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Doreen Navidi and Jeongyun Choi PowerPoint Presentation
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Doreen Navidi and Jeongyun Choi

Doreen Navidi and Jeongyun Choi

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Doreen Navidi and Jeongyun Choi

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  1. DoreenNavidi and Jeongyun Choi

  2. Contents • Objectives • Usefulness • Definition Concepts • Instructions • Exercises • Problem Solving Exercises

  3. Objectives • Learners should be able to • Make a table of contents • Make some changes in the table of contents • Customize the table of contents • Convert it to bookmarks in PDF file

  4. Usefulness • A good overview of the entire document • Professional look of the document • Easy to navigate within the document • PDF • universal • opened in any platform • keeps the original format • free to download

  5. Usefulness • Table of contents

  6. Usefulness • PDF

  7. Definition • Tableofcontents(TOC): contents; a list of divisions (chapters or articles) and the pages on which they start( • PDF:PDF (Portable Document Format) is a file format that has captured all the elements of a printed document as an electronic(Source: )

  8. Concepts • Styles • A style is a collection of all formatting instructions for a paragraph. (Kaasboll, 2013) • Bookmarks • Bookmarks are links to a location or the reference points in the document.

  9. Instructions

  10. 1. Open the example1.doc file

  11. 2. Highlight a heading

  12. 3. ChoosetheHeading 1 as its style Under tab Home > Styles

  13. 4. Define the styles of all the headings Apply theHeading 1 style to major headings in the document. Apply the Heading 2 style to sub-headings, Heading 3 style to sub-sub-heading etc.Problem with headings?Go to and find “Heading instructions” Feedback: Check if all headings’ styles are defined in Navigationpane

  14. 5. Put the cursor where you want to put a table of contents Put the cursor in the beginning of the document

  15. 6. Go to the Referencestab and find the Table of contents button

  16. 7. ClicktheTableofcontentsbutton and chooseAutomatic table 1

  17. 8. Check the table of contents made in the document

  18. 9. Go to File > Save as

  19. 10. In theSave as type, choosePDF(.pdf)

  20. 11.Click Options. 12. In theOptions’ dialog window, underInclude non-printinginformation, checkcreatebookmarksusing: and chooseHeadings thenclickOk

  21. 13. ClickSave Note: check Open file after publishing, andthe PDF file will be opened automatically. Unchecked box before saving, PDF file can be found on the same directory as the word file.

  22. 14. Clicking the Bookmark icon will open the bookmark’s list

  23. 15. If you click a bookmark from the list, you can go to the corresponding topic in the report

  24. Exercises Part I Download a example file from this link find it in Create a table of contents in the example document without referring to the instruction sheets. Part II Convert the table of contents to bookmarks in a PDF file. Make sure that the topic on the bookmark directs you to the content itself.

  25. Problem Solving FIELD TO EXPERIMENT 1. References tab 3. ‘HELP’ button 2. Sub-menuofthetableofcontents 4. Searchthe web

  26. Problem Solving • Activity 1You created a Table of Contents for your report. While checking the documents you realize that one topic or heading was missing in the table of content which is very important. Your task is to find out how to inserta missing topic on TOC. • Activity 2Your table of contents are already made but upon reading the documents you realized that certain topic should not be on the TOC. Your task is to find out how to deletea single topic /heading from the table of contents. • Activity 3The table you created shows all the heading levels ( heading level 1 to level3) but what you wanted to appear on your TOC are just major topics which is just up to level 2. Your task is to customize your TOC hiding all level 3 headings.