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Product and Service Design

Product and Service Design. Prepared by Bhakti Joshi June 25, 2013. Why Design?. Tested and Tried Products/service. Quality-based product/service. Documented use/process of product/service. New product/service. Documented specifications of product/service. Refined product/service.

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Product and Service Design

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  1. Product and Service Design Prepared by Bhakti Joshi June 25, 2013

  2. Why Design? Tested and Tried Products/service Quality-based product/service Documented use/process of product/service New product/service Documented specifications of product/service Refined product/service CUSTOMER’S WANTS

  3. Business Opportunity Demand Pull Innovation Invention Push Innovation ? Market explored for design of a product/service Advancement in intelligence Discuss Examples of Demand Pull and Invention Push Innovation

  4. Design Choices PRODUCT DESIGN SERVICE Standardization Communication and Interaction To cause to conform standards (Mass) ? To make or alter to individual or personal specifications Customisation People Media Tools A generic product later differentiated into a specific end-product Delayed differentiation Degree of variation Degree of customer contact Approach that subdivides a system into smaller parts Modular Design Approach to reduce variations in a product without eliminating causes of variation Robust Design

  5. Product & Service Life Cycle SALES Maturity Decline Growth Introduction TIME

  6. Email: bhaktij@gmail.comWebsite: www.headscratchingnotes.netSources: Robust Design http://www.public.iastate.edu/~vardeman/IE361/s00mini/maurer.htm

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