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Shy Shobna! PowerPoint Presentation
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Shy Shobna!

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Shy Shobna!
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Shy Shobna!

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  1. SHY SHOBNA! Shy Shobna! By Michael and Kat!

  2. Hello! My name is Shobna! I am a T- Rex but don’t worry, I won’t bite! In fact, you wouldn’t believe it but I’m very shy! I have come to this island looking to find a handsome prince. I wonder if you could help me find my perfect match?! Click on Shobna to continue!

  3. What a beautiful island! What a shame I don’t know my way around. I have no idea which way I should go to find my handsome prince, can you please help me? Click on one of the arrows to continue my journey!

  4. Good choice! You have found me a deep dark forest that will hopefully be full of romantic, strong men!

  5. Click here Shobna was so excited to continue on her journey for Mr. Right that she bounded towards a cliff face! When she fell into the water, a Great White shark was drawn to her bright yellow spots and gobbled her up!

  6. I’ve arrived near a dark mysterious waterfall and have been greeted by this dashing, young dinosaur, Roger. What should I do?! Click on a heart to decide Shobna’s fate. Kiss him? Continue on the journey!?

  7. Oh no! You’ve directed Shobna to the earth’s deadliest volcano! The thick, red, burning lava scalded her feet and sucked her underground!!! Return to the start to keep Shobna safe next time! Click here

  8. That was a bad decision! Roger didn’t turn out to be very affectionate! He took a huge bite of Shobna’s pearly white teeth! She has run back to the beginning in pain! You had better help her before Roger catches up! Click to go back to the start.

  9. Well hello gorgeous! My name is Ralph! What brings a beautiful beast like you to a beach like mine? Maybe you’d like to accompany me for an ice cream? I don’t know if he’s the right man for me. What should I do? Keep looking? Go anyway?

  10. Well done! You were right to take a risk! You’ll only find Shobna’s perfect match if you take chances! What's that in the water? Shobna goes to investigate. Click here WOAW, hang on Ralph, we’re not sharing! Things are moving too fast between us! You’re not my match! GrRRRR AHHHHHH!

  11. Shobna thought she might find a lagoon full of hunky men if she ventured down the steaming valley. It turned out to be a bottomless pit! Be more careful next time! Click here

  12. He could have been grrrreat for me! I think you’ve made a mistake. I’m devastated! You’ll know better next time. Click here to return to the beginning of the adventure.

  13. Hey dude! How you doing? I’m Brandon. You’re into water sports I see! I dig chicks that like being in the water, having fun in the sun! Wanna go for a stroll on the pier? Oh boy that was fun! I’ve never been water- skiing before! I wonder if there are any men who like water sports around here? NO YES

  14. What a beautiful sunset and how lucky I am to be with such a beautiful lady! Anything for you! Lets go! Oh Brandon! You charmer! Wow look at that Ferris Wheel! Can we go on it?

  15. AHHHHHH!! Brandon was so excited that he fell off the Ferris Wheel- what a shame! Hopefully he will be able to swim back to safety. Click to continue

  16. It’s just one heartbreak after another! Which path should I take to find happiness!? Left Right

  17. Take care next time, click here OH NO!!! Shobna has been burnt alive by the vicious forest fires on the island. Her skeleton stands alone in a nearby field.

  18. It's......... Blind Date! 1. Arthur 3.Jeff 2. Robin 4. Bob ‘Ello Shobna! I’m Cillasaurus and I’ve come to solve all you’re man trouble! Here’s our Graham to tell you a bit about our lucky lads! Which hunky fellow is right for Shobna? You decide by clicking on one of the four options!

  19. You’ve picked Mr. Boring! Arthur turned out to be a big, grumpy humbug who lives in a dead habitat! Click here to pick again.

  20. You’ve picked Mr. Noisy! He’s too busy blowing his own trumpet to pay any attention to Shobna! Click here for another go

  21. WELL DONE! You’ve picked Mr.Right! Jeff will provide Shobna with all the love and happiness that she deserves! Their beautiful new home is waiting to set sail into the sunset! Who knows where their travels will take them on their magical boat!? The End

  22. You’ve picked Mr. Adventurous! The only way she would ever see Bob is by looking through these binoculars! A relationship like that wouldn’t work! Click here to choose Mr.Right!