sedimentary rock n.
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Sedimentary Rock

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Sedimentary Rock. Chapter 2 Section 3. Origins of Sedimentary Rock. Sandstone is sand grains compacted or compressed and then cemented together to form rock

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sedimentary rock

Sedimentary Rock

Chapter 2 Section 3

origins of sedimentary rock
Origins of Sedimentary Rock
  • Sandstone is sand grains compacted or compressed and then cemented together to form rock
  • Rock is weathered and moved from 1 place to another through erosion. As the sediment builds up it creates rock at or near the earths surface.
  • Strata is layers of rock
composition of sedimentary rock
Composition of Sedimentary Rock
  • Rock or mineral fragments called clasts are cemented together
  • Crystallizes out of a solution
  • Remains of once living plants and animals
  • Clastic sedimentary rock
  • Chemical
  • Organic

Clastic Sedimentary Rock

  • Chemical Sedimentary rock
  • Make from fragments cemented together such as calcite and quartz
  • Classified according to the size of fragments such as Course grained, medium grained, or fine grained
  • Forms from dissolved minerals and water
  • Rain water eventually makes it way down dissolving rock along its way. The dissolved material crystallizes and forms minerals.

Organic Sedimentary rock

  • Limestone are the remains or fossils of animals .
  • Some limestone are made up of skeletons or tiny organisms called corals are small but live in large colonies called reefs. These eventually get cemented together and are called fossiliferouse limestone.
  • Coal is made by partially decomposed plant material that is buried beneath sediment which adds heat and pressure

Sedimentary rock structure

  • Stratification is the process in which sedimentary rocks are arranged in layers
  • Strata is different depending on color size and kind of sediment
  • Ripple marks are records of wind and water motion
  • Mud cracks are sediment at the bottom of a shallow bodies of water which indicate location of ancient lake stream or ocean shore line.