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Introduction and Overview

Introduction and Overview. IBM Cloud marketplace features IBM and Business Partner cloud services. Comprehensive catalog including both IBM and 3 rd party offerings and supported by multi-billion dollar investments:

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Introduction and Overview

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  1. Introduction and Overview

  2. IBM Cloud marketplace features IBM and Business Partner cloud services • Comprehensive catalog including both IBM and 3rd party offerings and supported by multi-billion dollar investments: • Biz (line of business) features IBM’s world class SaaS portfolio of 120+ applications • Dev (developer) supports traditional application styles (patterns) and new application styles (composable services/Bluemix) • Ops (IT operations) features SoftLayer’s high performance infrastructure services • Purpose built Solutions (e.g., Mobile, DevOps) help you navigate the catalog • Enables IBM customers to discover and experiment with a broad portfolio of offerings in a consistent way http://ibm.com/cloud and click on Marketplace

  3. Business Partner services are a key part of the marketplace experience • Customers discover our Business Partner services: • by Biz/Dev/Ops role, • by Solution, • in a dedicated area • Business Partner services are: • appropriate for the enterprise cloud buyer • run on or be deployable to SoftLayer, or integrate with an IBM premium platform service, or integrate with or extend our SaaS offerings • support key Solutions (mobile, devops, analytics, etc.) • Offerings can qualify to integrate with IBM premium platform services, including: • Bluemix (Cloud Foundry) • PureApplication Service (Patterns) • High performance analytics To join, click on Sign up, or email IBM at joinnow@us.ibm.com

  4. Cloud innovators are joining the IBM Cloud marketplace Data Stores Development Tools Security Operations Support Business Support Messaging Mobile Analytics CloudAMQP Active or being onboarded. More joining every day…

  5. The IBM Cloud marketplace is designed for enterprise cloud services

  6. How will IBM help Business Partners attract, convert, and retain customers? PR & digital demand gen IBM drives traffic to the marketplace through PR, ad buys, paid search, paid social media placements, contextual targeting (e.g., site referrals) IBM product lines IBM product owners behind over 200 marketplace properties such as Bluemix drive marketplace traffic Merchandising IBM offers a number of on-site merchandising opportunities including: premium home page placement of selected services, cross-selling with IBM services, inclusion in solutions for select services, and rotational, themed, and performance-based placements Badging IBM will provide you assets to associate your offering with us in your own promotional campaigns Dashboard & MyServices Dashboard helps you see customer usage patterns and trends. MyServices brings customers back to the marketplace to manage their services, creating further opportunities to cross-sell / upsell Sales force enablement Select strategic services with strong marketplace performance may be eligible for enablement to the IBM sales force IBM may promote certain marketplaces services, include IBM’s own services, which complement or compete with other marketplace services.

  7. Partners will benefit from IBM-led marketing to Cloud marketplace Advertising: Unprecedented investment in U.S. cloud advertising in Q3 and Q4 Print, OOH, TV, and digital will all drive to IBM Cloud and Cloud marketplace landings. Partners will benefit from this boost in traffic. Digital: Multi-million investment in paid media and search to Cloud marketplace Part of this will be specifically to drive traffic to marketplace solution pages that feature marketplace partners Launching DG on 10/1 or earlier, directed at U.S. banners, retargeting, contextual ads, search, and content modules Opportunity for co-marketing and partner-led digital marketing, including affiliate or referral marketing Field execution: IBM marketing programs execution by field marketing and sales Cloud, Software Group, Midmarket, and other brands will have programs that will land their client journeys into marketplace for try/buy

  8. Business Partners are qualified to participate in IBM Cloud marketplace Services: run on or be deployable to SoftLayer, or integrate with an IBM premium platform service,* or integrate with or extend our SaaS offerings* are enterprise class, in production and supporting paying customers are single or multi-tenant, as-a-service cloud applications; or virtual machine images; or add-on, plug-in or extension to a virtual machine environment; or virtual configured IT environment that includes application code and is deployed on the cloud (e.g. Patterns, or private cloud deployment) align to IBM strategic imperatives And are offered by Business Partners who: are based in any country (non-US business partner services must run in data centers outside of the US) must offer at least one priced edition, with a 30 day trial period.** integrate into the IBM Cloud marketplace APIs for provisioning within 90 days of signing the agreement meet IBM procurement requirements of basic business viability agree to the terms in the Marketplace Business Partner Agreement *Will require additional IBM review, as services for IBM premium platform services must meet specific criteria which could include additional technical integration and/or certification. See IBM premium platform services in later slide. **Offerings in IBM Bluemix must additionally have perpetual service defined free tier

  9. IBM Cloud marketplace offers premium platform services Business partners must meet specific criteria for premium promotion options in addition to the standard IBM Cloud marketplace criteria 

  10. Bluemix Third Party Service Evaluation Criteria 1. Technology and user experience: Cloud enabled, fit the service model It needs to be a cloud offering, run on cloud instead of downloadable.  As a service provider, you must respond to provisioning endpoint requests, create an instance of your service and dynamically provide credentials back to the provisioning request.   It is up to the service provider to manage all instances of the service post-creation. (Recommend <10 sec provisioning time) Expose APIs As a composable service, it needs to provide public APIs, so the APIs can be invoked within the application Provide seamless user experience Allow end user to navigate your service easily, also with seamless flow between your service and other parts of the application Handle scaling The service either handles the traffic or volume changes seamlessly at the backend, or the service provides appropriate warnings and actions to users Website includes English version 2. Business model: Free trial Provide 30 days free trial to try the service up to its maximum capability Free tier Perpetual free tier, allow user to try certain usages of the service regularly

  11. How will IBM and Business Partners handle commerce? Commercial model will follow established marketplace models. IBM will invoice the customer and collect payment. Different options for metering and billing, including support for complex metering by taking metering information from the Business Partner as part of the regular billing cycle. IBM retains a royalty. Business Partners will be responsible for their costs of delivery, including infrastructure. Business Partners continue to establish and maintain direct relationships with customers. Business Partners must ensure their services meet production SLAs with production level support. First commercial capability launched in Q3 2-14, supporting US transactions with credit cards. Additional functionality will be provided in successive upgrades, including support for non-US transactions. Will support US federal government requirements for usage by federal users in 2015.

  12. Editions and Pricing • Each marketplace service can have one or more Editions(i.e., pricing plans) • Each Edition can have one of the following Revenue Models • Free • One time • Recurring • Tiered • All business partners must offer at least one priced edition, with a 30 day trial period. • One time services are charged upon checkout. Any download service (e.g., pattern, image) must be set up as a One time service. • Recurring services can be charged per day or per month. Partial day or partial month usage counts as a full day or month, respectively. • Tiered services can combine multiple one time and recurring charges. • Metered services (e.g., “$/user”) provide the most flexibility. Your service provides the usage data, and IBM Cloud marketplace performs the calculations and billing. Most common units of measurement are supported. • All priced plans can have a setup fee.

  13. How do Business Partners participate in IBM Cloud marketplace? 1. Apply to Become a Business Partner Complete and submit the Nomination Form to be considered for partnership in the IBM Cloud marketplace. 2. Qualify for the IBM Cloud marketplace We will review your form and reply as quickly as possible to discuss your service and next steps. Some replies take up to two weeks, depending on your service. To qualify for premium programs (e.g. Bluemix), services must meet additional criteria. 3. Accept the terms and conditions Once you are invited to include your service, you will need to register for a Marketplace Account and review and accept the terms in the IBM Cloud Marketplace Business Partner Terms . 4. Create your initial listing (1-2 days) After joining the IBM Cloud marketplace, you create your listing as a referral using the self-service portal to provide basic information such as your service name and description. IBM can create this initial listing for you. 5. Integrate your service to marketplace (3 weeks) Within 90 days of signing the IBM Cloud Marketplace Business Partner agreement, you must integrate your service to the IBM Cloud marketplace APIs. Services designed for Bluemix must support an additional call. Details here > Business Partner Guide | IBM Cloud marketplace 6. Qualify for integration to premium options (e.g. Bluemix) - Can be done in parallel with steps 3 - 5 Prospective Bluemix, PureApplication Service on SoftLayer, or HPC Analytics services must meet certain additional criteria. After qualification of your service, we will populate the premium option. You can update your listing in IBM Cloud marketplace, and changes will be made automatically to the premium option.

  14. How can Business Partners apply to IBM Cloud marketplace Go to http://ibm.com/cloud, click on Marketplace, then click on Sign up

  15. Additional information

  16. IBM Bluemix A composable services development environment accessible from marketplace Run Your Apps The developer can chose any language runtime or bring their own. Just upload your code and go. DevOps Development, testing, monitoring, deployment and logging tools allow the developer to run the entire application APIs and Services A catalog of open source, IBM and third party APIs services allow a developer to stitch together an application in minutes. Cloud Integration Build hybrid environments. Connect to on-premises systems of record plus other public and private clouds. Expose your own APIs to your developers. Extend SaaS Apps Drop in SaaS App SDKs and extend to new use cases (e.g,. Mobile, Analytics, Web)

  17. IBM Cloud analytics application services • Purchase, provision, and manage high performance clusters on Softlayer, to improve the performance of marketplace analytics workloads and applications • Use the marketplace to purchase, configure, and manage your clusters. (Use your existing software license or purchase separately. ) • Integrated with leading analytics software from IBM including BigInsights, Streams and Cognos BI • Can be sold along with business partner analytics applications • Hourly and monthly pricing options • Only available on IBM Cloud marketplace • Now providing customer POCs,GA in 4Q

  18. Screen shot of usage data • Developer dashboard provides info about products, orders, revenue, customers, billing/invoicing, and payouts • Dynamic reporting available on-line & source data available via csv downloads • Filters, drill down detail, & metrics • Customer data • Order data

  19. Getting started with SoftLayer • To Sign up for the free trial, please visit: http://www.softlayer.com/info/free-cloud • To sign up to become referral partners, please visit: http://www.softlayer.com/referral-program • If you’d like to become part of the Solution & Services Provider Program (AKA Reseller Program). Please contact: Stella Clary at clary@us.ibm.com

  20. Updated SoftLayer Channel Models • What has / has not changed • No change to the referral Business Partner program • No change to terms and conditions for existing Business Partners in Hosting reseller program • Simplified management by combining hosting reseller and strategic Business Partner programs

  21. Limited Time Offers for New Account Workloads on New PODs

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