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“Barbara Allan”. Sara Masi. About the Author. Anonymous Folk Ballad. Genre of Poem. Folk Ballad. Interpretation.

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about the author
About the Author
  • Anonymous
  • Folk Ballad
genre of poem
Genre of Poem
  • Folk Ballad
  • Sir John Graeme fell in love with Barbara Allan but he had found out he was dying. So he sent one of his fellow friends to speak to her and bring her to John. As she walked in to see him, she had gotten upset because he did not toast to her when he toasted to everyone else at one of his dinners. Before he had died, he said fare well to everyone and told them to be kind to Barbara. She could not live without him, so she made a decision to die so she could be with him for eternity.
  • Love is sometimes a tragic thing, but it still sticks with you forever.
defining difficult words
Defining Difficult Words
  • Rase- Rose.
  • Dinna ye mind- don’t you remember.
  • Reft- deprived
  • Gane- gone
  • Jow- stroke
  • Ga’ed- gave
  • Sir John Graeme
a more modern translation
A More Modern Translation
  • It was during November, when love was blooming in fall, John Graeme fell in love with Barbara Allan.
  • He had sent his man down town to find Barbara Allan so she could see John before he died.
  • Barbara raised the curtain to where John was lying. As she looked at him she said “I think you’re dying.”
  • John had looked at Barbara and said he was dying from a broken heart.
a more modern translation cntd
A More Modern Translation (cntd.)
  • Barbara did not believe him when he had said that. She said “do you remember when you forgot to toast me, when you toasted everyone at dinner.”
  • John turned his faced and said his good byes and said to be nice to Barbara Allan.
  • Slowly Barbara watched him pass and left him to lay there.
a more modern translation cntd1
A More Modern Translation (cntd.)
  • Barbara left, slowly hearing the death bell ring. It screamed to her that she had to be with John forever.
  • She cried to her mother and said she will die for her love tomorrow.