smoking kills n.
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Smoking Kills! PowerPoint Presentation
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Smoking Kills!

Smoking Kills!

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Smoking Kills!

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  1. Smoking Kills!

  2. Don’t forget this picture…

  3. Why Do WE Need to Know? Imagine any student intentionally engaging in any activity that they know in advance carries tremendous odds of permanently enslaving them, and then slowly sucking the life out of their body until it cripples and kills them. Almost two-thirds of all students who start smoking will soon find themselves losing their freedom to simply turn and walk away.

  4. There will not be a “TEST” on this information…BUT…there will be a “CELEBRATION OF KNOWLEDGE”. It is a chance for you to show off your knowledge or should I say celebrate how much you know about the negative health effects that smoking has on your body.

  5. Why is Smoking BAD? Nicotine carries chemical poisons and cancer-producing substances (carcinogens). There are hundreds of toxic agents in a cigarette. Additional toxicants are created during the smoking process though chemical reactions. More than 4,000 hazardous compounds are present in the smoke.

  6. The Cancer Stick • Why so many yucky chemicals? • Mask the gross taste • Improve the burning process • Make it more addictive • Make more money

  7. “SOME “ Cigarette Ingredients

  8. Tobacco Companie$ Have Thought of Everything Initially, cigarettes were unfiltered, allowing the full "flavor" of the tar to come through.

  9. Tobacco Companie$ Have Thought of Everything Filters do not remove enough tar to make cigarettes less dangerous. They are just a marketing ploy to trick you into thinking you are smoking a safer cigarette.

  10. Tobacco Companie$ Have Thought of Everything While filters helped alleviate the public's fears, the result was a cigarette that tasted too bitter.

  11. Tobacco Companie$ Have Thought of Everything The solution to the bitter-tasting cigarette was easy -- add taste-improving chemicals to the tobacco. Unfortunately, some of these chemicals also cause cancer.

  12. Tobacco Companie$ Have Thought of Everything Not all of the chemicals in your cigarettes are there for taste. For example, a chemical very similar to rocket fuel helps keep the tip of the cigarette burning at an extremely hot temperature. This allows the nicotine in tobacco to turn into a vapor so your lungs can absorb it more easily.

  13. Tobacco Companie$ Have Thought of Everything Toilet Bowl Cleaner? Most people prefer to use ammonia for things such as cleaning windows and toilet bowls. By adding ammonia to your cigarettes, nicotine in its vapor form can be absorbed through your lungs more quickly. This, in turn, means your brain can get a higher dose of nicotine with each puff.

  14. Advertisement There is still more in a cigarette than addiction, poison, pollution, and disease. Aggressive promotion and sophisticated advertising that featured popular role models from film and sport has invested the cigarette with an enticing imagery.

  15. Ads…What do they really mean? Tobacco companies want you to see this… But what they “forget” to tell you is this…

  16. Ads…What do they really mean? Tobacco Companies want you to see this… But what they “forget” to tell you is this…

  17. Ads…What do they really mean? Tobacco Companies want you to see this… But what they “forget” to tell you is this…

  18. Ads…What do they mean? Let’s All FOCUS on the…tRUTH!

  19. DIRECTIONS: Name 4 different body parts affected by smoking. Draw an arrow to where each body part is located AND/OR draw a picture of each body part in the correct place on the body List 2 negative health effects for each body part. List 4 resources. Get ready to write…here come the test answers!

  20. Body Part: BRAIN Negative Health Effects Learning Disabilities Addiction Birth Defects Lowers Thinking Ability Behavior Problems

  21. Body Part: EARS Negative Health Effects Ear Infections Hearing Loss Swelling Irritation

  22. Body Part: MOUTH & THROAT Negative Health Effects Throat Cancer Mouth Cancer Sores Yellow Teeth/ Tooth Decay Bad Breath Loss of Taste

  23. Body Part: HEART Negative Health Effects Heart Disease Heart Attack Stroke Poor Blood Flow Increased Heart Rate Increase Blood Pressure

  24. Body Part: LUNGS Negative Health Effects Shortness of Breath / Hard to Breath Cancer Asthma Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Emphysema Coughing / Wheezing Mucus Pneumonia Bronchitis Blackened Lungs

  25. Body Part:BLADDER Negative Health Effects Cancer Lack of Control Pee Bag

  26. RESOURCES WhyQuit.Com INTERNET OTHER RESOURCES Internet Doctor Nurse Counselor Teacher Intervention Specialist Parents American Cancer Association American Heart Association American Lung Association Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Environmental Protective Agency (EPA) National Cancer Institute

  27. Remember this picture? Bryan Curtis was 33 years old when this picture was taken. He is holding his 2 year old son. Bryan started smoking at age 13. He warned his aging mother about the dangers of her smoking and tried to get her to stop smoking. He wasn’t worried about himself because he was young and had many years of life ahead. Bryan could not have been more wrong. He was diagnosed with cancer and died 2 months later. The dangers of smoking are real. This could happen to anyone. This could happen to you if you decide to smoke.

  28. Died at 33 years old, two months after being diagnosed with lung cancer. Started smoking at 13 years old. Notice the picture that he is holding…the same one where he was holding his 2 year old son TWO MONTHS BEFORE HIS DEATH.

  29. Smoking Kills!