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Winning Ways: Into Employment PowerPoint Presentation
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Winning Ways: Into Employment

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Winning Ways: Into Employment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Winning Ways: Into Employment
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  1. Winning Ways: Into Employment

  2. Winning Ways: Into Employment • The National Skills Academy • Working with Employers • Meeting Employer Needs • Welfare to Work • Case Studies • developing suitable job roles • routes into employment • pre-employment training • volunteering opportunities • utilising physical activity • Future Interventions

  3. The National Skills Academy • To develop the training environment for sport and leisure in order to help create a highly skilled workforce fit for current and future purpose • To complete the continuum from workforce development planning, through qualifications, to training provision Skills Active National Skills Academy • To provide a one-stop shop for quality-assured training provision for employers and individual learners • To provide sport and active leisure employers with access to ‘Better, Cheaper and Easier’ training

  4. Working with Employers • Led by employers: • National Board • Consultation Groups • Network relationships • Employer ‘solutions’ led • Working within SkillsActive Group to provide: • Workforce planning • Roles, Competencies & Qualifications • Analysis of training needs • Quality assured training solutions • Fit for purpose • Responsive to employer need • OFSTED plus other QAA • Reduced Costs • Economies of Scale / aggregated demand • Increased access to public funding Easier Better Cheaper

  5. Meeting Employer Needs • National network of quality assured training providers • Online Academy • Apprenticeships • Funded programmes • Innovative targeted programmes • Active Passport system • Registers • Learner Management Systems

  6. Welfare to Work Delivery • Future Jobs Fund • Contract size - £38 million • 5,000 jobs created • 150 contract partners involved in bid (87% SMEs) • Programme of interventions: • Constructive relationship with JCPs • Stimulate sustainable entry level jobs • Advise on job specifications • Create and deliver pre-employment training • Provide on the job vocational training programmes • Support employers from recruitment to retention • Exit routes into further training (Graduate Gateway)

  7. Case Studies

  8. Case Study 1: Developing Suitable Job Roles • Issues • Ensuring employers understood and bought-in to the programme • Creating job roles suitable for long term unemployed / disenfranchised candidates AND employers • Solutions • Worked closely with JCP network to understand target groups and most attractive job roles • Targeted employers who work with hard to reach groups • Provided ‘example’ job roles / job descriptions across employer sectors • Created direct links between employers and JCPs • Impact • Roles created matched the skill level of potential candidates • Allowed candidates to ease back into employment • Easier recruitment and greater sustainability

  9. Sport For Life “ It was especially good to have an Academy person in our region to go through the benefits and challenges of adopting the government-funded programme, and our specific issues as a business, That definitely cut down on paperwork. “

  10. Case Study 2: Routes into employment • Issues • Attracting candidates to available roles • Providing meaningful employment and progression opportunities • Ensuring sustainability • Solutions • ‘Promotion’ to candidates at JCPs • Easy access to recruitment days • Motivational recruitment process • Ensuring roles delivered business objectives • Impact • Higher percentage of applicants taken on • Candidates have visisble long term progression route • Franchise model offers opportunity for low skilled candidates to grow business

  11. Premier Sport We’ll also be helping them develop a business plan and action plan, and provide them with any other support they need. “ “

  12. Case Study 3: Pre-employment training • Issues • No skills = No job and No job = No skills • Long term unemployment eroding job ready skills • Unemployed young people not a homogenous group – no ‘one size fits all’ approach • Solutions • Pre employment assessment to identify candidates skills gap • Interventions created to meet both individual candidate need AND employer expectation • Training packages include basic skills, employability skills and early job relevant skills • Impact • Candidates given basic transferable skills as needed • Candidates job ready at entry point • Sustainability of employment improved by early investment in pre -employment interventions

  13. Fit For Sport Every one of the 120 young people we have taken on have just been looking for a chance to make something of themselves. At the time of writing not one person has dropped out of the Future Jobs Fund programme working for Fit for Sport “ “

  14. Case Study 4: Volunteering Opportunities • Issues • Long periods without meaningful activity has negative impact on likelihood of employment • Long term unemployment eroding self confidence and skills • Solutions • Provide volunteering opportunity as part of route to employment • Tie in volunteering / work placement to job opportunity • Guarantee interview as part of process • Impact • Helps the candidate develop / retain / improve job skills • Opens door to potential employment • Increases sustainability through experience - ‘try before you buy’

  15. Mayor’s Legacy and Sport For Life Attractive for Candidates I was going for about four job interviews a week but not getting anywhere so I thought I’d see what the Academy could do for me. Attractive for employers I’ve never employed anyone straight from unemployment before but I was pleasantly surprised. The four we selected were enthusiastic and reliable young men, wanting to work and willing to learn. They have been excellent. “ “ “ “

  16. Case Study 5: Utilising Physical Activity • Issues • Lack of life structure, lower confidence and self esteem are factors of long term unemployment • Poorer health / lack of physical activity reduces learning ability • Significant impact on readiness for employment • Solutions • Provide physical activity as part of wider training interventions • Carry out all types of training in leisure centre and fitness venues • Impact • Candidates more motivated, fitter and more work ready • Greater impact of training interventions and long term retention of learning • Greater likelihood of recruitment and ‘lasting the course’, i.e. sustainability of employment

  17. Case Study 5: Charlton Athletic “ I work with a programme coordinator to shift the boys’ focus from crime to football and help them see all the other possibilities available to them in life. The boys are at a very impressionable age and, if even a handful of them listen to us, we’ve achieved something. “

  18. Future Interventions

  19. Future Interventions • The Work Programme • Development of pre-employment training • Pre-Apprenticeships • Work Academies • Targeted funded programmes • ESF funding for engagement of NEETS • Sport England Volunteer support programmes • Regional funding; • Mayor’s Legacy • Regional Growth Fund