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Keamanan Pangan dan HACCP PowerPoint Presentation
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Keamanan Pangan dan HACCP

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Keamanan Pangan dan HACCP - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Keamanan Pangan dan HACCP. Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) Programs. Mata Kuliah Pengendalian Mutu Fakultas Pertanian UMY Program Studi Agroteknologi. Keamanan Pangan dan HACCP. The purpose of HACCP is to help ensure the production of safe food

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hazard analysis critical control point haccp programs

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) Programs

Mata Kuliah Pengendalian Mutu

Fakultas Pertanian UMY

Program Studi Agroteknologi

keamanan pangan dan haccp1
Keamanan Pangan dan HACCP
  • The purpose of HACCP is to help ensure the production of safe food
  • Tujuan HACCP untuk mencegah dan/atau meminimalkan resiko yang berkaitan dengan biological, chemical, and physical hazards... to acceptable levels
  • Prinsipnya adalah PENCEGAHAN rather than detection of hazards
sejarah haccp
Sejarah HACCP
  • Dibuat tahun 1960-an, digunakan untuk program NASA kemudian diadopsi oleh banyak perusahaan makanan dan pemerintah USA
penggunaan haccp
Penggunaan HACCP

A “farm-to-the-fork approach”

  • On-farm agriculture
  • Transportation
  • Food preparation & handling
  • Food processing
    • Meat and poultry regulations
    • Seafood regulations
  • Food service
  • Consumer handling & use
haccp regulations
HACCP Regulations
  • USDA - HACCP regulations for meat and poultry slaughter and processing: “Pathogen Reduction Act”
  • FDA - HACCP regulations for inspection of seafood products
  • FDA requirements for fruit juice that is not heat-processed
steps of haccp
Steps of HACCP

1. Organize a HACCP team

2. Describe the product, ingredients, and the process

3. Develop a HACCP flow diagram for

each product

4. Perform the 7 principles of HACCP

5. Train employees how to implement

HACCP properly

haccp principles
HACCP Principles

1. Identify hazards

2. Determine Critical Control Points (CCPs)

3. Determine safety limits for CCPs

4. Monitor CCPs

5. Corrective action

6. Record data

7. Verify that the system is working

the heart of haccp
The Heart of HACCP

Monitoring CCPs:

  • Time/Temperature devices
    • Thermometers
  • Separation devices
    • filters, screens
the heart of haccp1
The Heart of HACCP

Record Keeping:

  • Who records the data?
  • How often?
  • What do you do if the data is not what it should be?
  • Who checks the data?