little c culture in the foreign language classroom n.
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“Little c ” Culture in the Foreign Language Classroom PowerPoint Presentation
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“Little c ” Culture in the Foreign Language Classroom

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“Little c ” Culture in the Foreign Language Classroom - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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“Little c ” Culture in the Foreign Language Classroom. Presenters: Jessica Bickert , Kelly Eichenlaub , John MacDonald, Cameron Murray, Kayleen Notchick. Video. =SBuKuA9nHsw. Overview. Overview. Overview. C ulture. Overview. c ulture. Overview. Summary.

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“Little c ” Culture in the Foreign Language Classroom

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little c culture in the foreign language classroom

“Little c” Culture in the Foreign Language Classroom

Presenters: Jessica Bickert, Kelly Eichenlaub, John MacDonald, Cameron Murray, KayleenNotchick








the cultural iceberg
The Cultural Iceberg

“Big C”

“little c”

teaching no culture
Teaching No Culture
  • +
    • Time
    • Ethnocentrism
    • Lack of Dialectical language
    • Culture shock
teaching solely big c culture
Teaching Solely “Big C” Culture
  • +
    • Broad, extensive overview
    • “C–ing” culture
    • Overgeneralization
    • Stereotyping
    • Misunderstanding
teaching little c culture
Teaching “little c” Culture
  • +
    • Ethnorelativism
    • Culture + language
    • Comprehensive analysis
    • Time
    • Hard to assess



Curriculum Conflict

the three step plan
The Three Step Plan

1. Get over yourself

2. What can you “C”?

3. Ask why.


What should students take away from the foreign language that they studied in high school? It is not likely that students will remember every single vocabulary word or verb conjugation of the target language. But if students can celebrate differences as unique rather than wrong, then language teachers have done their job.


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