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6 th grade accelerated CCGPS mathematics PowerPoint Presentation
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6 th grade accelerated CCGPS mathematics

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6 th grade accelerated CCGPS mathematics
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6 th grade accelerated CCGPS mathematics

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  1. Parent Meeting Information: 6th grade accelerated CCGPS mathematics

  2. What exactly is “ACCELERATED” CCGPS Math • ACCELERATED CCGPS Math classes are designed for students who have shown highly proficient math skills and demonstrated advanced levels of mathematical understanding and application. • ACCELERATED CCGPS Math classes move at a faster pace while continuing to increase students’ depth of knowledge. Created by Kem Carter

  3. Following the ACCELERATED CCGPS Math Path Created by Kem Carter

  4. What exactly is “ACCELERATED” CCGPS Math? • 6th Grade ACCELERATED CCGPS Math covers all the 6th grade Common Core Georgia Performance Standards (CCGPS) • In addition, 6th Grade ACCELERATED CCGPS Math also covers Rational Number Operations, Statistics & Inference, and Probabilityof the 7th Grade CCGPSMath. Created by Kem Carter

  5. 6th Grade ACCELERATED CCGPS Math Curriculum Map for 2013-14 Created by Kem Carter

  6. Why My Child? We reviewed: • Previous CRCT Math results* • Elementary math Benchmark performance (Last benchmark –which is cumulative) * • Overall math GPA • For Gifted students – Level of math talent What criteria was reviewed to determine your child’s placement in Accelerated CCGPS Math? Created by Kem Carter

  7. Expectations from Students Students must : • Maintain high expectation for learning • Consistently complete assignments, projects, and homework • Constructively engage in classroom activities and task What are the expectations from students for staying in the class? Created by Kem Carter

  8. What benefits will my child have in taking advantage of this opportunity NOW? Created by Kem Carter

  9. ACCELERATED CCGPS Math (1)The Accelerated CCGPS Math class will provide your child with a more rigorous learning path, opening up more opportunities in course selection as he/she enters 12thgrade. Created by Kem Carter

  10. ACCELERATED CCGPS Math Path (2)Because your child will already be making the transition into a new learning environment, the adjustment to the rigor and expectations of the class will be more adaptable. Created by Kem Carter

  11. ACCELERATED CCGPS Math Path (3)Beginning the ACCELERATED path in 6th grade will provide more time for path adjustments, if necessary. “It is easier to get on the train when it is not yet moving rather than trying to jump on it as it is speeding down the track!” Created by Kem Carter

  12. ACCELERATED CCGPS Math Path (4)A Highly-Qualified teacher, certified in teaching Gifted and Talented students, will be providing quality instruction with ongoing support for your child . Created by Kem Carter

  13. What is the GOAL! To work with your child, who has already shown a talent in mathematics, and provide him or her the opportunity to successfully move forward in mathematical reasoning and application using an appropriately challenging curriculum. Created by Kem Carter

  14. QUESTIONS Created by Kem Carter

  15. Thank you for coming and taking the time to be a part of your children’s learning and success! TOGETHER, we can make a difference in their future! Created by Kem Carter