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Librarian Class Attendance: Methods, Outcomes and Opportunities PowerPoint Presentation
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Librarian Class Attendance: Methods, Outcomes and Opportunities

Librarian Class Attendance: Methods, Outcomes and Opportunities

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Librarian Class Attendance: Methods, Outcomes and Opportunities

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  1. Librarian Class Attendance:Methods, Outcomes and Opportunities Dianne Cmor & Victoria Marshall Distributed eLibrary Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar IATUL 2006 Conference, Porto, Portugal

  2. Overview • Case study of pilot project wherein a librarian is embedded in Journal Club and given an active role with students • Dual set of objectives - student learning & service measurement • Measuring student learning outcomes in relation to librarian activities • Evaluating our measurement methods in relation to demonstrating value

  3. Setting/Background • Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar - mirror curriculum in NY • Distributed eLibrary - mandate to distribute resources/services beyond physical space • Attempts to distribute library services • Attempts to demonstrate positive outcomes • Concerned faculty as the entrée we needed

  4. Objectives Student Learning Objectives • To expand student knowledge and use of high quality resources • To introduce students to concepts relating to scholarly communication and publishing Library Measurement Objectives • To develop and test a triangulated approach to measuring outcomes • To assess a participatory model in terms of student learning and outcomes measurement

  5. Method - Student Learning • Weekly meetings with student presenters only • Standard content plus article specific content discussed • Resources, concepts and tips all compiled on a course webpage for all students • Librarian attended Journal Club to ascertain level of knowledge, note gaps, act as an immediate resource person

  6. Method - Library Measurement Participant Observation • diary of interactions and observable outcomes; textual analysis of qualitative data Quantitative Data Gathering • RefTracker for number/type of interactions, time spent, associated outcomes Survey • student and faculty perceptions of value

  7. Results - Student Learning Textual analysis of diary data • Categories derived from data • Counted all outcomes - meetings and classroom • Analysis done by uninvolved librarian; validated by faculty member

  8. Results - Student Learning (cont.) Observation Data • Students were introduced to a range of resources - little evidence of their use • Students demonstrated knowledge of scholarly communication concepts, tools, and analysis • Socialization to information/librarians • Peer learning; colleagues as information sources Survey data • Reinforced that concepts of scholarly communication were learned by students • Most students and all faculty perceived positive effect(s)

  9. Results - Library Measurement Observation Data • provided reasonable evidence of learning outcomes; reinforced survey data Quantitative Data (RefTracker) • provided time spent and types of activity, but failed to associate activities with outcomes • 37 hours of librarian time, 5 categories of activity • outcomes available in RefTracker too broad for purpose Survey Data • provided insight into student and faculty perceptions of value; reinforced observation data

  10. Conclusions/Future Directions • Librarian class attendance can produce positive outcomes that are worth the time spent • Measuring this kind of worth is possible with the right combination of tools and approaches • In future, more clearly articulated goals of program which will allow us to refine means of measurement • Impact is elusive - define what we are measuring, refine measurement tools, and involve faculty in assessing the value of outcomes