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Wind for Schools

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Wind for Schools. Larry Flowers National Renewable Energy Laboratory AWEA Board of Directors October 31, 2007 – Carlsbad, CA. The Depopulation of the Great Plains. “When you lose the school,” said a retired teacher, “you’ve lost the town.”. Windy Rural Areas Need Economic Development.

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Wind for Schools

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wind for schools

Wind for Schools

Larry Flowers

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

AWEA Board of Directors

October 31, 2007 – Carlsbad, CA

the depopulation of the great plains
The Depopulation of the Great Plains

“When you lose the school,” said a retired teacher, “you’ve lost the town.”

wind for schools1
Create tangible symbol of a different energy future in rural America

Stimulate wind engineering education in universities

20% wind analysis - 3M job-years of trained workers needed over the next 20 years

Schools are central to achieving these goals

training scientists, technicians, businesspeople, decision-makers, and teachers of the future

training opinion makers and future employees

Wind for Schools

Cape Cod Regional Technical High School

wind for rural schools
Wind for Rural Schools

About 30% of the nation’s 94,000 K-12 public schools are rural.

They serve 27% of the 47M K-12 public school students

Source: National Center for Education Statistics

Updated: 10-2007

wind for schools project approach
Low-cost replicable system

Assist community and local utility to implement a sustainable school wind project

Work with AWEA/NEED on K-12 curriculum

Build in-state capacity to provide TA for community-scale projects

Work with State Universities on college-level program and curricula

Wind for Schools – Project Approach

Walsenburg, CO

wind for schools challenges

Simple: so it fits with school administration

Getting rural utilities to participate

Starting up an university technical assistance center

Connecting with and selecting candidate schools

Curriculum development

Wind for Schools – Challenges

Milford, Utah


XYZ Company Sponsor

RE Grant Funds

WTG Manufacturer


State Energy Office





Green Tags Marketer







Co-op/Local Utility









School Administration

Science Teacher

& Students

D – Data

$ – Funds Flow

– Knowledge

C – Coordination

G.T. – Green Tags

WTG – Wind Turbine

T/A – Technical Assistance







State Facilitator

wind for schools summit 2007
Wind for Schools Summit 2007
  • SD, NE, MT, KS, ID, CO
  • State Facilitators
  • WAC Leaders
  • Teachers
  • NREL/WPA Staff
  • NEED
  • Small Wind industry reps
wind for schools state facilitators

Tom Potter


Brian Jackson


Dan Nagengast


Mike Costanti


Dan McGuire

South Dakota:

Steve Wegman

Wind for Schools: State Facilitators
  • Engage with the variety of stakeholders needed for successful school projects: community, school, science teachers, local co-op/utility, WAC, NREL
  • Help assemble financial package that will work
  • Goal: Install 3 to 5 systems per year at rural schools
wind for schools wind application centers
Colorado State University

Boise State University

Kansas State University,

Montana State University

University of Nebraska

South Dakota State University

Wind for Schools: Wind Application Centers
  • Training center to educate engineers in wind analysis and applications
  • Data analysis, technical assistance, implementation support
  • Become the state source for technical assistance for community wind
wind for schools2
Wind for Schools
  • “An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”
    • Benjamin Franklin

Carpe Ventem