pvt Ltd Website: webbeeglobal.com Email: info@webbeeglobal.com Phone: +1 408 641 7004 +91 9971376767 Contact Webbee