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Personality Psychologist

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Personality Psychologist . By Joe Oddo. Overview . A personality psychologist studies peoples behavior. He/she draws conclusions from studying them in sessions. About the job.

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  • A personality psychologist studies peoples behavior.
  • He/she draws conclusions from studying them in sessions
about the job
About the job
  • Most conduct studies of peoples behavior by allowing them to sit on a couch and basically just talk to the psychologist
    • Sigmund Freud was a master of this type of observing, and helped so many people by diagnosing problems from the knowledge he gathered
  • They research and try to point out different ways people act because of what they have experienced in the past or recent times
personality theories
Personality Theories
  • Trait Theories
    • Enduring patterns of perceiving, relating to, and thinking about the environment
    • These base their social and personal contexts
      • Traits are stable over time
      • Traits differ among individuals
      • Traits influence behavior
  • Type theories
    • Refers to the classification of different types of people
      • Introvert is one type and those people will be more kempt to themselves
      • Extroverts is the other and they are more of an outgoing type
personality cont
Personality cont.
  • Psychoanalytic
    • describe human behavior personality
      • Id: pleasure principle of human nature
      • Ego: meeting wishes and demands of the outside world
      • Super-ego: implicates social rules and judgment upon ego
continued more
Continued more.
  • Behavior theory
    • Studied the affects of external stimuli have on people
    • Emphasize upon mutual interaction between organisms
  • Social cognitive theory
    • Behavior is explained by expectations of the world
  • You need a basic Bachelors degree to begin earning high grades as an undergrad.
  • Then you would need to take Psychology classes to get your Masters
  • Next you must go to school for 4-5 years to get your doctorate
  • lastly, to practice psychology, you need to have a license in the state