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Curricunet to Banner Interface

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Curricunet to Banner Interface - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Curricunet to Banner Interface. College of the Sequoias Lee McDonald Joni Jordan. COS Curricunet History. Began Curricunet Implementation 2007 Sent Governet an Access database with the exported Banner catalog tables Governet populated Curricunet with our data

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Curricunet to Banner Interface

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curricunet to banner interface

Curricunet to Banner Interface

College of the Sequoias

Lee McDonald

Joni Jordan

cos curricunet history

COS Curricunet History

Began Curricunet Implementation 2007

Sent Governet an Access database with the exported Banner catalog tables

Governet populated Curricunet with our data

Plan was to validate the course data downloaded from Governet before Go Live

reality strikes

Reality Strikes

Academic Services needed Curricunet live ASAP

Programmer got pulled into higher priority tasks

Validation never was finished

Project languished for lack of resources

moving again

Moving Again

Fixed hour contracted with SIG

They worked on the user interface

We are finishing the code to load the approved courses

Will begin testing in the next couple of weeks



Curricunet is the authoritative source for course information

Curricunet data must be complete

Did not want to maintain some items in Curricunet and some in Banner

Needed to be able to bring Pending courses into Banner for scheduling

Users wanted final control over updates

Built into Self-Service Banner

user interface

User Interface

User selects subject code

Then selects Effective Term and course status





Clicks on Filter Now

The course detail is displayed side-by side with what is in Banner

user review

User Review

User compares course as it is defined in Curricunet with the way it is defined in Banner

Differences are highlighted

If there are unexpected differences, user can choose not to do the update

If the data is good, user clicks on Update button

course updating

Course Updating

Critical missing data will be flagged in red and update will not be available

When an update is done, a report will be produced to inform users of where additional information needs to be added

Workload on Schedule Type screen SCACRSE

Detail Code in Fees tab of SCADETL

behind the scenes

Behind the Scenes

For all tables, we create new effective term even if there really isn’t a change

Easier programming – usually don’t have to compare data

Curricunet is still missing some critical data, so on some tables we have to compare data to preserve user entered information (copy still valid rows to the new term)

SCRSCHD – Workload

SCRFEES – Detail Code

forms and tables updated

Forms and Tables Updated





SCRLEVL – Course Level

SCRGMOD – Grade Mode

SCRSCHD – Schedule Type

forms and tables cont

Forms and Tables (cont)


SCRCORQ – Co-Requisites

SCREQUIV – Equivalent Courses

SCRFEES – Course Fees (material fees)

SCRATTR – Course Attributes

SCRSBGI – Transfer Institutions

SCBSUPP – Supplemental Data

SCBDESC – Course Description

forms and tables cont15

Forms and Tables (cont)


SCRRTST - Prerequisites


SCRRLVL - Level Restrictions

We aren’t using the other Registration Restriction options at this time

what s next

What’s next?


Testing – hope to have done by end of October

Go Live in November with first version

Improved UI in next version

Automatically update courses after Board Approval

When we get Banner 9, may look at moving to that environment

what s next cont

What’s next (cont)

For 3CBG

We will share what we have created

Can we get a 3CBG version of Curricunet export that many schools can be happy with?

If there is a uniform dataset from Curricunet, can the Solution Center adopt and support the interface (Banner 9 version in particular)?



College of the Sequoias

Lee McDonald

Joni Jordan