should covering be banned n.
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Should Covering Be Banned

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Should Covering Be Banned - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Should Covering Be Banned. By Quanelle Anderson. Islam. Islam is a religion practiced by Muslims The Religion was brought about when the angel jibriel sent Surahs down from god to Prophet Muhammad( swt ) . Me Covering. Why do Muslims Cover.

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should covering be banned

Should Covering Be Banned

By Quanelle Anderson

  • Islam is a religion practiced by Muslims
  • The Religion was brought about when the angel jibriel sent Surahs down from god to Prophet Muhammad(swt)
why do muslims cover
Why do Muslims Cover
  • Muslim women cover so that only there husbands can see there body
  • They also cover because Allah (swt) said that by covering other men wont have sexual thoughts about you.
  • They cover because it’s a sign of respect
who s obligated to cover and what ages
Who’s Obligated to cover and what ages
  • Men and Women are obligated to cover.
  • You should start covering a the age of puberty
  • Some kids cover a events but they really don’t have to.
things you cant do unless you cover
Things you cant do unless you cover…..
  • You cant go to muslim events
  • You cant make salaat (pray)
  • You cant go on the land
  • You cant go to Masjids (Mosques)
different names for the attire
Different Names for the Attire
  • There are many different types of coverings such as hijabs, jalabibs, veils and overgarments and cheddas.
  • There’s also different ways you can wear each of these things…..
do i think covering should be banned
Do I think covering should be banned
  • No I do not think covering should be banned.
  • Covering is an important part of Islam
  • Its not just something that they do for fun, its actually what god asked of them to do and why would someone go against gods word
  • Covering is not harming anyone
  • If anything little shorts and skirts should be banned not something that actually coverings everything up in the right way
  • I interviewed a girl named Taqwa RoundTree and Taq feels as if covering shouldn’t be banned. She has covered her whole life and would feel very uncomfortable not covering.
  • She also feels as if she’d be sinning.
interview 2
Interview 2
  • I interviewed Amina Ford-Rauf and she feels the same way as taqwa because she has covered her whole life.
  • Amina is currently married and feel as if her husband should be the only one seeing her body, hair etc.
  • Covering is very important to Muslims and if you ban it, you’d be going against everything there religion and the U.S do that. Its freedom of religion so let Muslims Practice Islam in the right way.